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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Politian In formal dress Shows Beauty

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Today, in the world political arena, the female figure is more and more active. They not only have beauty and brains, and also have the status and power! The young Jordan king Houlaniya Abdullah go is stunning; murdered journalists countless film who had been a model Cecilia Sarkozy, the Frenchman with "Diana"; Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, the typical woman, succinct clothing and heavy make-up is also popular pursuit. These women politicians not only have their own rigid side and also have more as a woman of fashion.

Argentina's first elected female president: Cristina Fernandez
Argentina's first elected female president, Cristina Fernandez, casually to attend the inauguration ceremony of a shopping center and will encounter fashion star in hot pursuit. Strong woman prefer exaggerated jewelry and tight fit trousers, meticulous is the this image overall impression.

Former French Lady: Cecilia Sarkozy
Cecilia Sarkozy and French President divorce, but she has always been the lone exception of temperament is still all left a deep impression. Each appearance is simple, stylish.
In the day her husband was elected, standing in the middle of the the Blackshirts black dress blond children, in an ivory PRADA small dress stand out, filling the mature woman's elegance, the French president's wife does not wear a French brand, this is the first one.

Queen of Jordan: La Niya Abdullah
Recognized worldwide as the youngest and most glamorous the king Houlaniya Abdullah, both snow and smart fashion darling, is enthusiastic about public welfare Arab "Diana".

U.S. president's wife: Laura Bush
in the past few years, President George W. Bush Administration significantly busy day old, practice makes perfect that the First Lady is getting better, more and more shows and elegant lady style
Increase the affinity of the law-abiding, the style, the use of scarves
Green plaid suit to bring people spring-like mild temperament, with the pearl necklace is very noble.

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