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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mens Made to Measure Suit With Collocation Methods

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In modern society,men should fully understand the knowledge of wearing tailored suit and colors.That clothes makes the man is a forever truth.having a way of wearing the suits is one of the necessity for men to make a success.
Basics of collocations
Wearing tips:when you wear a double-breasted suit,the buttons should be buckled.Wearing a single suit.if it has two buttons ,usually the upper one should be buckled. In terms of three buttons ,We often buckle the button in the middle.However under some unformal occasions ,there wont be necessary to buckle the button.In side the suit doesnt allow to put things.On the left side of the front chest.the pocket is for storing the handkerchief as a decoration,however,stuff such as pens should not be put in it.
Made to measure suits with ties
Tie is the soul of suit.Suit with tie is required at social party.The length of the tie should be down to the belt.If you wear vests and sweaters,the ties should be behind them.
The tie clip is just between the 3th button and 4th button.
Made to measure suits with socks
When you wear a suit should not wear shoes, sandals or sneakers. Solemn suit with dark brown or black shoes. Color of socks should be deep than the suit, the suit should be kept as simple generosity.

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