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Monday, January 14, 2013

Luxury Wool For Apparels

Wool tailored suit is the most common fabric material,which is currently ecognized as the best wool in the world is familiar Merino wool Merino wool. Merino wool merino sheep, or a hybrid fertility of merino sheep wool, this wool fibers longer than ordinary wool, finer, more uniform quality, higher spinning count, more than half well-known brand of men in pure wool suitings merino wool. Merino wool has many classified standard, such teggett much higher than the secondary shearing quality are not the same in different parts of the same sheep wool level. The selection method is to look at the finished fabrics yarn count, in general, the higher the better, but not absolute, because the general quality of the wool can not support more than 120 high count. High quality woolen feel soft and shiny, low-grade goods bleak. Followed by Scotland produced Shenandoah wool, Shetland wool fluff main body and mixed with a lot of coarse, this thickness mixed to form a unique wild style of such fabrics. It is generally used in the manufacture of single piece tweed coat, like English so-called blazer, sports jacket.
But I heard that many brands outside the industry ready to put down the money through tariff Province so as to buy higher-quality fabrics, and I personally think this is a blessing. Now the world's major fabric producer in the United Kingdom, Italy and China. British textile industry since the Industrial Revolution has been the first in the world rankings. Until today, the top the suit face, still produced since Hudders field in the north of England and Scotland, quality and price are the world's top. the savile row never used Italian fabrics, using only fabrics produced by the North of England and Scotland, as scabal, dormeuil, holland & sherry, regent street most of the British fabrics retail price of 50-90 pounds per meter. Even the the Italian suit giants Kiton main choice of British fabrics, Italian textile industry developed rapidly after World War II, and now there are a lot of new brands, the country's fabric has spared no effort in the technical aspects of innovation. China is the birthplace of textile technology, the world's largest fabric exporter, but the industry as a whole, low-grade, backward technology, fewer species.

tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

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