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Friday, January 11, 2013

Rules for Men to Select Apparels

tailored suit,custom suits need a few pieces of tailored suit
Work clothes and casual clothes separated. For some people. Overalls suit. But everyone must be set to a set of high-quality dark suit, in response to formal occasions.
The eyes of the vast majority of them are the same suit. In fact the latest suit and old suit fashion sense there is a big difference. New suit H-shaped, single row of three four buckle and darker colors. Tie, jacket, vest homogeneous color shirt of the same color, lapel smaller and more narrow.
Casual wear is the true sense of the men's. The side of the man's life can be seen from the casual wardrobe, the expression of personality and ideology.
2: Men with four military regulations
Texture unification such as hemp T-shirt with leather shoes, not unified. Innovation is the whim of over regulation. Knit a sweater, jeans, suede shoes, uniform texture example.
The colors unified sure black and mid-tone multi-purpose, multi-use subtraction. In addition to grasp the men's four colors: blue line (including black tone, cool colors), brown (warm), multicolored color (sportswear multi-purpose), pale colors (spring and summer multi-purpose). Also note that the use of the same color in a costume.
Unified to the bottom edge of the short jacket to the waist, potbellied men to be carefully chosen. Trousers hanging in the hips, waist line under the "general belly" stomach rather than the package.
The clothing will not be unified with close resemblance, in order to insurance. A majority of men's more "whole", pay attention to the details of the changes to breaking and driven.
3. men's wardrobe simplest list
"Less is more" principle is applied to the structure is the best. The custom suits you want to configure:
Dress: dark suit and of high quality; leisure suit.
Casual wear: sweater (collar) movement sweatshirt, T-shirts, fashion shirts, outer wear vests, jackets, casual,
Windbreaker, coat, down jacket; jeans, casual trousers, corduroy pants, washed Buku, sweat pants, shorts.

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