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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Are The Details You Need To Take Care of Coats

man coat

1.Pocket design - according to practical requirements, there are three dimensions inside the bags, pockets, open pocket and other composites. Accordance with the requirements of the professional toolkit is convenient to place a variety of hand tools, the structure of the bag was open like it should work to avoid blur, hanging or falling debris. More flap pocket at all, or rivet or zipper, but taken to the convenience of the tool must be taken into account in the design. The business group logo, text, logos usually in a folder in the breast pocket embodies. Beijing t-shirts
2. Design Hem - Hem professional tools because of the nature of the work environment must be set Elastic pumping or tightened to avoid objects in the environment, equipment, work clothes hanging, pull. Businesswoman long staff serving meals Chin apparel industry and hem skirt, width, surface with objects placed according to their place of business space consisting of moderate design.3. Sleeveless design - Sleeveless design refers to the length of the sleeves, too fat, and the form of sleeves to determine the type of work, and occupational characteristics. Clothing equipment installation, sleeves should not be too short, too thin, in order to facilitate the completion of the climb, climbing, throwing and other union action, if necessary, in addition to living joints of the arms folded sleeves. Clothing industry concomitant restoration sleeves should not be too long, too big, not to cause problems in the service. Fists of professional tools are generally of two types: pressure and loop adjustable travel, the main role is anti-bacterial, anti-fouling. Still jeannette as required the addition of an identification bracelet or pocket. Beijing should work clothing
4. Collar design - company design neck wear. The collar has the form of a necklace, standing fold, without neck and neck flap. Necklace in practice, the design should be based on professional characteristics. Work clothes, such as mining, construction and other work intensity and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and harmful substances, neck flap that legislation is often used. To choose expanded rib knit collar touch to improve on the neck, especially in the collar on the neck of the effects, the design of the identification of the neck often a different color, different material inlay symbol embodies combat identification and wear decorative. This costume, the design can become a necklace Leis uniform industry professionals. Another link, bow tie, tie and outer ring with the collar type wind is closely related, which can not be ignored in the design.
5. The design of the opening - the opening in most man coat predecessors and changes directly affect necklace. Ming pane leg, paw and black buttons, zippers divided. Ming placket, decorative paper. However, the design of protective clothing, generally hook-shaped flap black paw Ming stumbled avoid work involved. In a special atmosphere, such as electricity and workplace keep banning the use of zippers, metal buttons. In addition, the flap door flap after flap, which is determined according to the nature of the work object. The other opening is right paw paw songs oblique flap flap ride changes. In terms of frame leg, curbs, crafts embroidery luxury class services to the clothing industry (uniforms, restaurant), the commonly used method of dressing

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How the Dress Shoes Comes From

The culture stems from European gentleman dress shoes, had harsh provisions: three joints during the day with morning dress to wear shoes with two joints evening dress to wear bright shoes or special dress shoes, musicals shoes. The rural casual shoes and sports shoes is another paradigm. Today, etiquette habits slightly loose. First two joints shoes also be accepted the day wearing, served as a of rural leisure or golf shoes the dovetail carved style, also be included in the scope of dress shoes, a little quiet sense for the gentlemen. However, even with these changes, so far, other styles of shoes have not yet been included in the demanding gentleman dress shoes norms.
Unfortunately, in the domestic menswear companies do not understand the culture of Europe, it is often regarded as a so-called "business casual shoes dress shoes recommended to consumers. Today, let us through the Shi family to understand the real dress shoes.
The most traditional and most formal style dress shoes is a three-connector models, which is not too much carved decoration style look solemn conservative, almost gentleman essential shoes. Two joints was seen as evening shoes, now can be used for non-patent leather style dress, with the same habits and three joints. As the origin of the various gentleman once rural casual shoes, as well as golf and other sports shoes, dovetail carved now also been included in the gentleman daytime dress shoes as well. Although the two connector styles, evening dress shoes must be patent leather, a grand sense of gorgeous sheen with small dress occasions. Shiny black patent leather, shallow mouth style, vamp decorated with bows, this is the night the official formal dress: a tuxedo special shoes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maintenance of Mens Shoes

Men's shoes reflects the wearer's fashion taste. A lot of people select the shoes but they do not know how to correctly maintain the footwear, and now there are several ways for you to care for your love shoes.
Maintenance Benefits
To bear the brunt of the image of man,a pair of shoes is without wiping and make the overall mix of clothing instantly eclipsed. In fact, when you meet the people, the first thing you see is the other side of the face, the second is the foot. How can you let the shoes into the image of penalty points 'culprit'? Secondly, about the life of the shoes. High quality shoes in proper maintenance can be used for decades; Even from Burton, Topman High Street brand footwear, you can extend the useful life after maintenance. Come back for shoes polish, wipe, make the leather softer, wearing more fit, so keep your mood.
The maintenance steps shoes is also based on evidence and a little practice can be familiar with the operation. Can be divided into the following steps:
1 preparation phase: Prepare an appropriate size shoe last, waste newspaper bunched up into soft is OK. Propped up leather upper, wiping more convenient, and more effort. But also the upper folds stretch to make the shoes look more beautiful. With shoe polish, shoe wax wipe with a soft cloth uppers dust clean to prevent dust and shoe polish mixed, leaving stains. In addition, according to personal habits, it may be appropriate to use a dedicated leather care cream, which would effectively extend the service life of the footwear. Leather maintenance cream can be used once every two weeks.
2 glazing: with a brush or a soft cloth dampened with about a dollar coin size shoe wax, starting from the front portion of the shoe, slowly back with part of the circle, soft ground light evenly, with special attention to avoid the decorative parts. The brush is relatively easy to use and can guarantee the shoes corner, crevice brush to. Recommend polishing footwear dry night wear.
3 Wipe: shoe wax to dry, with another branch brush or soft cloth, use the same tactics circle wipe clean the excess upper shoe wax, until the uppers gloss degree that you are satisfied.

One pair of well-maintenance shoes will give you the overall shape to add luster to pay attention to such details, it is for men to care for their own performance, and the others of your admiration Oh. Finally, put your love shoes, briskly walk around it!

Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Clean Your Knitwear

Knitwear a single product essential for men in winter and fall, can not only keep warm, but also can be used to increase the sense of depth to create stylish attire. Over time, you may notice that the number of knitwear closet increased; no matter what your budget can buy high-quality knitwear, and most will become timeless and closet can reuse The must-have item.

The knit material "luxury" cleaning be careful
Today, you can buy knitwear everywhere ─ ─ down to £ 19 Uniqlo Merino wool sweater, Gucci 100% lambs wool sweater on to more than 500 pounds. However, this also means that you as how to take care of these "luxury" to worry about. Do not mistake! Is referred to as a "luxury" not because it is a ridiculously high price, but because of its natural materials "luxury". If you accidentally put the H & M T-shirt to the the 40-50 degrees laundry mode, it is still very good. But if a Merino sweater, it will never be destroyed. Knitted clothes need to be particularly careful when cleaning. Cleaning knitwear is not only able to save money, but also to keep you well-shaped image. The wrong washing methods make clothing deformed shrinking or damage. Any consequences will ruin your overall shape. Although everyone should know not frequently washing knitwear, as it will make it deformed, but this does not mean that can make the sweater exudes the taste of carrion. Whether Ralph Lauren or Hugo Boss, if filled with soot, it will completely obliterate your style.
Knitwear total gives a soft, warm and comfortable feeling. The correct washing knitted clothing can extend its wear life to let these feelings stay longer-it dressed the longer, more worth every penny.
You should prepare these in advance
Laundry tub: It should be large enough to be easily washed or rotary clothes; a small laundry basin will force you to wring clothes ─ ─ do not recommend this practice.
Detergent / laundry soap: in general, should choose a mild detergent or laundry soap to wash knitwear. Most large supermarkets dedicated to knitwear cleaners.
Towels: for drying, at least two large towels.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Features of Professional Apparels

 bespoke suit
Simplicity should be the basic style of the office bespoke suit. Simple first performance of the elements involved in the shape of less, but not be said to be simple, but also a connotation. This requirement is actually low. To this end, the designer should clothing thrown refined, usually structure decorated, changes in practice. Create structural beauty in simple shapes have to be faithful to use the image of the structure, the decoration should focus on the practical effect. Princess line is an example of both closing the waist, to play a structural sense, and that two beautiful arc aesthetic pleasure. So complex liner and lining did not, embroidery and lace are greatly simplified. Tianjin wear various dividing lines and structure lines are combined contour according to the natural shape of the human body becomes relatively straight. The final performance for the simplicity and elegance of pure tones.

Orthodox Basic office suit. Which clothing varieties will have an office suite such orthodox, so meticulous. Because the work environment needs orthodoxy, the image in the white-collar work needs to be orthodox, so easy to get the confidence of others, their own work and have confidence. To this end, the office suite is not the shape of the bells and whistles, but only with the rules, symmetrical structure Tianjin wear mature color habits, such as blue and gray tones, dark coffee hue; new processes, new materials generally not used in the first in this area. Office suite easily be regarded as a classic.
Rigorous profession, this career clothing should be rigorous, which is the same strain also called Biaoliruyi. Strict performance of the office suite: wear a symmetrical structure fit the scale, crisp cloth; formal wear - clothes buttons is not casually simply want to buckle on the buckle, for Solution solution, skirt, long stockings do not want to wear to wear, and would like to take off on off.
Office suite can also be very gorgeous, but relative to the evening dress, this gorgeous and not exaggerated and highly elaborate, and only performance in color and texture, such as pearl gray, wine red color, smooth, soft fabric.
Some pure office custom suit  like Japanese school uniforms. Now the white-collar workers who are young, well-educated, have a good professional and foreign language foundation, but the mind is not very complicated, and very interested in fashion. Such as Kazakhstan Korea , is their favorite, sought after. Businesses to seize this opportunity, so we see a pure office suite, a new generation of white-collar workers saw this costume dress up, they staid while passionate, dynamic and efficient.
Coordination is the overall sense, it is pooled from the shape, color, fabric and other factors selected after a whole. Specific operation is a "commanding", an entry point, up by those it will detail "string", such as using the same color, the same texture or the same contour commanding a costume detail at the contrast also need to take friends in "the same".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Make a Custom Suit

custom made suits


Choice of style
Custom made suits for the first time two single row buckle is the safest choice, the choice of the style you need good communication skills and skills, because the more choices, the first custom shop, please abide by the simple principle, strive to secure. If they like without the old-fashioned style, which can be reached via communication consider work.

custom made suits
Select workmanship
Select the contents of the work, remember that good fabric custom providers at have allowed very easily have over a thousand of choices, but you can also get through the booking. But good hand is not easy to get, and most of the respect. At the same time, the monomer tailor custom the Bespoke than push version produced Made to measure time and labor, the price is also high multi, in addition to the version of the type suitable course fit, this is the soul of the custom men's suits, at the same time the process a store to reflect the attitude of the people. Clothing similar to the restaurant a la carte, select the chef's menu, simple and fast, if the food does not taste-for-one only; customization is a completely different experience.

 custom made suits
Initiative to choose their own what to eat vegetables, what oil, what material, processing procedures, methods, cooking time, the furnace, even the the Wobble way, is entirely your decision, the chef is the executor, the same dish, the same material, the same shape, because the chef's approach will produce a number of subtle differences, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the entire dish. Therefore, for a variety of dishes, choose a different chef, but also an important part. (Of course, there will be the chef may refuse to serve you because he insisted on personal style,)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basic Knowledge of Suits

men suits

1.The Color
Three kinds of colors,white, black, beige are called "wild colors". That is to say, then choosing these colors to collocate can not go wrong. Men's dress color should be dark lines. Though,light-colored custom suit gives a clean, fresh, stylish impression, the collocation of light-colored suit is a very test of skill. The first to note, light-colored suit can not collocate with the same color shirts and ties it should be different between inside and outside color. Second, the light-colored suit is difficult to correct size, try to choose a striped fabric to elongate vision. Finally, remember that formal business activities, it is best to choose a dark suit, bright light-colored suit will be difficult to obtain the trust of the boss or client.
2.Shoulder Line
Whether the suit fits depends on the shoulder lin and the bottom line of the suit.The reasonable position should be in the connecting area.Today, most of the suits are built-in shoulder pads, the shoulder line should be longer than the shoulder pads, the hem of the suit should be long .
Every man needs to have a pair of classic shoes to match the suit, it makes you perform well on any occasion, of course, never ignore the value of socks. Black silk socks is a perfect choice for a gentlemen to match their suits, but don’t forget that the socks should be shank-length to avoid embarrassment of revealing socks edge.
Whatever your job is a suitable briefcase is your invisible card.To most men,Having a textured briefcase is basic.To pick the color of the briefcase,classic black and brown should be given priority to,because they are easy to match with other items.However,dont use tiny briefcase if you are fat ,for that people make feel that you are petty.On the contrary ,tiny shape people should not be with a big briefcase.
5.Ties And Shirts
The collocation of dress shirts and ties is a scholarship.a white shirt is suitable for every man for nay occasion as well never out of fashion.So,it is necessary for every man prepare a changeable white shirt which makes a good effect collocating with any color ties.The rule of collocation should be concise.Don`t try to create something new and original,if you are not confident in your collocation taste.You never know you unique taste may make what kind of people dislike.The collocation of shirts and ties to a certain extent reflects the level of sophistication of your interaction with others. Each professional man should at least have a white or light blue shirt collar buttoned. In tie, at least a plain dark blue or wine red tie is for daytime use, there should be a silk damask tie or pure black tie when you are ready to attend a formal dinner instead of the use of the cravat.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tips On Men-Bussiness Suit

Everyone knows that custom suits are significant. when you want to make the first impression. This doesn’t mean you can become more intelligent or talented if you wear good suitable tailored suit but no one would ever argue on the fact that being overdressed is better than being underdressed.

Just remember job interview situations when interviewers know whether they are going to recruit you or not even before you open your mouth.

menswear is that the styles don’t change every time and you don’t need to rush for the last fashion innovations. You can buy something with the confidence of knowing that it’s going to be stylish a number of years and serve you well.

wedding suit

wedding suit

wedding suit

wedding suit

wedding suit

wedding suit

Monday, February 18, 2013

Professional Features:Comply with the Working Surroundings

dress shirt

Personality style
If you are working in large corporations, advertising agencies or management departments, the choice of dress shirt, you can highlight the personality doing the article. If you want to choose a style with stripes, stripes not so wide pinstripe style will be more decent.
Foreign companies
Select outstanding personal taste and style, giving the overall feeling is both elegant and not blindly follow popular. Need to pay special attention to the trademarks of the clothing is too obvious, even longer noble things will lower your grade.
Advertising, design, publicity and other industries,
Engaged in these industries, the most important thing is to highlight their personality, so you say, should pay special attention to. But even so, too exaggerated form will still reduce your image in the eyes of others. The dress focus is select a jacket, tie or shirt, as the bright spot is enough.
Beyond your opponent: the use of the vest make you look more professional
A man to take off his jacket in the office, wearing a vest, his shirt, undoubtedly will leave a clean impression, with a pocket on the vest will be very convenient, a vest either do the basic warm you can also enhance the image of your body and can also be modified to some extent, in the choice of vests, with particular attention to the vest's size (or select custom as well, so that can be tailored according to their body, wearing relatively fit), the vest not absolutely consistent and upper body, but slightly shorter (the vest behind group will have a hasp to adjust the width tight) and less confining not wear the vest exposing man shirt is appropriate bottom vest buttoned the Department is not the basic principle.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dress Etiquette:Man should't Wear the Suit That Way

The tailored suit seventh of doing one-third in wear. Selection and matching of the suit is quite an art. Wearing a suit is to reflect the temperament and image, some people do not know how to choose and match and often taboo guilty self-defeating. Here to talk about the suit should not be worn:
The suit of errors worn: ill-fitting suit
Wear a suit to reflect the image and temperament, the most taboo is not fit, especially once stressed that the big shoulder pads, loose lines of the suit, so many men mistakenly thought to wear in order to make it from the man's posture. People wear clothes Sleeve and clothes generally three to five centimeters long, there will be a sloppy feel in this suit. Part of young people, blindly emphasized Slim, thin and small, to warp away from the dress, and is not suitable for formal occasions with this. A suit to wear decent, the most important condition is "fit". Fit the premise, the proportion of the overall face shape, height and shoulder width, elect a suitable clothing of their body, is the first element of wearing a suit. With the emergence of such suits custom shop like Yardoo TLR., People began to bid farewell to the ill-fitting garments suit.
The suit wear error method: pocket placed too many articles
The smooth lines to suit the requirements, so long as it is protruding beyond the smooth part, are the biggest culprit of the damage suit shape, the most common is the pocket to place too many items. Fact suits, including pants pocket, all designed in the outside pocket is just a decoration, can really place objects only West tops chest pocket. Therefore, a new suit pocket sealing line, in fact, does not need to removed. Some people often put things in West tops external pocket, in fact, this is very rude.
Suit errors wear method: suit jacket worn alone
Overall, the suit must complete sets of wear, suits coat not as a jacket to wear, especially the double-breasted jacket. Can generally be used as a jacket to match, which is commonly known as "hunting suit tops American usage called" sport coat "casual jacket, the United Kingdom known as the" jacket "suit coat. These models are usually textured coarse material, most of the brands are designed with these one-piece jacket matching pants, but the style definitely seems relaxed than the complete sets of suits, compared with a sense of leisure.
Suit with the taboo, there often appear short-sleeved shirt with a suit errors. Generally, a suit which should be used with a long-sleeved shirt. The shirt of choice, there are a few important details, such as a shirt and tie should have a stiff collar and have enough bow tie collar desk space. In general, suitable shirt and tie are more formal self on the collar position at the leading edge inward about 0.5 cm Ji white stitching, if the spacing is small, casual style shirt that is biased.
Suit to wear error method: dissonant socks
Wear a suit because there are certain guidelines, so wear better than to wear casual clothes is easier, but many people although a great suit, but lost in a pair of match misconduct socks. First thing to be stressed is that, in a suit and wearing socks is a continuation of the pants to the shoes, but it is certainly worthy of a prominent position in the overall shape of the socks material is also should be noted that, in addition to the We all know that the White Sox taboo, 's. The custom suit is supposed to be meticulous shape, fabrics and workmanship, this reasoning should be reflected in the socks on. Generally men most commonly wear casual socks coarse grain, color coordination, but still do not match with suits.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Use the Cufflinks

men suits

Gentleman comprehensive the costumes guidelines manual, the the gentleman guidelines will provide you with detailed costumes knowledge, including shirts, custom suits, ties, cufflinks, etc. Well, today as we elaborate cufflinks how we want to help.
Basic men's clothing is a shirt main accessory items with relatively affect the overall appearance of personal and interpersonal extension. The writer Eileen Chang once said: men's cufflinks like woman delicate earrings, a timely parts cufflinks for your fashion dress extra points.
Cufflinks tips
1. The simple shapes cufflinks of metal material, appeared calm, with strong, but relatively law-abiding, suitable for low-key and reserved man. Of course, if you are a novice, afraid fumbled regarded as trustworthy cufflinks.
Heavyset men should avoid modeling small fine cufflinks, the outline slightly larger shape would appear to be more atmospheric. Conversely, small slim physique men choose cufflinks fine shape better.
Hollow carved cufflinks inlaid with colored stones are more suitable for outgoing and lively men. Strange shapes, strange cufflinks are not generally men preferred more suitable willing unconventional sportsman.
4 If you have delicate skin, then polished shiny handmade cufflinks are preferred. Conversely, if your skin is rough and dull, slightly rough cufflinks can highlight the masculine.

Cufflinks occasions
Office of the occasion: a white shirt with a transparent color or dark blue cufflinks, tie suggested the use of a dark blue or black, will produce credible feeling.
Competitive occasion: thick straight dark blue striped shirt with a metallic finish cufflinks, tie optional dark lines, easy to manufacture convince people of the effect.
Party occasions: pink dress shirt with dark lines cufflinks, with Oxford wind diagonal striped tie, relaxing, casual feel.
Joyous occasions: pink shirt with metal color cufflinks, tie optional light purple two-tone row can allow himself even more limitless energy.
Important occasion: gray shirt with silver cufflinks with satin monochrome tie, Shen Wen noble, also the image of a plus-effective.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Points You Might Notice for A Custom Shirt

dress shirt

When it comes to dress shirt, we may think to the mall casually purchased buy some, big or small card or few people will care about their style collar and sleeve type. In fact, these things are interrelated. When you buy a shirt, we should choose according to our size and color fabrics and styles, in order to ensure that the shirt in us enough chic enough handsome. Not fit the shirt matter how big, how noble, worn on the body after all, are not good-looking.
The shirt of the process (these are excellent shirt shirt shirt craft oh)
A. All cotton fabrics production, which is the basic guarantee of the high-end shirt.
B. at least through the 68 steps to complete the ordinary shirt is generally not more than 50 production processes, thus our shirt production time is usually 2 times an ordinary shirt.
C. Any kind of fabric has its own lines. The shirt finished fabric lines are aligned, is an important criterion to distinguish the shirt quality. Ordinary shirt in order to save the time of the cut and save the fabric will not pay attention to the texture of the fabric itself, using a single piece cut shirt, the maximum guarantee each shirt fabric neat lines docking, but also our manufacturing cost more effort, the same size as a shirt cost more fabric.
D. shirt needlework density of 3 cm and 21-pin, if the customer requests we can even reach 3 cm and 25-pin, ordinary shirt more than 3 cm and 13-pin, too small or too sparse on the shirt of toughness and wear resistance have a loss.
E. dress shirt firm's collar, the perfect pointed collar shirt quality clear division. Shirt interlining as to select the highest quality to the collar of the lining, the temperature, 2.5kg/cm2 the pressure in 167.5oC (+ -2.5%) after at least 20 seconds of the specialized equipment being molded. The correct way of washing, despite repeated washing can still maintain a perfect appearance of ordinary shirt generally opt for ordinary lined and precision machining mode or manual mode hand-ironing, several washings may arise after the collar deformation. The tip of the collar setting machine professional one second stereotypes.
F. long pointed collar shirt strong perfect the ordinary shirts have not been able to do things, because the collar tip strong need additional auxiliary parts - the collar stays (also called collar inserts). Closer touch ordinary shirt collar, which is a long and hard tapering piece is that the collar stays, plastic piece made. Ordinary shirt is generally the collar stays sewn inside the shirt (some simply did not receive the tip stays), sewn into a shirt collar the tip stays have been a long time washing and ironing will cause unnecessary wear of the shirt and the collar after washing tip stays Yi the deformation will directly affect the aesthetics of the shirt collar. The high-end shirt collar tip support is detachable and can be removed in the washing and ironing when, in order to ensure the collar stays consistent shape and function.
G. our shirts will use more than doubled the number of stitches than ordinary shirt sewing buttons, sewing for the X style both firmly wearable, but also a long time to maintain the exquisite beauty. Ordinary shirt button sewing = style parallel easy open line off.
H. custom shirts the guests mostly in shirt embroidered with his name on the first letter abbreviation. General embroidery parts left shirt cufflinks, left upper arm and left chest. Unlike normal shirt embroidered with the word, we insist on good word will be embroidered shirt stitched. This thread appears due to the sleeves concealed in the lining of the inside, to avoid lint exposed to wear skin and lint open fall. Because most ordinary shirt shirts embroidered with the word, which is commonly called the garment complement embroidered, this approach will be wearing discomfort, wear lead to the embroidered word loose lines open lines.
I. All our shirts made of a single piece by experienced technicians, non-industrialized production model of the pipeline, each a shirt through the many multi-channel careful inspection, thus ensuring the quality of the process of a shirt.
These are some of the basic tailored shirt craft, if you want to spend the least amount of money to get these shirts of the highest quality level.