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Friday, November 30, 2012

How The Bow Tie Originates

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Bow tie originated in the 17th century Croatian mercenaries War in Europe, they use the scarf around the neck of a fixed-shirt collar, this method has been gradually adopted by the French high society,
France leaded the fashion industry at that time, the man tie is more prevalent in the 18th century and 19th century. The famous French writer Honoré de Balzac has written a book for the bow tie.
at the end of the 19th century, the end of the tie is getting longer, and gradually evolved into a tie, the bow tie is gradually becoming no longer fashionable, the only community of architects to continue to wear because it is an important part of the architect uniforms.
tie,bow tie
Although the tie is more prevalent in today's society, but in the business meeting or a grand occasion even at home, the bow tie is re unnoticed. Some people wear a bow tie to attend a more relaxed dinner, cocktail party or evening activities. Traditionally, the bow tie continues to be used as a costume tuxedo, it is considered to be the only orthodox neckline clothing.
Dinner (black tie) in a formal setting, you need to wear a bow tie, but not necessarily black. Bow tie in the popular culture, sometimes considered connotation symbol, such as secret agent James Bond novels and movies. But on the other hand, the bow tie is also common in clown's clothing. Some people think that the bow tie is unfashionable, or odd.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Take Care of Your Suits

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A custom suit is not that cheap let alone it is specially made to fit you and unique to you,so you should take care of your custom suit just like a investment.

Here are some advices for the maintenance of suits.
Good quality suits are usually made of natural fibers such as wool,silk,mohair,cashmere.Such suits deform through the part tension after wearing, but it will be able to recover by a proper rest.As a result,you should get more than two suits to change.

Continuously wearing suits for a week will slightly go out of style.It may take at least 3 months to recover the shape if the suit does not get sufficient rest.
man suit,custom suits
It would be better to clean the suit when the season changes unless it is really dirty.
After every wash,suits damages itself ae well as ironing.The dirt is the biggest enemy which will make the suit loose fresh feeling..should be commonly brush the dust.Sometimes the suit stained with other fibers or dust not easy to get rid of you can use a paper tape which makes effects.
man suit,custom suits
Suit pocket is placed and decorated with a handkerchief, it is best not to install anything, all debris should be placed in the the suit medial dark bag. The inner pocket underneath there is a small pocket, can be placed for business cards or the lighter.placing too many items in the pockets makes the people seem bloated, which will not only deform the suit, but also lose the chic  when wearing a man suit.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Classifications of Shirts

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Shirt simply can be divided into: dress shirt, casual shirt, home shirt, holiday shirt. Dress shirts are for formal suit and dress suit ,a casual shirt is with a suit for informal occasions, wearing the home shirt for informal suit which can be with such as sweaters and casual pants, a holiday shirt is dedicated to The tourist resort.

Suits and shirts originated in Europe.Shirts with buttons are inspired by interspersed cuff links of the french shirt. The basic style of dress shirts is based on a French shirt, with beautiful French fold sleeve. May be taken only with a dress or dress different, collar, and his breast at different from the traditional French style. Fit next to the skin, mainly natural texture of fabrics such as cotton, silk, pay attention to the cut collar and cuffs interlining to keep crisp effect, and dress and suit the function, stressed the modified body lines. For dress shirts generally using only white, everyday dress shirt white or light-colored majority. Please the netizens Note: the American shirt by American civilians popular culture, relaxed style, do not pay attention to the cut, often using the button to fix the collar, neither beautiful nor pay attention to style more suitable home shirt. Real upper classes would not the American shirt for formal wear.
dress shirt,tailored shirt
Casual shirts with a suit jacket fabric use is not aligned our style in the tradition based on the same or a slight design changes, the color patterns on extremely free. Casual shirts are worn with a suit, wear a tie to see their own preferences and match results completely decided. In addition, as a special rule, slightly shiny dark casual shirt fabric receive the love of the performing arts workers, often actors, designers match the suit, used for formal occasions dress. This dark shirt tailored, both to keep the gentleman with a suit, and seemed relaxed handsome, gradually become the sophisticated young upstart evening plainclothes way.
The home shirt suggests that it is home and take a walk wearing loose American majority style, color, stripes, checks can be widely adopted. Although emphasis on comfortable cotton hemp wool fabric texture mainly due to its domestic use is not finicky senior texture or special effects. Generally match sweater and casual pants. College dress code is extremely relaxed atmosphere, home shirt is the clothing of the day-to-day activities of many college students and professors, with a flannel suit or other non-dress suit fabric, the suit is called "suit jacket.
dress shirt,tailored shirt
Holiday tailored shirt fabrics mostly thin the cotton or silk texture, style is not bound, cut is more free collar and cuffs do not use interlining. By the culture of the colonial period wave and tropical vacation, holiday shirts generally collocates holiday suit and trousers with the same texture, as well as knitted garments.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Details of Shirt

dress shirt,tailored shiirt

Pocket: generally good shirts are without pockets, which will always be a true reflection of this sentence. The triangular pocket and hexagonal pockets generally are more with dress shirts, the fillet pocket is usually seen on casual shirts. Another pocket can also be made to open the line, also divided into double open line and a single open line, this shirt is more extraordinary individuals and stylish. There are some with buttons and flap partial casual style, mostly used in the lattice and linen fabrics.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt
The placket: The most common is more suited to the tie hanging side placket, used in dress on, more classic. Dark placket more stylish fit with narrow tie.
Back: If both sides are of the two-fold, they are generally used for formal wear, seemed more formal,the middle single pleated style is much more without pleats is generally used for a mix of fashion slim models.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt
Hem: usually for the round hem peace hem. Round the hem line complies with the body shape, ordinary round hem is for dress shirts that generally plug wear pants. Hem front and rear body joints to be reinforced with a hex upholstery, are more resistant to the prison, generally is for outwear. Flat hem is suitable for older persons, more conservative style. The is flat hem side do slits, a casual style, appropriate for outwear.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maintenance for Suits


First, basic maintenance
In any case when you do not wear a man suit ,you must hanger the suits and take the stuff out from the pockets.Withdraw the belt because our clothes is easy to deform for these weights.perhaps you may note the suits you bought of which the pockets are stitched which is in order to keep the shape of the suit, many models to maintain a suit jacket, not to mention you so lazy on the mobile phone in the pocket, wallet these heavy objects, so you can extend your life span of each set of suit, in the long run save a clothing fee.
man suit,men suits
Second, make the tie restore
The casual handling of the situation of the tie is no less than a suit, a good tie will retain telescopic multi sewing elastic, if your long-term  prevent tie restored, even the best tailoring tie will comes to an end soon.
man suit,men suits
Third, the shirt must be ironed
No ironing dress shirt is the lack of the spirit , people think you are a lazy one.Not paid attention to the clothes make people come up with that you do not attach importance to the mentality that the face of the work. I am afraid that just as you treat yourself the image of the same casual, after all, our people's likes and dislikes, influenced by wearing packaging 

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Choose a Proper Suit

Check Your wardrobe
Before you buy, it is necessary to understand the number of styles and colors of the men suits you have and look through the the magazine introduced clothing for their favorite styles, then you decide to buy a similar new clothes or a new style to increase which can avoid regret.
man suit,men suits
Take the occasions into consideration
To dress for the formal occasions , it is recommended to choose a dark suit to increase the mix of the usual work wear, and may wish to select a seasonal special style or new.
Choose the style according to the body shape
The suit should fit is, should not be too close, should not be excessive. If slender figure, considering the current popular narrow waist straight cut or fit a single row of three debit-style; men with rugged body, it is recommended to select a single row or split ends style of body modification.
man suit,men suits
Try can not be ignored
Because everyone's body is different, and personally try the selection of the the suit most accurate way. Try to pay attention to the sleeve length, shoulder width, armhole, length and fasten it the waist whether the fit, etc., pay attention to the suit shoulder line should be consistent with its own shoulder-shaped. In general, the suit length is just cover the bottom of the hip, the suit sleeve length is more than 1/2 inch of the top of the shirt cuff, suit and fasten each shirt should be able to accommodate the width of a fist. Try to put your hands held high, slightly swinging action, in order to determine the wear after a freedom of movement. At the same time to pay attention to the details of the lining, thread, buttons, pockets, these details can best embody the quality of the clothes.
man suit,men suits
Select the appropriate fabric
The wool suit is most commonly used  If you are a frequent business traveler, you may consider, crease resistant how lightweight wool treated.
Choose an appropriate color
If men purchased the first piece of "suit", a single dark man suit is the more practical choice. Generally, blue, gray and black plain suit, giving a more formal, calm feeling; some and stripes design in the serious with these changes.

man suit,men suits

Friday, November 23, 2012

Basic Knowledge of Suits

man suit,men suits

  1.The Color
Three kinds of colors,white, black, beige are called "wild colors". That is to say, then choosing these colors to collocate can not go wrong. Men's suits color should be dark lines. Though,light-colored suit gives a clean, fresh, stylish impression, the collocation of light-colored suit is a very test of skill. The first to note, light-colored suit can not collocate with the same color shirts and ties it should be different between inside and outside color. Second, the light-colored suit is difficult to correct size, try to choose a striped fabric to elongate vision. Finally, remember that formal business activities, it is best to choose a dark suit, bright light-colored suit will be difficult to obtain the trust of the boss or client.
man suit,men suits
2.Shoulder Line
Whether the suit fits depends on the shoulder lin and the bottom line of the suit.The reasonable position should be in the connecting area.Today, most of the suits are built-in shoulder pads, the shoulder line should be longer than the shoulder pads, the hem of the suit should be long .
Every man needs to have a pair of classic shoes to match the suit, it makes you perform well on any occasion, of course, never ignore the value of socks. Black silk socks is a perfect choice for a gentlemen to match their suits, but don’t forget that the socks should be shank-length to avoid embarrassment of revealing socks edge.
man suit,men suits
Whatever your job is a suitable briefcase is your invisible card.To most men,Having a textured briefcase is basic.To pick the color of the briefcase,classic black and brown should be given priority to,because they are easy to match with other items.However,dont use tiny briefcase if you are fat ,for that people make feel that you are petty.On the contrary ,tiny shape people should not be with a big briefcase.
5.Ties And Shirts
The collocation of shirts and ties is a scholarship.a white shirt is suitable for every man for nay occasion as well never out of fashion.So,it is necessary for every man prepare a changeable white dress shirt which makes a good effect collocating with any color ties.The rule of collocation should be concise.Don't try to create something new and original,if you are not confident in your collocation taste.You never know you unique taste may make what kind of people dislike.The collocation of shirts and ties to a certain extent reflects the level of sophistication of your interaction with others. Each professional man should at least have a white or light blue shirt collar buttoned. In tie, at least a plain dark blue or wine red tie is for daytime use, there should be a silk damask tie or pure black tie when you are ready to attend a formal dinner instead of the use of the cravat.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Art of Mens Wear

In the transition form campus to the office, a lot of change is inevitable. People can buy several sets of good  men suits became the first choice, how to spend less and feel fine decent? Here's one method that both men seemed to dress elegant (Elegant), at the same time, reasonable price  programs allow you to grasp the subtleties.
men suits,man suit
Generally, such requests of wearing company, located in the office. Where seasons such as spring, under normal circumstances, only to wear suits and shirts is proper and should focus on a shirt and tie, extensive changes produced here. Can in a limited range of funds choose a number of different styles, different colors of shirts is relatively rare color: sapphire blue, pink, easy to get attention, you can choose a more expensive brand-name. When others feel this shirt is very unique, he will pay attention to what you wear brand. You may wish to help her boyfriend chosen twelve, but to remind him wearing cycle grasp the sense of rhythm to avoid continuous wear. The white shirt is the most common, and the change is reflected in the tie and cuffs trinkets. The shirt a daily must want to change, and this will give people a good impression. So when several days to wear a white shirt, tie replacement becomes especially important. He must have at least six different tie every day want to change one, a tie to the extent possible with all the shirts.
men suits,man suit

The select tie and shirt, good or bad brand mixed both saving money and good effect way, but we must ensure that there are two high-quality goods, the election of some well-known brand-name people to see that their value. Can also choose some other excellent texture - that is, the kind of cheap, do not see the price, but also feeling very expensive things. A flower Costly to buy a good suit is essential when your boyfriend elegant suit jacket when resting on hand, maybe there are accident villain "staring at his label, then I believe he must be able to self-confidence have a clear conscience.
men suits,man suit
In addition, some of the small details can not be ignored: Do not wear white socks, such as wearing a tailored suit, cuff links properly worn. Vanity was love, but the quality is important. Just entering society, within our capabilities to cleverly bring the joy of investment, this may no longer experience the future high-paying true feelings. Men dress embodies charm two points: First, color; then ,style.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What a Hot Trend of Evening Dresses for Winter 2012

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As the winter season is coming up, women are engaged in shopping a stunning evening man suit  for winter 2012. Before you make up your mind n in selecting a perfect evening dress,you should do some preparations. That is to say, you must pay attention to the newest hot trends of evening dresses for this winter season. You can preview all of the up and coming popular styles online in advance, and then decide which ones best suit your body shapes and personal tones. Now preview the following hot styles of evening dresses for winter 2012 and make your determination to choose the perfect dress which will make you shine on this winter holiday. 

The high-low formal evening dress may be one of the most hottest tyles for winter 2012.  The high-low evening dress has already made itself so popular on many formal occasions such as the red carpet, proms, dinner party events and more. This kind of flattering evening dress comes with an empire waist, a fitted strappy bodice, and a flaring skirt starting as high as above the knee and descending to as low as floor length. What’s more, the empire waist cut will absolutely make the dress more stunning and flattering for different figure types.
man suit,custom suit
The long formal evening dresses will make a spotlight this winter season. This kind of style dress is somewhat like the dress between a classic A-line evening dress and a mermaid style dress. It features a long floor length flowing skirt and a fitted bodice with a raised waist. Besides, it usually features a semi-backless or backless design which will make you look more seductive and charming. Some long formal evening dresses also have a style of side slit which will provide you with an extra allure to some extent. Therefore, if the long formal evening dress is suitable for you, then select one without doubt as a unique gift for yoursef.

The knit black dress is one of another popular dress which shows its significance in women’s wardrobe. The unique features of this style dress, such as a fitted bodice, a sweetheart v-neckline, long sleeve and so forth, makes it a fashionable dress for winter 2012. Above all, it is true that the knit black dress can also be worn with a formal winter jacket, or shawl for a perfect look on some special occasions. So it is a nice choice for your winter 2012.
man suit,custom suit
In winter 2012, the sheath chiffon long evenng dress will still gain much attention and popularity from the public, just like the little black evening dress. This kind of style dress mainly features a strapless or strappy bodice in a assymetrical neckline and a v-line full backless or semi-backless style, which will make you look more elegant and fabulous on you big night.

However, no matter which style of tailored suit you choose from the above or some one else, choosing one what you like and matches with your personal tone and taste is a significant thing for your formal evening dress in this season.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Prom Dress Fashion Trends in 2013

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As the new year 2013 coming up, now it is nearly at the end of 2012. Have you already enjoyed all of your prom parties in 2012?Men suits in 2013 are still mainly about nobility, elegance and subtle romance as well. We can easily find that the kind of strapless, ankle length and one shoulder prom dresses dominate the whole fashions. Just like the red carpet scenes as you see at the Academy Awards in America, the sexy, the cling, the sparkling and the dazzling are all part of the prom dresses for 2012 proms, and these may continue to be the fashion trends in 2013.

With the approaching of the coming year, it is time to talk about some hot fashion trends in 2013. Today, the theme is about the prom dress fashion trends in 2013. The time changed. Now the short prom dresses remains popular, but those dresses with full skirts may be outmoded.  At the same time, the color trends of the prom dresses may have some changes in 2013. The color style of Earth Daze, such as brown tones and burnt orange, will be assumed to be the most popular colors in 2013.  We can see that the purple dresses are so popular among the young girls in this year. In the meanwhile, the white color is an ideal choice for you to show off your natural olive skin to some extent.
 man suit,custom suit
What kind of prom dress would be a miracle for your 2013?  One of the best answers is the floor-length straight prom gowns, which can let you have a slim figure and look absolutely stunning. Another good choice for your 2013 prom dress is those dresses that have gradual color fading out and in of the fabric. These kinds of gowns look superb in materials and allow you to have more choices for accessories.

The sequin will be an outstanding element for your prom dress in 2012 and it will continue to gain much more popularity in 2013. The reason is that the sequin will add your prom dress with a beautiful touch of sparkle. At the same time, the one-shoulder dresses will remain popularity in 2013. One-shoulder or strapless long dresses with pink are also the first choice for many young girls, who will appear to be more seductive and glamorous
 man suit,custom suit
Besides the popular gowns as the forgoing statement, another kind of stunning prom gown is the pleated custom suit. Actually, this kind of prom dress has already got so much attention in 2012. No ways can be taken to describe the beautiful pleated prom dresses other than to say they are true favourite for many women.  On the other hand, it is not a bad idea to choose a knee high prom dress if you have wide hips, which will make you look more harmonious with your figures. 

Therefore, you can follow those fashion trends recommended above to select yourself with a perfect prom dress in 2013.