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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Politicians‘ Casual Wearing

bespoke suit,tailored suit

bespoke suit,tailored suit

German Fashion Institute of Gerd Miller - Trentham Hopkins said, "If you want to become an important figure of the times, you must first learn how to build their own image". On formal occasions, politicians often wearing orthodox behavior pay attention, you might get carried away in leisure time. The protagonist of the movie "Bruno" Bruno had proposed to let the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, wearing a tight-fitting jeans, so that French President Nicolas Sarkozy foot platform shoes. This is obviously only appears in the movie, because every move of the politicians can not escape to open the eyes of the media attention to them, not sparing even the leisure vacation last summer, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried a beige bespoke suit, but the result which lost Brown's style was considered a failed attempt. In the contrary, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, but because of his flannel trousers and casual jackets political plus, because this dress is very traditional British gentleman style. Summer, let's look at the dress of the world leaders.
Costume designer Lin • Paul said that politicians want casual dress, winning the trick is: look very professional. "This is the political figures in the security line, because important figure who took off his jacket, they change their public image, it makes the public feel strange, this is Brown need to adhere to the original style."
British Conservative Party leader David Cameron to transform the role of good work with private space. Last year, he was wearing chinos, with a pastoral shirt, natural and comfortable feeling. Turning to the French President, we Chinese people there are dissatisfied, but wearing it to evaluate him, or learn from. "The dress makes a man, dress a president can accomplish
"Sarkozy convinced that remark, and his efforts to make the image look young, maybe this he married a young model Lady relevant, but the image did not deliberately feeling - dressed in jeans, khaki shirt plus aviator sunglasses, he looks spirits, fashion charming this dress does not apply to the veteran's steady and reliable image of politicians, but and Sarkozy hard-edged personality is a good match.
The designer Roberto Giraud Bailey suggested that leaders can wear holiday open collar short-sleeved T-shirt, pinstriped or soft collar short-sleeved shirt, because this dress circumvent the feel of a dress. Choose round neck shirt collar is the best, the tone selected light green and light beige best shoes and belts should choose brown or blue. Vacation time put down a serious black discarded ignore.
For pants, casual summer shorts favored by the people, on the waterfront, the average person, and ultimately, colorful beach pants, tailored suit or polo shirt. But politicians, slightly white navy style casual trousers, plain not fancy T-shirts are still the best choice, he let the VIP who seem not afford the grade.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Uncompromising Attention to Custom Suits

man suit,custom suits

Elegant Freedom
Savile Row in London for the Royal earliest custom uniforms, riding clothes, after the evolution of a custom suit. So someone joked: "those British tailor who used to be a military uniform, a suit made ​​out of only the most significant fit to stand at attention." However, in the early 20th century, tailor Frederick Scott Stewart suit from uniformed and court attire freed, Frederick's designed to attract the Duke of Windsor. Until 1919, the entire fashion industry set off a storm of this style suit formal occasions. Frederick apprentice Pierre (Per Anderson), Anderson and Sidney Horatio Sheppard (Sidney Horatio Sheppard), to continue to develop this style, and since then, Anderson & Sheppard (Anderson & Shepherd) famous for its comfortable shoulder drape sleeve hole elegant suit.
"The clothes are fitting chest line and shoulder cut, allowing the wearer freedom of movement." Dancer Astaire classic fitting step than he had been at Anderson & Sheppard (Anderson & Sheppard) dressing room workers carpet rolled up, and then try to dance on the hardwood floors. If he jumps into the sky when a suit collar still around his neck, on the clothes have been entirely appropriate. While others cut features were like respected conductor Eugene Goossens and Leopold Stokowski this symphony. Anderson and Sheppard (Anderson & Sheppard) tailored suit sleeve hole location high and small, the wearer lift arm, the rotator cuff neither run up, it will not ran backward, thanks to pure hand-sewn cotton shoulder pads. "We do not use the sponge shoulder pads." He is currently manager John Hitchcock said proudly.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Enhance Your Stripe Suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

Both mature man, or casual men like to suit fashion sense. Because a suitable bespoke suit is the most refraction of a man's charm. How to buy a suit, how to choose the suit is also a science.
Reserved style striped suits and no lack of meticulous at, it is undoubtedly the most classic, most show business glamorous dress. Traditional stripes suits + shirt + tie with the basis, we introduce you to some of the to increase wearing vigor or say "fun", make your business striped suit vitality upgrade.
Three new traditional style
Here, we adopt the stripes suits + striped shirt + striped tie traditional mix of methods. Shirt and tie, a careful selection for you to do, in order to achieve the most perfect mix.
Dark blue suit Parure cutting Slim, elegant and generous large closure collar, is a major highlight of the design. We use the dark green and Rose  of popular season interwoven striped tie, narrow stripes on the tie well echo the stripes on a dark blue suit.
Suit, shirt stripes relativities, select the the tie stripe width. In general, the shirt select more inclined to simple and elegant color pinstripe shirt with a suit and tie, so very easy to
Similarly pinstripe suit shirt and tie combination, but we used a black tie with a suit cultivation of the crop, and make you look more stylish and skillful.
The the shirt collar angle to 180 ° boxer known as Windsor collar shirt. This shirt is named after the Duke of Windsor and is one of the typical style of dress shirts. Match this shirt, our advice is to choose the different color of the collar and shirt collar style of Harmonia, it can brighten your dark business triangle, as you increase the vitality of traditional business attire.
Vibrant button-down collar (Bottom Down Collar)
Bottom Down , we often say that button-down collared shirt. This shirt originated in the early, such as polo, tennis this noble sport, time fixed tie in order to exercise, they put a collar with buttons hold, while stabilizing necktie. This shirt itself can be for your business attire bring trace motility taste to it also to create an essential element of American leisure custom suit style.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Joseph Letzelter Hokey Pokey

besopke suit,men suits
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Joseph Letzelter Tuxedo The groom or groomsmen, might want to consider instead of buying your Letzelter Joseph tuxedo rental. "Joseph Letzelter fewer complications," says wedding planner Marcy Blum. "You get the color and style you want by Joseph Letzelter Mens Italy. You look more elegant."

That's what I did for a Letzelter Joseph tuxedo at a local store on the eve of the wedding was my group of friends for about seven years. Over the years it has saved me time in the rental shops and countless dollars. Unless you break dancing at receptions to take much tuxedos Letzelter Joseph, so you can expect it to last for many "Joseph Letzelter Hokey Pokey."

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bespoke Suit from Italian

bespoke suit,man suit

Most of the modern men's suit early uniforms evolved, the British military uniforms is the world's most system and class, but also the development of the most complete, the most astute craftsmanship and design uniforms. British men in the last two centuries has profoundly affected the way they dress and taste of the modern man. British style Men also become the first choice of the British royal family, foreign dignitaries, rock star, movie biggest names and billionaires who.
However, after World War II, the Italian men's development momentum violent, and they tried to evade the men's custom style close to the uniform sense, but rather to explore the softer, smoother lines direction. , Compared with the British senior custom handmade men's, Italian style is not so strong a sense of structure and a sense of weight, but in modern society alone into a group, especially those with the representative of Italy Napoli advanced hand-set another men's custom manufacturing men's benchmark, the global quality men's favor. Many of them many picky and demanding the British autumn and winter choose to go to Savile Row, spring and summer you went to Napoli, the advantages of both each use.

As Italy's most beautiful port city, located in the the Apennine peninsula southwest coast of Naples in the Italian population toward to Naples, evening is dead "beautiful, in addition, dispersed handmade custom work in the city Square represents top quality men's custom. Napoli year round warm climate, sunny affected, Naples custom style more lightweight and soft, not deliberately to highlight the lines, but with smooth contours modified outline.
Naples shoulder (Neapolitan Shoulder) came into being, to complete this the shoulder type only master tailor. Usually the iconic Sodeyama pleated, hand-sewn cable armhole high, Sleeve slim sleeves like lines hanging on the shoulders, so wearing unrestricted action. At the same time, leading Alice mouth, generally use dual Ji-line. The waistline slightly, so that wearing more personal. The lining is also very particular about, some stores pure silk lining, some stores only half lining or the lining of the suit, which is the test of the production process.
Walk in Naples on the Street,man suit the alley staggered air mixed with the aroma of coffee, streets studded with a variety of restaurants and handmade custom old. The Italian director Gianluca MiG Elijah Ancelotti the (Gianluca Migliarotti) had shot a duration of 67 minutes documentary about Napoli handmade custom industry "O 'Mast O' Mast intended for the master, by Napoli's custom traditional, in-depth show on the famous dressmaker of Mariano Rubin that odd the (Ma riano Ru binacci) and Claudio Anton Rini (Claudio At tolini), and more nameless craftsmen interview and express the Gakugei start from the age of 14, has over 70 years of exquisite old tailors respect. is professional in custom suits.We supply high quality men suits at reasonable prices.Full canvas tailored suit Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us. Contact Us By Sending Your Email At 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mens suits, spirited business world

A man's suit is generally worship the garment of your choice in a unique position to demonstrate whether the occasion of a marriage, funeral, graduation day or more lifecycle. A man wears suit for the purpose of a statement from you. A certain image or simply create an appearance was in the time of Louis XIV, the influence that the fashion of wearing men  suits and has since continued this trend, and since then verify that it is one of the most vibrant clothes for men .

In the business world, a gentleman of spirit means adapted to transmit individual place in the management hierarchy and a place to express their skill and mastery of his craft.

men suits,man suits

men suits,man suits

men suits,man suits

men suits,man suits

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Length of Pant is Learned

pants,suit pants

Do you have a lot of pants.Suit pants, Jeans and casual style, waist, low waist or wide pipe, straight and narrow tubes, each cut is different, not the same as the effect of wear long pants also different length. Pants length in the end how to measure, and sometimes must be based on your type of pants you with the shoes
To decide the shoes, and sometimes smack too much, a little more is too long. To modify long pants, preferably wearing the right shoes, so as to know the best pants long Where children
Straight trousers
Straight trousers are not suitable for the accumulation of too much fabric on the shoes, the perfect length is 1 inch above the soles to look simple and neat. Some people may feel short trousers will be exposed in walk socks, put on his shoes so you can modify trousers length and weigh on foot, but they should not be too long.
Reflexed trousers trousers
The pleated trousers best suited with reflexed trousers, so as to balance the waistband on the raised lines. Reflexed trousers best is 1.5 inches wide, the length from 1 inch above the sole, in order to give proper space trousers, socks, trousers will not accumulate too much fabric looks cumbersome walking not exposed.
Nine points trousers
Since the nine points of pants type, then exposed ankle one inch is the most appropriate length, and usually before recommending such a narrow tube trousers wear. Nine points trousers is a very personal style, there is no problem to choose a style fold trousers, the reflexed too much, and have actually become pant unsightly.
With casual shoes, half an inch from the soles, if you would like to highlight the sense of leisure, longer is also no problem; replaced short time, please leave the original side of the pants, you do not lose the rough flavor. Many people like trousers rolled up in the summer, to buy more than 3 cm in length, may wish to elect style jeans shrink when washed.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Distinguish A Suit from Savile Row

custom suits,matthewaperry

Series II, Savile Row suits are in three production methods: off the rack,made to measure and bespoke . Here we full custom process for the the savile row of top (bespoke), to talk about several techniques to identify high-quality custom suits.
1. One special edition
One special edition tailors specifically according to the guests of the Body of a Shi family level cut out a version of the type, but not like some of the country known as the advanced custom tailors the same as under the existing version of the type be modified adjusted (that is, professional said push Edition), as can only be regarded as semi-custom. In China does not have a British sense of tailored suits, suit using interlining not really advanced custom suits. The domestic custom semi-custom, including authentic Italian big men in the country are also semi-custom service (full custom British or Italian tailors fly domestic services, immediately led to the suit prices turned several times. General rich and spending power at home and abroad will be specially flew to the European custom)
2. Horn button or pearl shell button
3.  A suit or shirt, the most common finished resin buckle, or even poor quality plastic buckle. This is a noble style requirements, Mr. Saville's top tailors Mahon, specially pointed out that the: Savile suit buttoned must be some kind of natural material made, good selection of which is the horn. But sometimes, the Savile Row suit with pearl shell button to get a nice glossy.

3. Buttons arranged
The clasp on the left is an overlap above the other buttons, called shells button, to the right of a temporary one called kissing button, the world's top suit like kiss, this seems more orthodox and solemn

4. Keyhole way
Top tailored suits, all buttonholes are hand lock cuff buttons below to open a real buttonholes and hand-keyhole, rather than the machine buttonhole, handmade buttonhole long working hours, generally 15 minutes to one, and may not have the machine the keyhole so neat, but its worth as a top-level suit flag if indispensable, it is not top custom suit.

5. The bar and on the grid
Striped or plaid fabric suit, Savile Row great attention on the strip, on the grid. The pocket cover stripes and pocket to cover the bottom of the stripes should on plaid on plaid and sleeves of the body is to be consistent. In general, very labor-, while the grid is not only the material costs and labor. The following figure, the left of the suit on the grid is very neat, perfect and flawless, the right of the obvious even to bar did not do. Tailoring of Savile Row suit, adhering to the British tradition, emphasizing the fit, Slim and lines of sense. Often shoulder slightly wider, the waist, the upper body was hourglass. Shoulder pads thinner allows the shoulder line and natural arm to provide enough space for activities.

6. Style
Saville suit style as much as other parts can not be compared. T-shirt often there is a change in your pocket, oblique bag and straight bags, for example, where the size of the bag can be used in accordance with the actual needs of customers size requirements do. Pencil case, cell phone pocket, card bags, small interest-bags, big bags small bags and other options. Of course, style is determined by factors such as the shape, color and occasion wear. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, often dressed in oblique pocket style;, or the right to add a ticket the bag (ticket pocket). Pants there are thousands of styles to choose from, the British like plain front pants look wrinkled or double pleat pants front.

Matthewaperry recommended men wearing no province, rather than select provinces. If stature is very fat, can choose to double the province to increase the slender sense of appropriate visual, so dress seems more beautiful

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your First Set of Custom Suit

A decent man suit is indeed essential for every man. In the past five years, I bought more 12sets of customs suits. Friends often chatted about the topic of suit, after a long time, It might be better to  explain the questions with text and graphics, now write out the experience and share with everyone.
man suit,custom suit

To simplify the question, it is assumed that you have a limited budget, and intended only to customize a suit,which to bear most of the social functions with you for travel to participate in company meetings, interviews, weddings, etc.The main following process are work,fabric, style.And most of the the experience is from the tailors.
The first set of tailored suit
Really suits custom must be a fully customized "version", avoid sets of code in order to have more choice; The custom suits are usually fully canvassed or half canvassed.To improve the overall life of the suit,we suggest the fused suit should not be used.In the aspect of the suit details (such as: buttonholes, lapel) must be hand-sewn, to ensure the natural stretch in any case.The styles of suit is plenty which you are able to choose one particularly unique to you.
The fabric selection
Before the customization of suits, men need to understand some knowledge of the type of fabric, accessories and fabrics to make custom suits to fit their own real life and improve the use of the suit.Using advanced fabrics such as flannel, tweed to customize the suit is a good option, both functional and classic. Suit with the need to consider the coordination of suits, ties, shirts not only can express men`s elegance, but also to enhance the taste.
Future of men's fashion
The fashion trend for mane in the future pointed out the direction for man on how to choose the suit. A single breasted and two-button custom suit is probably the mainstream .the increasingly popular trend of advanced fabrics such as flannel and tweed suit with attention will increase ,and the dress will be more emphasized.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Choose a Suit

man suit,custom suits

The man suit is usually for businessmen, politicians and other elite men to participate in the preferred dress for formal occasions. The reason lies in the suit that best embodies Men "tasteful, cultured gentleman, with a sense of authority, etc.. Of course, not a suit to set off the charm of the wearer, the men should be carefully selected to fit the suit.

1. material selection
the use of materials is necessary to identify the fabric texture to prevent profiteers fake, shoddy. Under normal circumstances, the woolen fabric for the suit first choice Specifically, pure wool, pure cashmere fabrics, as well as the high proportion of sew hairy wool-polyester spun fabric, can be used as a suit fabric. Airtight, heat, all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics shine try not to produce a suit. Second, pay attention to the materials used for lining and pockets interlining, to see whether the density is too sloppy to avoid surface with times lining impact wearing.

2 .choice of color
In general, the tall, should choose dark, it can avoid the visual feeling bloated; build more dwarf, it is best to choose light-colored fabric, so giving a stretching feeling. Young people not to wear a flower-shaped fuzzy gray color of the fabric, so as not to look old. The elderly should not choose bright flower-shaped crisp fabrics, in order to avoid losing a steady, deep image.
3.choice of style
Currently, the difference suit specific styles, the two most common methods:
 Method One: divided by the number of pieces of the suit, the suit is a one-piece suit of. The suit worn by business men in formal business dealings must suit suit, to participate in high-level business activities, especially wearing a three-piece suit suit better. One-piece suit, and that a matching suit jacket and pants, only applies to informal occasions.
Method: according to the number of buttons of the suit jacket to divide suit jacket single-breasted and double-breasted of the other traditional single-breasted jackets and double-breasted jackets over fashion.
Single-breasted suit jacket, the most common one button, two buttons, three buttons three. A buttons, three buttons, two single-breasted custom suit jacket to wear more fashionable, and two single-breasted blazer buttons the more formal some.
Double-breasted jackets, two buttons, four buttons, six buttons and three of the most common. The two styles of two, four button double-breasted jackets are popular styles, four button double-breasted suit jacket has a traditional style.

Monday, December 17, 2012

7 Notes of Selecting A Right Shirt for Christmas


If you are preparing for the Christmas Party preparations for the new dress shirt, then congratulations, you have come to the right place. However, First of all, make sure you know your own body and size. Now let's take a look to buy the shirt in the end to pay attention to what
1. Edition type: a man thing, of course, do not do impulse buying slaves, first consider clearly what style of shirt you need in the end: in a different version of the type, we divided into Slim models, general models and loose money. In general, the fit models tight most prominent stature, loose style, three of the most generous. In varying degrees, the three types of type version modified your body, so the time of purchase, please choose carefully according to your body type, oh.

2.Pattern: many market choice of shirt, stripes, solid color printing ... if you really get confused, unsure of their own choice, then try the most popular pattern. Before you a one comparison and try on different colors, it is better to first look carefully around the choice of friends, so you can avoid the embarrassing sophisticated you and others. If everyone else is wearing a white, light blue or black shirt, then you should avoid wearing too bright colors.

3.Material: material, in addition to the most common cotton and nylon, you might consider some of wrinkle texture. However, it said "will not wrinkle" does not mean that it never a trace of the crease, it just means that you can be in a long time to maintain the image of a Fresh.

4.Neckline: The neckline of the most popular and most widely known regarded as the V-shaped collar, a simple straight pointed collar can make you look great!

5.The collar button-collar: Unlike other collar dress shirt, the collar with buttons often casual shirt with a soft material, they are not so well-ironed, but it looks more casual.

6 cufflinks: cufflinks here said the sleeve wrist buttons, they are usually twenty-three. If the quantity is more, these buttons to adjust the shirt version of the type. Some French cufflinks or double row cufflinks. Note the different wrist buckle, these small details make a shirt considerably.

7 shirt pocket: Finally, check the location of the shirt pocket. If you want to buy some of the more formal shirt, then you do not consider the shirt with two breast pockets that look more casual and street. Will give you a chest pocket, best chest pocket shirt rigorous and formal image, and more suitable for the workplace wearing. Of course, Christmas is coming, you can be free to create a distinctive Annual Meeting Look!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Discount Men

Christmas is coming, in order to thank the new and old customers, 2013 men suits  are 20% discount and if you buy one suit you can get one shirt free(Any Style).
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men suits,beapoke suit
men suits,beapoke suit
men suits,beapoke suit
men suits,beapoke suit
dress shirt,shirt
dress shirt,shirt
dress shirt,shirt

Friday, December 14, 2012

Basic Manners for Man

Polite manners is the performance of the morality of civilized society, men can also be seen that a man's level of education.In fact, the demeanor of the men should be expressed not only in dealings with his girlfriend, should also be performance on attitude in their daily lives.
(1) you should first encountered Ms. slightly familiar nod hello. If a lady came up to you, please keep in mind that if she took the initiative to reach out to shake hands with her.
(2) in a public place by chance encounter familiar ladies say hello to each other, you can not shake hands, but must handle out of your pocket, the cigarette from his mouth to win, if eating something to stop chewing, of course, Ms. . Men casually letting the lady on the street stopped disgraced, even acquaintances. If any hurry, of course, can be an exception.
(3) If you are with a female companion met an acquaintance walking down the street, you can not be companions crowded out endlessly talking with acquaintances. You can acquaintance introduced to companion, but if you must talk about things with acquaintances and a few words that do not know, you can meet another appointment or phone contact. This article comes from
(4) If a lady sitting open the car, you must open the door to the woman, sitting on the passenger seat, you sit down at their place. First to get off, the Ms. get off when you open the door for ladies. Unsightly leaned in the car to open the door. Of course, not let Ms. remove the luggage items.
(5) to his seat slightly bow to welcome the meeting of the cafes or restaurants with familiar lady. If the lady approached, to stand up to their conversation.
(6) party on your girlfriend go to the bathroom to take a finishing, you can take her to the hall, but be careful detour, so as not to disturb the people were dancing.
(7) The end of the party, if the conditions to open their own car or hit the send his girlfriend home, do not forget to Thank his girlfriend to accept the invitation to the party. General is looking at his girlfriend approached the doors of the parlor or the house. More polite, out of the car, his girlfriend to her doorstep.
The definition of the modern gentleman to understand from this story: On one occasion, the President of the United States, Washington, DC, the secretary said: "I do not quite understand the British class men can be called a gentleman, officials can be called a gentleman, the lawyer can be called a gentleman, doctors can be called a gentleman, the merchant can be called a gentleman, even unemployed people can also be called a gentleman. nobles gentleman, poor gentleman also why so many people, people from all walks of life can be called a gentleman? you go and ask the The gentleman in the end what does it mean. "After more than two hours, the secretary came back to tell Washington that" you found the gentleman is not trouble to others, and the surrounding people feel happy and comfortable people.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Be A Well-Dressed Man!

A man does not seem to be much longer handsome, but be sure to know how to dress. Men's fashion man suit style is more classic, for them, dress better reflect their quality of life, aesthetic taste and philosophy of life. In fact, dressing as a unique learning really need to really savor one of the many "truth".
The United States also have a gentleman

man suit,custom suits
According to Fu Rather, for a long time, the fashion industry are finding such people - both dressed, they break through the traditional, not just wearing a classic suit and tie; fashion these conditions, there was little unity standard . Designer idioms total transformation definition, Therefore, the for dressy term, has yet to appear it is generally recognized template. For example, not all men are suitable for wearing the season's popular colors or exposed ankle. The contrary, from the standpoint of a higher level of abstraction, well-dressed men wearing apparel production well, the right size, not only to make their own satisfaction, more in line wanted to create its own image.
In addition to these basic conditions, the well-dressed men know what kind of clothes to wear to what occasion. When the need to participate in the advertising conference in New York on Madison Avenue, he may wear navy pinstripe shirt; attend a meeting in the Midwestern United States, he should select some more casual attire. Whether to wear a jacket and tie, or wear jeans to wear Indian accessories, Ralph Lauren is very decent, because depending on the occasion, he will choose the right clothes.

President Bush dress

Dress means that depending on the occasion, well-dressed men need to have the proper clothing to respond to any occasion that he might attend; However, the well-dressed does not mean that need a certain style of custom suits. You will find a well-dressed men, dressed usually after a series of different styles of evolution might jeans from Japan to Rei Kawakubo, to Attolini Advanced customization and settle down until the end to find their own style. The men in the picture in this article is from Nashville, Tennessee, United States of Andre Qiuqiweier (Andre Churchwell) Dr.. Dressed in his British suit, because the height of 6 feet 3 inches (about 1.9 meters), a little waist and expand the suit hem better than Brooks Brothers (Brooks Brothers) ordinary suit or southern Italy, shorter and more tight suit styles. Each of the men need to know what kind of dress best for you.
The most well-dressed men have people to middle age, is no accident; usually take decades to reach the realm of well-dressed, honed. The best way is to find out the doorway to find a dress that you respected model, as far as possible from its upon learning of dressing. Now Hollywood stars dress order Bo eyeballs without seeking elegant, but still some screen men worthy of our study, such as Matt Lauer (Matt Lauer). Just remember, your goal is to dress the best to show themselves, let the people around you feel comfortable and showing off a little personality. Do these three points, both in the United States or elsewhere in the world, you can do it "well-dressed".