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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Go Custom for Dress

men suits

Unlike the pursuit of fashion for the women's demands, men's suits should highlight the label of status and taste. To make a success in your career, personal image has become a problem that you can not ignore. Wherever you dressed how expensive and top clothing, "such as tailor-made for you" are good words of praise. Carefully think about it, the only hand-made ​​to order only the real return to the origin of clothing - to wear the system. Clothes was the desire to serve, rather than to become slaves of clothes. Clothes "stretch", can be "comfortable". Think about haute couture customized Why you should become the essential goods? With it you no longer need for frequent dressing to find a dressing mirror, senior customized definitely stick take your body, so you are confident on the image at any time. Truly tailored dress designed for you, truly belong to the "second skin".
Dress originated in Europe in the 17th century, the classic suit from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Speaking of the famous men's dress, you can not fail to mention the Duke of Windsor. Active in the upper class society, he has become a model of the European upper class men in the 1930s to the comfort and freedom of dress taste. Under his leadership, the British dress status soared. Just dress this most rigorous and traditional clothes, little more, little one inch in the business and social, are extremely unbecoming and even rude, the so-called far. All this time, hand-tailored just as timely help from fabrics, designers, including recommendations, is the most authoritative and professional, as long as you walked into a senior custom dress store, what do not trust?
Advanced custom-made dress is a timeless - that is never out of date. The use of fashion elements will be more convergence, such as rustic and elegant custom suits fabrics, together with light and dark stripes and small jacquard fabrics to reflect this season fashion. Color in addition to gray, will choose chocolate brown, navy blue and beige, etc., while the more daring lavender or gray-green linen pattern suit single T-shirt, is reproduce in the 1970s - which in itself is a classic.

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