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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double-Breasted Suit Can Be A Single Buckle

breasted suit,tailored suit

breasted suit,tailored suit

Either single-breasted or double-breasted suit, with a single-button design, will make the cut more neat, waist designed more personal. Design do buckle of a single row of two (or three buckle) and double-breasted suit, it will make your suit more to close the body, and adjusted suit collar and hem, visual, and more emphasize the broad shoulders to waist "inverted triangle" stature

As a result of the design of single grain buckle suit the shape of the collar and waist cut design, including waist, have done the appropriate adjustments. Our recommended Armani, Versace and Alexander McQueen, single-button suit, put on will clearly feel the waist than the suit.

Diagonal hem of design, is an important feature of the season single-button suit. This oblique cut hem is elongated because the cut of the suit collar, buttons off the center line, while the suit hem make design adjustments. This hem length will shorten the proportion of the upper body, and make your legs look longer, more upright stature.

This dark blue Versace single grain buckle suit, the same diagonal hem cut design, but more restrained style, perhaps more suitable for low-key and conservative style of business people wearing. Us in on the match, in order to meet the Navy Blue suit, the choice of a light blue Oxford business shirts, match and Yves Blue blue denim vest, silver-gray silk tie.

Here, we have selected a Giorgio Armani pale gray Prince of Wales Plaid summer suit. Tailored suit hem shortened to tighten the waist, oblique hem tailoring is very chic. Very shallow gray-blue business shirt and silver-gray silk tie to match it: on the one hand, the gray is forever fashion business color; On the other hand, in the hot summer months, highlighting the refreshing style business.

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