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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Art of How to Collocate the Suit With Accessories

 Tie Clip
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dress shirt

A.If you're wearing a dark plaid custom made suit with plain or striped pattern  shirt and tie is very beautiful.
B plaid shirt with twill tie, shirt formula ruled grid pattern tie, though they are straight lines, but lines direction changes, not the dull monotony.
C dark grid pattern shirt with a pattern tie. Concealed compartment as plain processing, printing, or flower pattern tie best with plain shirt here. If the distribution grid or line of shirts, how many people will be a little dazzled.
The color of the tie or shirt or jacket with the same color or contrast
A .tie and jacket colors with the colors, different patterns with the law: the background color of the tie is light brown and same color twill jacket with a white shirt appeared to be very gentle.
B. tie and shirt color the same color, different patterns with the law: yellow plain tie with yellow striped shirt, people appeared to be very refreshing.
C. tie the color, the pattern is completely different from shirts and jackets to contrast with the law: a mix of the two anti-traditional. Dark red plaid shape tie with white stripes gray shirt and gray jacket, revealing chic eclectic.
Plain shirt and tie and suit with the law, are plain shirt with a variety of patterns, colors tie the match. The color of the shirt and tie, or the same color or colors and tie are very nice contrast. Whether with stripes, squares or flower-shaped pattern also can not go wrong.
If you choose to have a variety of colors and patterns ties the note pattern in any color shirt or man suit color, the effect would be the icing on the cake.

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