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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Luxury Man Suit

man suit

Top masters' technology. Cutting, digging pocket, buttonholes on the sleeves sewn inside, satisfied of refuting a top by hand completed. For example: single buttonhole of a man suit is more than 10 years of sewing experience of senior master more than eight hours to complete.

man suit

1. Hand on the shoulder: when shoulder pads can slide between levels, giving the margin, not to shoulder bondage feeling.
2, handmade buttonholes: machine lock eyes on the first keyhole gash, which is easy to form the flash uneven within the buttonhole, handmade buttonholes gash buckle  are sewn on clothes, and then again manually lock side is no longer buttonhole within the burr buttonhole more three-dimensional and sophisticated.
3 The hand sewing cloth: give each lining splicing at the margin, people in activities reduce clothes shackles.

man suit

A top grade handmade tailored suit  be summed up in one sentence: one activities with the owner and the activities of the second layer of skin.
1.Demanding technical level, usually top suits masters produce domestic complete master of all processes currently very rare;
2, extremely cost working hours, usually 5-8 times that of ordinary suits;
3, the price is expensive.

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