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Friday, January 4, 2013

Long-Sleeved Shirt is The Only Choice For Man

Many white-collar workers in the workplace, dressed in short-sleeved shirts, even comical short-sleeved dress shirt fastened with a tie. In fact, according to the European traditional etiquette, usually only the organization of the army, police and other uniformed specification will be allowed to do so. We consume all attempts luxury goods in the pace of life is increasingly fast and civilians, but has not paid enough attention to the consumption of this spirit of the dress etiquette. By well-educated intelligentsia, wearing a short-sleeved shirt itself is not wrong, but business occasions, wearing a short-sleeved shirt pieces etiquette regret. A short-sleeved shirt leisure shirt, only suitable for wearing at home or at play when, not suitable for formal occasions wearing. Although it can be used as a uniform shirt to wear in the workplace, but only in specific occupations, the vast majority of professionals in business occasions to wear short-sleeved shirt is very impolite behavior.
dress shirt, shirt

dress shirt, shirt

dress shirt, shirt

Dress shirts and business shirts have a common characteristic: long-sleeved. Aristocracy, business people, lawyers demanding dressed people the reason to reject a short-sleeved shirt, is not due to clothing fashion. Small and these people are generally the breadwinner of the family, the company's senior professional managers; look at the big group of people are the backbone of society, in their work, social occasions, we need them all the time revealed steady, trusted ... so it is not hard to understand the trend of great importance to environmental protection, the United Nations and governments repeatedly promote the "refreshing movement (summer wear short-sleeved shirt, no tie, office air conditioning temperature set in about 28 ℃ to save energy) are not for these people to accept. Of course, protecting the environment is part of our responsibility. We can not give up long-sleeved shirt, choose the more breathable cotton fabrics, functional fabrics shirt
The dress line sales shirt which only a British short-sleeved soft collar the shirts (Casual shirts), other are in line with the traditional dress style of the French shirt and Italian-style shirt, color, fabric, texture many different options.
Earl British Marchi (Earl of March) we have to listen to how these people are respected long-sleeved shirt, said: "Never wear a short-sleeved, unless you go on a trip."
Former London mayor Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) said: "The long-sleeved shirt is the best, because you can always roll them up."
Lawyer Roger Kirby (Roger Kirby) is a long-sleeved proponents. "The long-sleeved eternal - in addition to sports other than short-sleeved, in the final analysis, with an ape imply; usually Is something not a chimpanzee wearing a short-sleeved in performing this?"
Chelsea football club's former manager Vialli (Gianluca Vialli) also support the long-sleeved. "I never wear short sleeves in football or golf - but they are a polo shirt - not the shirt."
Said: "I absolutely never wear short-sleeved shirts or socks if the weather is hot, I'll simply sleeves rolled up a little card • di • Montezemolo, president of the car company Fiat (Fiat) (Luca di Montezemolo)

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