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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Romantic Scarves for Men


The origin of mens scarves
The predecessor of the modern men's tie appeared in the late 16th century to the early 17th century,  hired by the French Croatian Corps was very popular with cotton and lace woven scarves as they continue to campaign north and south, in the following days. , the whole of Europe have followed up this innovative men's neck ornament, royal families are no exception.
To the 19th century, this small scarf gradually evolved into a technique called "Ascot" scarf Ascot scarf is also has been used so far and enduring men's single product. Scarves originally appeared in the Royal Ascot will, when the members are dressed in tuxedo and ascot scarf. Later, in a grand wedding or celebration can see the shadow of this scarf, it became gentlemen Competition symbol of taste and style. To modern society, Ascot scarf still suitable to wear on important occasions, and because they have evolved more styles and colors, it is now an important source of inspiration for fashion men's collar.
Scarves with clothing
Do not think that the scarf is superfluous cumbersome, in fact, although the terms scarves for men is not a necessity, but it is able to reflect the important details of your taste and style. Ms. scarves, men's scarves wear does not have to be matched with low collar or round neck clothing for gentlemen, gentleman shirt collar or clothes with scarves with a suit collar more taste, but also will not let you seem to have so little mother. In addition, in the choice of color, monochrome wild must be prepared on the then twelve, is timeless classic elements of classic flower patterns.

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