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Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Choose Different Styles of Shirts

dress shirt

The shirt is the first choice of the white-collar crowd work clothing. The dress shirt itself ranged between formal wear and casual wear, either as part of the dress, to attend the important occasions, also can home wear. Cater to the majority of people live and work demands. Identify appropriate and expedient shirt, in order to contribute to the overall professional accomplishment.
First, the color of a shirt
A white shirt will never be defeated
Whether you're any body type, white shirt and no doubt is an absolute necessity, with any color of the suit, can be overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the viewer vigor, clean sense, without too bleak matt, therefore, a buy several white shirt is innocent, especially men are particularly vulnerable to sweat shirt life naturally speed up the antidote to save when yellow shirts the situation, do not come back, even if the appearance without the slightest injury, also reluctantly part, otherwise only will sink in a shabby, Johnson foot dilemma.
2 striped shirt security
Generally, as long as the spacing between lines is not too large, the lines will not be too thick, are acceptable, the safest stripe scale, the spacing between its stripes is less than 1 cm, and are arranged in regular distances. width of very fine lines, like a mechanical pencil across the lines, that is, less error-prone style, it is recommended.

Plaid shirt to be careful

Like striped shirts generally fine grid if the grid area was tiny conservative, roughly nothing issue, but if the area of ​​the grid is great, strong leisure taste it unsuitable for work and formal occasions wearing, can not convey the solemn momentum, and the usual holiday leisure time, is actually very good dress.

4, blue is popular

The commuters Men almost every blue shirt, even several blue shirt, and their importance to keep pace with the white shirt. Everyone has the blue shirt, with each has its own clever.

When the shirt, tie, suit and all three are Blue, that together we must allow different "blue" showing a sense of depth.

5, Shirt matches in size
If you are a sturdy frame type, too obvious stripes, plaid is not suitable for you: If you are a medium, higher stiffness and thickness of the fabric man shirt, and your board on; footwall sedate or long feet tall and stripes, plaid shirt is a good match; tell you if you are chunky type, plain is your only choice.

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