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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Men How to Dress As A Dapper

Dress wearing has a lot of knowledge and allows the same person to show a different style, with the face of so many changes, and how piercing the elegance of it?
In the past, men's custom suit is originally just the European aristocracy in the important occasions, such as dances, concerts, horse racing and other gatherings wearing orthodox clothing; until the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the society is gradually affluent, the general civilian population also began to pay attention to the clothing, dress they slowly become civilians. Do not look at men's dress style change much, and mistakenly think that this is just a grand suit, in fact, men's dress, very demanding.
Formal dress
The men dress can be divided into two kinds of dress and small dress. Including dress tuxedo and daytime dress (morning suit), belong to the more formal dress, small changes in style, only solid color black and gray cloth; except sleeve and pants, matched with a vest, considered a neat dress. In fact, in addition to groom, best man, new father day dress in wedding dressed to show grand.
Mini dress
The little dress weekdays common Tisi rabbit ", its coat skirts must sew the same color glossy satin (satin), while the essence of the whole set of dress costume bow tie (or scarf) and girdle. Not due to changes in dress style, these gadgets can increase the change of dress, according to the trend or personal taste, the selection of patterns and styles.
Dress accessories
Whether wearing a big dress or mini dress, one with a particular style of dress shirts given essential, while shirts must be brand new and very white, in order to produce a strong contrast with the color of the dress, so the groom it seems more spirited; over pay attention to those who will be accompanied shirt dress buttons and cufflinks.
A formal tailored suit, strictly speaking, but also coupled with hat, gloves and glossy dress shoes, but if the weather is hot, so fewer people will use these additional accessories.

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