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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Men's Trench Coat with the Collocation Methods

man coat

What is the trench custom coat? In the childhood memories of many men, the trench coat is from the screen image of a classic old movies, old man remains in our minds from the eternal picture. Chic trench coat, who people whom praise is still able to easily set off ripples in the minds

In fact, as the wind and warm essential clothing, the trench coat comes from the war in the sense of modern society. Early in the war, in order to allow the soldiers to resist the cold, windbreaker as a professional dress code has been widely used, more or less, with the structural features and functions of some of the uniforms, such as general belt, shoulder loops, the sleeves loop design, light, crisp, and convenient. This clothing was later borrowed by the fashion industry to flourish today windbreaker.

man coat

With the evolution of fashion windbreaker original form, such as Burberry and Aquascutum this classic old retained, but like the latter part of the show such as Max Mara heritage, the introduction of the endless stream of design we blur the traditional concept of a windbreaker .

man coat

Today, the trench man coat is a derivative of the popular elements, the coexistence of classic and innovative contrast. The common interpretation of the same trench coat style, from traditional classic retro style models and improved models with new design concepts. Bunt commuter trench coat, frock style the joyride clothing, etc. have a classic style with the new concept of style two different style of dress. Contrast coexistence of traditional and new, is the moment a man fashion dress attitude.

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  1. So these are also called trench coats?, i guess they are the long ones which people usually wear in rainy season, correct me if i am wrong.