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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Politian In formal dress Shows Beauty

men suits

Today, in the world political arena, the female figure is more and more active. They not only have beauty and brains, and also have the status and power! The young Jordan king Houlaniya Abdullah go is stunning; murdered journalists countless film who had been a model Cecilia Sarkozy, the Frenchman with "Diana"; Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, the typical woman, succinct clothing and heavy make-up is also popular pursuit. These women politicians not only have their own rigid side and also have more as a woman of fashion.

Argentina's first elected female president: Cristina Fernandez
Argentina's first elected female president, Cristina Fernandez, casually to attend the inauguration ceremony of a shopping center and will encounter fashion star in hot pursuit. Strong woman prefer exaggerated jewelry and tight fit trousers, meticulous is the this image overall impression.

Former French Lady: Cecilia Sarkozy
Cecilia Sarkozy and French President divorce, but she has always been the lone exception of temperament is still all left a deep impression. Each appearance is simple, stylish.
In the day her husband was elected, standing in the middle of the the Blackshirts black dress blond children, in an ivory PRADA small dress stand out, filling the mature woman's elegance, the French president's wife does not wear a French brand, this is the first one.

Queen of Jordan: La Niya Abdullah
Recognized worldwide as the youngest and most glamorous the king Houlaniya Abdullah, both snow and smart fashion darling, is enthusiastic about public welfare Arab "Diana".

U.S. president's wife: Laura Bush
in the past few years, President George W. Bush Administration significantly busy day old, practice makes perfect that the First Lady is getting better, more and more shows and elegant lady style
Increase the affinity of the law-abiding, the style, the use of scarves
Green plaid suit to bring people spring-like mild temperament, with the pearl necklace is very noble.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beauty of British Drama Drifting Estate Disputes

men suits

Downton Manor "British-style charm

Wound up by the British Rose, starring two-time actress Kate Winslet "Mildred Pierce" (Magic World Floating Life) painting on a pay-per-view channels in the United States to get an attention, however, in the eyes of a theater critic, the same era drama "Downton Manor "has quietly been more support tickets.
Speaking of "innovation", the show is no advantage: common selection of deja vu family conflicts, inheritance rights, love, sense of hierarchy, people of good and evil, the era of alternation, which keywords than other drama which is also included. We looked down, and see the blood boiling unable to stop, the twists of fate did not know the characters pinch a few sweat. It does look good, and screenwriter in front of a bunch of common material is really so of decadent into something wonderful.
Men suits beauty of this play in master and servant as well as a role in posts are evident, each one tailored the custom suit different dovetail different occasions, different the lace-way tie, so unification has its own arrangements assigned each a different role in the body of this large estate.

Fine Garments Downton Manor
Episode exotic Menke different surname Duke, on the racetrack and valiant eldest in parallel, each set of Jockey service people have admiration too into the type into the grid, body modification just right.
Manor lords several plainclothes dress man suit is also impressive, he has more than the young people have the youthful, robust beauty, he dressed temper rely on time and experience to enhance the taste and carving. Understand their , which better reflect the value of the theatrical fashion - the face of a variety of age and class, teaching is a real man's gentleman.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Types of Typical Fabrics

Corduroy raw cotton, many kinds of corduroy, cashmere, fine line yarn structure and process and points. Corduroy velvet round and plump, fluff wear touch more soft and comfortable corduroy material, comfortable to wear next to the skin, warm and good; the corduroy washing should not be forced to scrub, scrub not suitably stiff brush, use a soft brush Shun fluff gently scrub. Can be used to make shirts, jackets or pants, the best choice for fall and winter clothes.
Name Moleskin, literally translated "Holmes roots." Also known as shearing, grinding velvet. The characteristics of this fabric, satin the low twist use it spun combed cotton yarn, organization horizontal, Wei density higher than that by the dense, woven into the fabric nap after more than ten times repeatedly shearing from velvet
Dense short and plump, the surface velvety feel, are also deemed kangaroo fur, made ​​clothes and then through a special washing, a nostalgic
Feeling rough style contains a delicate mechanism contains noble, restrained style in Europe and the United States is already a high-level business men when
The cotton twill TWILL by a weft yarn woven fabrics, with a single yarn for weaving, mercerizing, singeing, calendering, sanding
Washing, dyeing and other sophisticated processing technology, so compared to other twill thin, soft, good wearing comfort. Textured fine
Greasy, comfortable to wear, not easily deformed, durable wear, wear characteristics, modern clothing is very much in line with popular taste. To in terms of color, especially
Beige, orange, beige (khaki), camel gray, especially black, grass green, dark green color most customers. The fabric can be made not only to the men and women
Pants, and production of casual wear fashion fabrics. As fitted behind both pretty free and easy, handsome, youthful charm to do now. In recent years.
Sale of fabrics.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Choose Different Styles of Shirts

dress shirt

The shirt is the first choice of the white-collar crowd work clothing. The dress shirt itself ranged between formal wear and casual wear, either as part of the dress, to attend the important occasions, also can home wear. Cater to the majority of people live and work demands. Identify appropriate and expedient shirt, in order to contribute to the overall professional accomplishment.
First, the color of a shirt
A white shirt will never be defeated
Whether you're any body type, white shirt and no doubt is an absolute necessity, with any color of the suit, can be overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the viewer vigor, clean sense, without too bleak matt, therefore, a buy several white shirt is innocent, especially men are particularly vulnerable to sweat shirt life naturally speed up the antidote to save when yellow shirts the situation, do not come back, even if the appearance without the slightest injury, also reluctantly part, otherwise only will sink in a shabby, Johnson foot dilemma.
2 striped shirt security
Generally, as long as the spacing between lines is not too large, the lines will not be too thick, are acceptable, the safest stripe scale, the spacing between its stripes is less than 1 cm, and are arranged in regular distances. width of very fine lines, like a mechanical pencil across the lines, that is, less error-prone style, it is recommended.

Plaid shirt to be careful

Like striped shirts generally fine grid if the grid area was tiny conservative, roughly nothing issue, but if the area of ​​the grid is great, strong leisure taste it unsuitable for work and formal occasions wearing, can not convey the solemn momentum, and the usual holiday leisure time, is actually very good dress.

4, blue is popular

The commuters Men almost every blue shirt, even several blue shirt, and their importance to keep pace with the white shirt. Everyone has the blue shirt, with each has its own clever.

When the shirt, tie, suit and all three are Blue, that together we must allow different "blue" showing a sense of depth.

5, Shirt matches in size
If you are a sturdy frame type, too obvious stripes, plaid is not suitable for you: If you are a medium, higher stiffness and thickness of the fabric man shirt, and your board on; footwall sedate or long feet tall and stripes, plaid shirt is a good match; tell you if you are chunky type, plain is your only choice.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let Us See What is Topcoat in Stars‘ Opinions

"Topcoat fashion - as if just belong to Paris, and movie-like." - French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg

"I do not think the trench coat itself is sexy, refers to a woman wearing a man's coat ... but when she knocked at your door: inside her windbreaker nothing to wear, do you think? That is sexy." - -Tom Ford

"Has nothing to do with sex, but a matter of protection." - The Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz designed to Liv Tylor elegant and pure velvet trench coat.

"Concept in my mind when I think topcoat  below nothing to wear." - 39-year-old British film star Kristin Scott Thomas in "The English Patient" is so deep sexy.

"I did not think that it is such a stir, until I saw the office girls were wearing it." - Karl Lagerfeld launched a the tweed trim windbreaker style of thousands.

"The only way is wearing a trench coat - nothing to wear topcoat inside - I like windbreaker direct creative wrapped in body." - Muse Amanda Harlech really Lagerfeld design again sold out of stock.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Romantic Scarves for Men


The origin of mens scarves
The predecessor of the modern men's tie appeared in the late 16th century to the early 17th century,  hired by the French Croatian Corps was very popular with cotton and lace woven scarves as they continue to campaign north and south, in the following days. , the whole of Europe have followed up this innovative men's neck ornament, royal families are no exception.
To the 19th century, this small scarf gradually evolved into a technique called "Ascot" scarf Ascot scarf is also has been used so far and enduring men's single product. Scarves originally appeared in the Royal Ascot will, when the members are dressed in tuxedo and ascot scarf. Later, in a grand wedding or celebration can see the shadow of this scarf, it became gentlemen Competition symbol of taste and style. To modern society, Ascot scarf still suitable to wear on important occasions, and because they have evolved more styles and colors, it is now an important source of inspiration for fashion men's collar.
Scarves with clothing
Do not think that the scarf is superfluous cumbersome, in fact, although the terms scarves for men is not a necessity, but it is able to reflect the important details of your taste and style. Ms. scarves, men's scarves wear does not have to be matched with low collar or round neck clothing for gentlemen, gentleman shirt collar or clothes with scarves with a suit collar more taste, but also will not let you seem to have so little mother. In addition, in the choice of color, monochrome wild must be prepared on the then twelve, is timeless classic elements of classic flower patterns.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Matthewaperry Suit Styles

 As all of us are conscious the trend in the style industry keeps continually changing in the fashion earth. Matthewaperry tailored suit styles change as the designer are frequently coming up with a bit new or renewing customary styles into diverse forms again. Selecting the right cut conventional matthewaperry wedding suits could thus be quite intimidating. You must choose for a double-breasted Joseph matthewaperry wedding suit if the individual is tall and thin. This is a classic matthewaperry suit cut that will make tall and slim men look wonderful. matthewaperry suit has two rows of button down the face of the coat and a single button within the left side.

Choose for the classic British matthewaperry suit if the groom is more deeply built than others. This classic matthewaperry British suit comes with just a only button row down the front, as opposite to the two rows. This matthewaperry suit will make the person show taller and shrivel his width, giving him the much needed delusion of being a slight thinner and taller.
tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Go Custom for Dress

men suits

Unlike the pursuit of fashion for the women's demands, men's suits should highlight the label of status and taste. To make a success in your career, personal image has become a problem that you can not ignore. Wherever you dressed how expensive and top clothing, "such as tailor-made for you" are good words of praise. Carefully think about it, the only hand-made ​​to order only the real return to the origin of clothing - to wear the system. Clothes was the desire to serve, rather than to become slaves of clothes. Clothes "stretch", can be "comfortable". Think about haute couture customized Why you should become the essential goods? With it you no longer need for frequent dressing to find a dressing mirror, senior customized definitely stick take your body, so you are confident on the image at any time. Truly tailored dress designed for you, truly belong to the "second skin".
Dress originated in Europe in the 17th century, the classic suit from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Speaking of the famous men's dress, you can not fail to mention the Duke of Windsor. Active in the upper class society, he has become a model of the European upper class men in the 1930s to the comfort and freedom of dress taste. Under his leadership, the British dress status soared. Just dress this most rigorous and traditional clothes, little more, little one inch in the business and social, are extremely unbecoming and even rude, the so-called far. All this time, hand-tailored just as timely help from fabrics, designers, including recommendations, is the most authoritative and professional, as long as you walked into a senior custom dress store, what do not trust?
Advanced custom-made dress is a timeless - that is never out of date. The use of fashion elements will be more convergence, such as rustic and elegant custom suits fabrics, together with light and dark stripes and small jacquard fabrics to reflect this season fashion. Color in addition to gray, will choose chocolate brown, navy blue and beige, etc., while the more daring lavender or gray-green linen pattern suit single T-shirt, is reproduce in the 1970s - which in itself is a classic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Men's Trench Coat with the Collocation Methods

man coat

What is the trench custom coat? In the childhood memories of many men, the trench coat is from the screen image of a classic old movies, old man remains in our minds from the eternal picture. Chic trench coat, who people whom praise is still able to easily set off ripples in the minds

In fact, as the wind and warm essential clothing, the trench coat comes from the war in the sense of modern society. Early in the war, in order to allow the soldiers to resist the cold, windbreaker as a professional dress code has been widely used, more or less, with the structural features and functions of some of the uniforms, such as general belt, shoulder loops, the sleeves loop design, light, crisp, and convenient. This clothing was later borrowed by the fashion industry to flourish today windbreaker.

man coat

With the evolution of fashion windbreaker original form, such as Burberry and Aquascutum this classic old retained, but like the latter part of the show such as Max Mara heritage, the introduction of the endless stream of design we blur the traditional concept of a windbreaker .

man coat

Today, the trench man coat is a derivative of the popular elements, the coexistence of classic and innovative contrast. The common interpretation of the same trench coat style, from traditional classic retro style models and improved models with new design concepts. Bunt commuter trench coat, frock style the joyride clothing, etc. have a classic style with the new concept of style two different style of dress. Contrast coexistence of traditional and new, is the moment a man fashion dress attitude.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mens Made to Measure Suit With Collocation Methods

man suit

In modern society,men should fully understand the knowledge of wearing tailored suit and colors.That clothes makes the man is a forever truth.having a way of wearing the suits is one of the necessity for men to make a success.
Basics of collocations
Wearing tips:when you wear a double-breasted suit,the buttons should be buckled.Wearing a single suit.if it has two buttons ,usually the upper one should be buckled. In terms of three buttons ,We often buckle the button in the middle.However under some unformal occasions ,there wont be necessary to buckle the button.In side the suit doesnt allow to put things.On the left side of the front chest.the pocket is for storing the handkerchief as a decoration,however,stuff such as pens should not be put in it.
Made to measure suits with ties
Tie is the soul of suit.Suit with tie is required at social party.The length of the tie should be down to the belt.If you wear vests and sweaters,the ties should be behind them.
The tie clip is just between the 3th button and 4th button.
Made to measure suits with socks
When you wear a suit should not wear shoes, sandals or sneakers. Solemn suit with dark brown or black shoes. Color of socks should be deep than the suit, the suit should be kept as simple generosity.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Men How to Dress As A Dapper

Dress wearing has a lot of knowledge and allows the same person to show a different style, with the face of so many changes, and how piercing the elegance of it?
In the past, men's custom suit is originally just the European aristocracy in the important occasions, such as dances, concerts, horse racing and other gatherings wearing orthodox clothing; until the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the society is gradually affluent, the general civilian population also began to pay attention to the clothing, dress they slowly become civilians. Do not look at men's dress style change much, and mistakenly think that this is just a grand suit, in fact, men's dress, very demanding.
Formal dress
The men dress can be divided into two kinds of dress and small dress. Including dress tuxedo and daytime dress (morning suit), belong to the more formal dress, small changes in style, only solid color black and gray cloth; except sleeve and pants, matched with a vest, considered a neat dress. In fact, in addition to groom, best man, new father day dress in wedding dressed to show grand.
Mini dress
The little dress weekdays common Tisi rabbit ", its coat skirts must sew the same color glossy satin (satin), while the essence of the whole set of dress costume bow tie (or scarf) and girdle. Not due to changes in dress style, these gadgets can increase the change of dress, according to the trend or personal taste, the selection of patterns and styles.
Dress accessories
Whether wearing a big dress or mini dress, one with a particular style of dress shirts given essential, while shirts must be brand new and very white, in order to produce a strong contrast with the color of the dress, so the groom it seems more spirited; over pay attention to those who will be accompanied shirt dress buttons and cufflinks.
A formal tailored suit, strictly speaking, but also coupled with hat, gloves and glossy dress shoes, but if the weather is hot, so fewer people will use these additional accessories.

custom suit

custom suit

custom suit

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Art of How to Collocate the Suit With Accessories

 Tie Clip
Silver Tweed Cufflink
dress shirt

A.If you're wearing a dark plaid custom made suit with plain or striped pattern  shirt and tie is very beautiful.
B plaid shirt with twill tie, shirt formula ruled grid pattern tie, though they are straight lines, but lines direction changes, not the dull monotony.
C dark grid pattern shirt with a pattern tie. Concealed compartment as plain processing, printing, or flower pattern tie best with plain shirt here. If the distribution grid or line of shirts, how many people will be a little dazzled.
The color of the tie or shirt or jacket with the same color or contrast
A .tie and jacket colors with the colors, different patterns with the law: the background color of the tie is light brown and same color twill jacket with a white shirt appeared to be very gentle.
B. tie and shirt color the same color, different patterns with the law: yellow plain tie with yellow striped shirt, people appeared to be very refreshing.
C. tie the color, the pattern is completely different from shirts and jackets to contrast with the law: a mix of the two anti-traditional. Dark red plaid shape tie with white stripes gray shirt and gray jacket, revealing chic eclectic.
Plain shirt and tie and suit with the law, are plain shirt with a variety of patterns, colors tie the match. The color of the shirt and tie, or the same color or colors and tie are very nice contrast. Whether with stripes, squares or flower-shaped pattern also can not go wrong.
If you choose to have a variety of colors and patterns ties the note pattern in any color shirt or man suit color, the effect would be the icing on the cake.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Womens suits are symbol of Professionalism

The suit is the foundation of the modern woman's wardrobe. Unlike jeans, dress slacks or basic dresses, no other garment can transform from day to evening easier than a woman's Custom suit. A woman's suit has evolved from dowdy floor-length flocks to sophisticated pieces that reveal the wearer's professionalism and prestige. Whether you choose to wear a pantsuit for work or a skirted suit for special occasions, there is nothing more versatile or flattering than a crisply tailored woman's suit.

Custom Suits for Women
Custom suits for women are little different. The industry is largely new, allowing the end customer to get the best of the different processes with out the pretentiousness surrounding its male counterpart. Understanding the two major processes for women's custom suits can help you find the best "fit" for your needs.

Depending on the body type, there maybe a few fittings needed to perfect the prototype. A bespoke suit may take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and will start around $4,000 and can get astronomical depending on the fabric. While this creates a unparalleled fit, bespoke suits are expensive and can take some time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Luxury Man Suit

man suit

Top masters' technology. Cutting, digging pocket, buttonholes on the sleeves sewn inside, satisfied of refuting a top by hand completed. For example: single buttonhole of a man suit is more than 10 years of sewing experience of senior master more than eight hours to complete.

man suit

1. Hand on the shoulder: when shoulder pads can slide between levels, giving the margin, not to shoulder bondage feeling.
2, handmade buttonholes: machine lock eyes on the first keyhole gash, which is easy to form the flash uneven within the buttonhole, handmade buttonholes gash buckle  are sewn on clothes, and then again manually lock side is no longer buttonhole within the burr buttonhole more three-dimensional and sophisticated.
3 The hand sewing cloth: give each lining splicing at the margin, people in activities reduce clothes shackles.

man suit

A top grade handmade tailored suit  be summed up in one sentence: one activities with the owner and the activities of the second layer of skin.
1.Demanding technical level, usually top suits masters produce domestic complete master of all processes currently very rare;
2, extremely cost working hours, usually 5-8 times that of ordinary suits;
3, the price is expensive.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take a Look at the Details of Men‘s Wear

Whether a person is tall, fat or thin does not affect the taste and style of their dress, short stature men can wear tailored suit with their own characteristics, as long as the color matches jacket and trousers fit properly, not through the fat clothes and too shallow color, you can cover up their own inadequacies, and reflect their own style.

tailored suit, men suits

Suit categories:
The stocky man best suited to single-breasted coat, but the size you want to be fit, can be smaller, so that can highlight the thick chest, but pay attention to cover up the abdomen, and pay attention to any wear buttons. Should be used in dark clothing, avoid using light-colored clothing. Use straps instead of belt can make pants to maintain the natural waist is not more obvious, and does not make the waistband slipped. Long and pointed the straight collar striped shirt is the most appropriate, but the economic tie, so that other people will not pay attention to your waistline.

tailored suit, men suits

Men can wear diminutive interval is not too large, deep ins and outs striped suit, so it looks higher. You should not wear contrasting jacket and pants. Coat length slightly shorter legs seem long, long lapels and pocket tops should be chosen. Wear stripes pointed collar shirt, and then tied a colorful common tie, playing a basic style slipknot. Best to wear pants pants line was not obvious. Shoes with should be thicker to increase the height.
The fabric should not be tall and thin men wore men suits with pinstripes, otherwise it will highlight the shortcomings of stature, plaid is the best choice. Tops and pants color contrasts than wear suits, double-breasted wide collar style is more appropriate. Wide collar shirt with a moderate silk ascot, best small triangle or vertical patterns, coupled with a lapel vest, so that the body is more thick. Pants should be obvious fold line and fold feet, using a wide belt and platform shoes, people add stocky sense. Or two buttons.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Luxury Wool For Apparels

Wool tailored suit is the most common fabric material,which is currently ecognized as the best wool in the world is familiar Merino wool Merino wool. Merino wool merino sheep, or a hybrid fertility of merino sheep wool, this wool fibers longer than ordinary wool, finer, more uniform quality, higher spinning count, more than half well-known brand of men in pure wool suitings merino wool. Merino wool has many classified standard, such teggett much higher than the secondary shearing quality are not the same in different parts of the same sheep wool level. The selection method is to look at the finished fabrics yarn count, in general, the higher the better, but not absolute, because the general quality of the wool can not support more than 120 high count. High quality woolen feel soft and shiny, low-grade goods bleak. Followed by Scotland produced Shenandoah wool, Shetland wool fluff main body and mixed with a lot of coarse, this thickness mixed to form a unique wild style of such fabrics. It is generally used in the manufacture of single piece tweed coat, like English so-called blazer, sports jacket.
But I heard that many brands outside the industry ready to put down the money through tariff Province so as to buy higher-quality fabrics, and I personally think this is a blessing. Now the world's major fabric producer in the United Kingdom, Italy and China. British textile industry since the Industrial Revolution has been the first in the world rankings. Until today, the top the suit face, still produced since Hudders field in the north of England and Scotland, quality and price are the world's top. the savile row never used Italian fabrics, using only fabrics produced by the North of England and Scotland, as scabal, dormeuil, holland & sherry, regent street most of the British fabrics retail price of 50-90 pounds per meter. Even the the Italian suit giants Kiton main choice of British fabrics, Italian textile industry developed rapidly after World War II, and now there are a lot of new brands, the country's fabric has spared no effort in the technical aspects of innovation. China is the birthplace of textile technology, the world's largest fabric exporter, but the industry as a whole, low-grade, backward technology, fewer species.

tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Collocate the Shirts With The Occupations

Government officials, lawyers: their own image on behalf of the Department of the image.In order to better reflect the occupational trust. suitable choice of sober color, concise style and upscale quality shirts are recommended.

IT Internet: the custom suit usually most of the time partially personalized fashion dress. Striped fabric changes to reflect the industry's thinking, active style fashion personality and theselectable shirt choice.

Senior officers of foreign companies: to support the fashion and famous brand apparel independent diversified. Color fashion color can be selected based high-quality dress shirts, elegant light purple twill fabricr this year is a good choice.

custom suit, dress shirts
custom suit, dress shirts

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rules for Men to Select Apparels

tailored suit,custom suits need a few pieces of tailored suit
Work clothes and casual clothes separated. For some people. Overalls suit. But everyone must be set to a set of high-quality dark suit, in response to formal occasions.
The eyes of the vast majority of them are the same suit. In fact the latest suit and old suit fashion sense there is a big difference. New suit H-shaped, single row of three four buckle and darker colors. Tie, jacket, vest homogeneous color shirt of the same color, lapel smaller and more narrow.
Casual wear is the true sense of the men's. The side of the man's life can be seen from the casual wardrobe, the expression of personality and ideology.
2: Men with four military regulations
Texture unification such as hemp T-shirt with leather shoes, not unified. Innovation is the whim of over regulation. Knit a sweater, jeans, suede shoes, uniform texture example.
The colors unified sure black and mid-tone multi-purpose, multi-use subtraction. In addition to grasp the men's four colors: blue line (including black tone, cool colors), brown (warm), multicolored color (sportswear multi-purpose), pale colors (spring and summer multi-purpose). Also note that the use of the same color in a costume.
Unified to the bottom edge of the short jacket to the waist, potbellied men to be carefully chosen. Trousers hanging in the hips, waist line under the "general belly" stomach rather than the package.
The clothing will not be unified with close resemblance, in order to insurance. A majority of men's more "whole", pay attention to the details of the changes to breaking and driven.
3. men's wardrobe simplest list
"Less is more" principle is applied to the structure is the best. The custom suits you want to configure:
Dress: dark suit and of high quality; leisure suit.
Casual wear: sweater (collar) movement sweatshirt, T-shirts, fashion shirts, outer wear vests, jackets, casual,
Windbreaker, coat, down jacket; jeans, casual trousers, corduroy pants, washed Buku, sweat pants, shorts.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Choose Groom Suits

 wedding suits,tailored suits
 For you are about to enter marriage, it is very important to pick the right dress. The choice of colors is one of the key points, but  it is difficult just right to grasp.The Designer from MatthewAperry reminds people that picking the groom wedding suits the color must be integrated into the layout of the wedding scene of the color tones of the bride dresses, overall color of the groom dress should be pleasing.
Here are recommendations of the three main types of color and fabric color reference for new people to select tailored suits.

wedding suits,tailored suits

1.  white comlexion
 selectable with fabric color charcoal gray, charcoal brown, dark blue, dark olive and so on. Slightly with contrast color can revel in the kind of groom healthy vibrant appearance. Class groom white skin suitable for some beautiful light-colored fabrics, such as wearing a solid color or light-colored striped dress more is graceful, elegant and refined. fabric colors you can choose are light yellow, light gray, light blue, light brown and navy blue, etc..

2.Perfectly clear complexion
 suitable colorful bright dress suit to manifest themselves, can boldly  choose striped suit  and also choose some strong pattern of the fabric. The choice of fabric colors are bright yellow, blue, light gray. Also consider using some of the bright side of the fabric to increase the light levels of the suit.

wedding suits,tailored suits

3 . dark complexion
this type of groom can choose a range of colors from dark yellow-brown to dark brown (bronze), selectable with fabric color charcoal gray, charcoal brown, dark blue, dark olive, etc. and so on. Slightly with contrast color can revel in the kind of groom healthy vibrant appearance.

wedding suits,tailored suits

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Dress Your Suit

The tailored suit is the workplace men must dress  which often reflects a people's cultural quality. If you make the mistakes of law, it is a pity to lose points overall image. Pay attention to these details, you can wear a suit to wear clothing charm.

1, it is necessary to remove the sleeves trademarks. Usually sewn a trademark on the left sleeve of the suit jacket cuffs. Sometimes, there is also at the same time to sew a pure wool flag. Before wearing a suit, must first be removed. If the suit through the long sleeves trademarks avail demolition, as if intentionally in order to the streets, inevitably met laughed at people.
2, flat ironing. In order for a suit to wear on his body looks beautiful and generous, we must first make it appear smooth and crisp, straight lines. To make this point, in addition to regular suit dry cleaning, but also before each formal wear, be careful ironing. Do not neglect this point, leaving the wrinkled, dirty, dirty, aesthetic total loss, appalling.
3, suit buttons: usually divided into three: two single row buckle: the button his casual buckle above a said solemnly, preferably insufficiency buckle. Single row 3 buckle: the buttons do not buckle, said random, buckle the middle of an authentic, buckle above two said solemnly, is the best full deduction. :) Double-breasted suit can all buckle, also only buckle above one, but must buckle.

Wear a suit vest, whether worn alone, or wear it with a suit jacket supporting must be buttoned seriously, but not be allowed to circulate freely open. Under normal circumstances, the vest is only supporting single-breasted suit jacket. The number of buttons it more or less, but can be largely divided into single-breasted or double-breasted style. Dress practices according to the suit, single-breasted vest bottom grain buttons should not system-row-vest buttons must, without exception, all tied.

Cuff: wear a suit, shirt sleeves should be inside revealing a centimeter. If there is wear the shirt outside of clothing, such as sweaters, etc., do not come out, when you can not, wrist addition to watch what decorations are not to take the watch wearing size shirt cuffs just stuck will not slip into the cuffs internal

pockets: Some people like to put pen or chest pocket and glasses, which is wrong, unless you participate in any activities can put a handkerchief, what other do not put Incidentally, when to take off the custom suit after inside shirt pocket and can not put things. Walk, do not put his hands in his suit jacket or pants pocket.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double-Breasted Suit Can Be A Single Buckle

breasted suit,tailored suit

breasted suit,tailored suit

Either single-breasted or double-breasted suit, with a single-button design, will make the cut more neat, waist designed more personal. Design do buckle of a single row of two (or three buckle) and double-breasted suit, it will make your suit more to close the body, and adjusted suit collar and hem, visual, and more emphasize the broad shoulders to waist "inverted triangle" stature

As a result of the design of single grain buckle suit the shape of the collar and waist cut design, including waist, have done the appropriate adjustments. Our recommended Armani, Versace and Alexander McQueen, single-button suit, put on will clearly feel the waist than the suit.

Diagonal hem of design, is an important feature of the season single-button suit. This oblique cut hem is elongated because the cut of the suit collar, buttons off the center line, while the suit hem make design adjustments. This hem length will shorten the proportion of the upper body, and make your legs look longer, more upright stature.

This dark blue Versace single grain buckle suit, the same diagonal hem cut design, but more restrained style, perhaps more suitable for low-key and conservative style of business people wearing. Us in on the match, in order to meet the Navy Blue suit, the choice of a light blue Oxford business shirts, match and Yves Blue blue denim vest, silver-gray silk tie.

Here, we have selected a Giorgio Armani pale gray Prince of Wales Plaid summer suit. Tailored suit hem shortened to tighten the waist, oblique hem tailoring is very chic. Very shallow gray-blue business shirt and silver-gray silk tie to match it: on the one hand, the gray is forever fashion business color; On the other hand, in the hot summer months, highlighting the refreshing style business.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Men's Luxury Tailored Suits

tailored suit, custom suits
Mens Luxury tailored suit Guide - Is your online shopping source while searching for the right mens suits and accessories that will create you as a well-dressed man in a professional environment.
tailored suit, custom suits
There are a lot of websites on the internet contribute a wide variety of advice, recommendations and will guide you to a large selections of vendors selling every type of trendy suit such as, zoot suits, church suits, fun suits, Business etc. A lot of nonspecific information.

tailored suit, custom suits

Each retailer that is associated with this website was selected based on their reputation as companies that provide quality goods and services, and timeless classic cut men's suits.
tailored suit, custom suits
Our “Sale Alerts” are designed to save you money by informing you when our vendors are having their seasonal sales. You can save an average of 50% off original price.
tailored suit, custom suits
You don’t have to spend a fortune to dress well, "Men Luxury custom suits Guide" is designed to accomplish two objectives.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Long-Sleeved Shirt is The Only Choice For Man

Many white-collar workers in the workplace, dressed in short-sleeved shirts, even comical short-sleeved dress shirt fastened with a tie. In fact, according to the European traditional etiquette, usually only the organization of the army, police and other uniformed specification will be allowed to do so. We consume all attempts luxury goods in the pace of life is increasingly fast and civilians, but has not paid enough attention to the consumption of this spirit of the dress etiquette. By well-educated intelligentsia, wearing a short-sleeved shirt itself is not wrong, but business occasions, wearing a short-sleeved shirt pieces etiquette regret. A short-sleeved shirt leisure shirt, only suitable for wearing at home or at play when, not suitable for formal occasions wearing. Although it can be used as a uniform shirt to wear in the workplace, but only in specific occupations, the vast majority of professionals in business occasions to wear short-sleeved shirt is very impolite behavior.
dress shirt, shirt

dress shirt, shirt

dress shirt, shirt

Dress shirts and business shirts have a common characteristic: long-sleeved. Aristocracy, business people, lawyers demanding dressed people the reason to reject a short-sleeved shirt, is not due to clothing fashion. Small and these people are generally the breadwinner of the family, the company's senior professional managers; look at the big group of people are the backbone of society, in their work, social occasions, we need them all the time revealed steady, trusted ... so it is not hard to understand the trend of great importance to environmental protection, the United Nations and governments repeatedly promote the "refreshing movement (summer wear short-sleeved shirt, no tie, office air conditioning temperature set in about 28 ℃ to save energy) are not for these people to accept. Of course, protecting the environment is part of our responsibility. We can not give up long-sleeved shirt, choose the more breathable cotton fabrics, functional fabrics shirt
The dress line sales shirt which only a British short-sleeved soft collar the shirts (Casual shirts), other are in line with the traditional dress style of the French shirt and Italian-style shirt, color, fabric, texture many different options.
Earl British Marchi (Earl of March) we have to listen to how these people are respected long-sleeved shirt, said: "Never wear a short-sleeved, unless you go on a trip."
Former London mayor Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) said: "The long-sleeved shirt is the best, because you can always roll them up."
Lawyer Roger Kirby (Roger Kirby) is a long-sleeved proponents. "The long-sleeved eternal - in addition to sports other than short-sleeved, in the final analysis, with an ape imply; usually Is something not a chimpanzee wearing a short-sleeved in performing this?"
Chelsea football club's former manager Vialli (Gianluca Vialli) also support the long-sleeved. "I never wear short sleeves in football or golf - but they are a polo shirt - not the shirt."
Said: "I absolutely never wear short-sleeved shirts or socks if the weather is hot, I'll simply sleeves rolled up a little card • di • Montezemolo, president of the car company Fiat (Fiat) (Luca di Montezemolo)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maintenance for Ties

Washing method
1. Washing way:

Tie fabric lining materials washed very volatile wrinkles, but also easy to destroy the the tie surface gloss, to tie the whole must not be washed into the water, preferably dry cleaning. The tie knotted easy stained with dirt, can be placed in the bowl filled with gasoline rub or brush. Dirt, scrub with a cloth dipped in gasoline.
 2. Washing raw:

The tie should be sent to the the true dry cleaners dry cleaning. Must own dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high purity alcohol or No. 120 colorless solvent gasoline.
3. Methods of operation:

Silk neckties soak for about ten minutes or so; prickly stick smooth without tapping tie dirty at, such as tie smudges area is too large, you can gently rub; clean water leaching net hangers hang. After solvent evaporation, if still tie above there are a large number of stains, scrub gently with a soft brush dipped in water.
4 Ironing:

Ironing with cardboard cut tie-shaped tie-shaped or with a blank sheet of paper folded, stuffed tie lining part, then gently ironing on all sides to prevent iron too dead, no need to pad cloth Ming ironing, but should adopt the low and medium temperature, ironing faster, avoid yellowing and Aurora phenomenon. If the tie has a slight crease to tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every other day wrinkles to disappear.
5 Storage:

The tie can not be in the sun exposure, to prevent yellowing Walking color. The store tie to keep dry, do not put mothballs moth. In the collection, it is best to first ironing in order to achieve the purpose of of insecticidal sterilization moth. The tie hang best with a coat hanger cover a bag, to prevent dust.