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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maintenance for Ties

Washing method
1. Washing way:

Tie fabric lining materials washed very volatile wrinkles, but also easy to destroy the the tie surface gloss, to tie the whole must not be washed into the water, preferably dry cleaning. The tie knotted easy stained with dirt, can be placed in the bowl filled with gasoline rub or brush. Dirt, scrub with a cloth dipped in gasoline.
 2. Washing raw:

The tie should be sent to the the true dry cleaners dry cleaning. Must own dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high purity alcohol or No. 120 colorless solvent gasoline.
3. Methods of operation:

Silk neckties soak for about ten minutes or so; prickly stick smooth without tapping tie dirty at, such as tie smudges area is too large, you can gently rub; clean water leaching net hangers hang. After solvent evaporation, if still tie above there are a large number of stains, scrub gently with a soft brush dipped in water.
4 Ironing:

Ironing with cardboard cut tie-shaped tie-shaped or with a blank sheet of paper folded, stuffed tie lining part, then gently ironing on all sides to prevent iron too dead, no need to pad cloth Ming ironing, but should adopt the low and medium temperature, ironing faster, avoid yellowing and Aurora phenomenon. If the tie has a slight crease to tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every other day wrinkles to disappear.
5 Storage:

The tie can not be in the sun exposure, to prevent yellowing Walking color. The store tie to keep dry, do not put mothballs moth. In the collection, it is best to first ironing in order to achieve the purpose of of insecticidal sterilization moth. The tie hang best with a coat hanger cover a bag, to prevent dust.

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