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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take a Look at the Details of Men‘s Wear

Whether a person is tall, fat or thin does not affect the taste and style of their dress, short stature men can wear tailored suit with their own characteristics, as long as the color matches jacket and trousers fit properly, not through the fat clothes and too shallow color, you can cover up their own inadequacies, and reflect their own style.

tailored suit, men suits

Suit categories:
The stocky man best suited to single-breasted coat, but the size you want to be fit, can be smaller, so that can highlight the thick chest, but pay attention to cover up the abdomen, and pay attention to any wear buttons. Should be used in dark clothing, avoid using light-colored clothing. Use straps instead of belt can make pants to maintain the natural waist is not more obvious, and does not make the waistband slipped. Long and pointed the straight collar striped shirt is the most appropriate, but the economic tie, so that other people will not pay attention to your waistline.

tailored suit, men suits

Men can wear diminutive interval is not too large, deep ins and outs striped suit, so it looks higher. You should not wear contrasting jacket and pants. Coat length slightly shorter legs seem long, long lapels and pocket tops should be chosen. Wear stripes pointed collar shirt, and then tied a colorful common tie, playing a basic style slipknot. Best to wear pants pants line was not obvious. Shoes with should be thicker to increase the height.
The fabric should not be tall and thin men wore men suits with pinstripes, otherwise it will highlight the shortcomings of stature, plaid is the best choice. Tops and pants color contrasts than wear suits, double-breasted wide collar style is more appropriate. Wide collar shirt with a moderate silk ascot, best small triangle or vertical patterns, coupled with a lapel vest, so that the body is more thick. Pants should be obvious fold line and fold feet, using a wide belt and platform shoes, people add stocky sense. Or two buttons.

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