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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Dress Your Suit

The tailored suit is the workplace men must dress  which often reflects a people's cultural quality. If you make the mistakes of law, it is a pity to lose points overall image. Pay attention to these details, you can wear a suit to wear clothing charm.

1, it is necessary to remove the sleeves trademarks. Usually sewn a trademark on the left sleeve of the suit jacket cuffs. Sometimes, there is also at the same time to sew a pure wool flag. Before wearing a suit, must first be removed. If the suit through the long sleeves trademarks avail demolition, as if intentionally in order to the streets, inevitably met laughed at people.
2, flat ironing. In order for a suit to wear on his body looks beautiful and generous, we must first make it appear smooth and crisp, straight lines. To make this point, in addition to regular suit dry cleaning, but also before each formal wear, be careful ironing. Do not neglect this point, leaving the wrinkled, dirty, dirty, aesthetic total loss, appalling.
3, suit buttons: usually divided into three: two single row buckle: the button his casual buckle above a said solemnly, preferably insufficiency buckle. Single row 3 buckle: the buttons do not buckle, said random, buckle the middle of an authentic, buckle above two said solemnly, is the best full deduction. :) Double-breasted suit can all buckle, also only buckle above one, but must buckle.

Wear a suit vest, whether worn alone, or wear it with a suit jacket supporting must be buttoned seriously, but not be allowed to circulate freely open. Under normal circumstances, the vest is only supporting single-breasted suit jacket. The number of buttons it more or less, but can be largely divided into single-breasted or double-breasted style. Dress practices according to the suit, single-breasted vest bottom grain buttons should not system-row-vest buttons must, without exception, all tied.

Cuff: wear a suit, shirt sleeves should be inside revealing a centimeter. If there is wear the shirt outside of clothing, such as sweaters, etc., do not come out, when you can not, wrist addition to watch what decorations are not to take the watch wearing size shirt cuffs just stuck will not slip into the cuffs internal

pockets: Some people like to put pen or chest pocket and glasses, which is wrong, unless you participate in any activities can put a handkerchief, what other do not put Incidentally, when to take off the custom suit after inside shirt pocket and can not put things. Walk, do not put his hands in his suit jacket or pants pocket.

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