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Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Points You Might Notice for A Custom Shirt

dress shirt

When it comes to dress shirt, we may think to the mall casually purchased buy some, big or small card or few people will care about their style collar and sleeve type. In fact, these things are interrelated. When you buy a shirt, we should choose according to our size and color fabrics and styles, in order to ensure that the shirt in us enough chic enough handsome. Not fit the shirt matter how big, how noble, worn on the body after all, are not good-looking.
The shirt of the process (these are excellent shirt shirt shirt craft oh)
A. All cotton fabrics production, which is the basic guarantee of the high-end shirt.
B. at least through the 68 steps to complete the ordinary shirt is generally not more than 50 production processes, thus our shirt production time is usually 2 times an ordinary shirt.
C. Any kind of fabric has its own lines. The shirt finished fabric lines are aligned, is an important criterion to distinguish the shirt quality. Ordinary shirt in order to save the time of the cut and save the fabric will not pay attention to the texture of the fabric itself, using a single piece cut shirt, the maximum guarantee each shirt fabric neat lines docking, but also our manufacturing cost more effort, the same size as a shirt cost more fabric.
D. shirt needlework density of 3 cm and 21-pin, if the customer requests we can even reach 3 cm and 25-pin, ordinary shirt more than 3 cm and 13-pin, too small or too sparse on the shirt of toughness and wear resistance have a loss.
E. dress shirt firm's collar, the perfect pointed collar shirt quality clear division. Shirt interlining as to select the highest quality to the collar of the lining, the temperature, 2.5kg/cm2 the pressure in 167.5oC (+ -2.5%) after at least 20 seconds of the specialized equipment being molded. The correct way of washing, despite repeated washing can still maintain a perfect appearance of ordinary shirt generally opt for ordinary lined and precision machining mode or manual mode hand-ironing, several washings may arise after the collar deformation. The tip of the collar setting machine professional one second stereotypes.
F. long pointed collar shirt strong perfect the ordinary shirts have not been able to do things, because the collar tip strong need additional auxiliary parts - the collar stays (also called collar inserts). Closer touch ordinary shirt collar, which is a long and hard tapering piece is that the collar stays, plastic piece made. Ordinary shirt is generally the collar stays sewn inside the shirt (some simply did not receive the tip stays), sewn into a shirt collar the tip stays have been a long time washing and ironing will cause unnecessary wear of the shirt and the collar after washing tip stays Yi the deformation will directly affect the aesthetics of the shirt collar. The high-end shirt collar tip support is detachable and can be removed in the washing and ironing when, in order to ensure the collar stays consistent shape and function.
G. our shirts will use more than doubled the number of stitches than ordinary shirt sewing buttons, sewing for the X style both firmly wearable, but also a long time to maintain the exquisite beauty. Ordinary shirt button sewing = style parallel easy open line off.
H. custom shirts the guests mostly in shirt embroidered with his name on the first letter abbreviation. General embroidery parts left shirt cufflinks, left upper arm and left chest. Unlike normal shirt embroidered with the word, we insist on good word will be embroidered shirt stitched. This thread appears due to the sleeves concealed in the lining of the inside, to avoid lint exposed to wear skin and lint open fall. Because most ordinary shirt shirts embroidered with the word, which is commonly called the garment complement embroidered, this approach will be wearing discomfort, wear lead to the embroidered word loose lines open lines.
I. All our shirts made of a single piece by experienced technicians, non-industrialized production model of the pipeline, each a shirt through the many multi-channel careful inspection, thus ensuring the quality of the process of a shirt.
These are some of the basic tailored shirt craft, if you want to spend the least amount of money to get these shirts of the highest quality level.

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