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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Types of Typical Fabrics

Corduroy raw cotton, many kinds of corduroy, cashmere, fine line yarn structure and process and points. Corduroy velvet round and plump, fluff wear touch more soft and comfortable corduroy material, comfortable to wear next to the skin, warm and good; the corduroy washing should not be forced to scrub, scrub not suitably stiff brush, use a soft brush Shun fluff gently scrub. Can be used to make shirts, jackets or pants, the best choice for fall and winter clothes.
Name Moleskin, literally translated "Holmes roots." Also known as shearing, grinding velvet. The characteristics of this fabric, satin the low twist use it spun combed cotton yarn, organization horizontal, Wei density higher than that by the dense, woven into the fabric nap after more than ten times repeatedly shearing from velvet
Dense short and plump, the surface velvety feel, are also deemed kangaroo fur, made ​​clothes and then through a special washing, a nostalgic
Feeling rough style contains a delicate mechanism contains noble, restrained style in Europe and the United States is already a high-level business men when
The cotton twill TWILL by a weft yarn woven fabrics, with a single yarn for weaving, mercerizing, singeing, calendering, sanding
Washing, dyeing and other sophisticated processing technology, so compared to other twill thin, soft, good wearing comfort. Textured fine
Greasy, comfortable to wear, not easily deformed, durable wear, wear characteristics, modern clothing is very much in line with popular taste. To in terms of color, especially
Beige, orange, beige (khaki), camel gray, especially black, grass green, dark green color most customers. The fabric can be made not only to the men and women
Pants, and production of casual wear fashion fabrics. As fitted behind both pretty free and easy, handsome, youthful charm to do now. In recent years.
Sale of fabrics.

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