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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trousers Are A Tricky Beast In Fashion

Trousers are a tricky beast in fashion -- often misunderstood, plagued by an overabundance of terms and names, and surprisingly difficult to find in a comfortable fit. But (much like the bassist in a good band) they bring everything together even when they aren't the star of the show. Understanding the role of your trousers and the options you have in choosing them are the keys to comfortable, sharp-looking clothes for your lower half.

Most formal men's dress pants are made of woven wool or woolen blends. Gray flannel trousers are a long-standing classic, and with good reason -- the color goes well with almost everything and the fabric is comfortable and durable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Navy blue is nearly as common as gray, and just as formal, while brown and khaki are staples of casual office wear. Black trousers are less common outside of matched suits, as they tend to draw the eye away from whatever color is worn above. Heavier fabrics will create a smoother drape and help the trousers hang neatly, but are also less comfortable in the summer.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Men's Suit Jacket Pockets

Moving on from the jacket sleeves, we have the pockets, which present a variety of options, all at differing levels of formality. The most formal are jetted pockets, where the pocket is sewn into the lining of the jacket and only a narrow horizontal opening appears on the side of the suit jacket. These pockets, being nearly invisible, contribute to a very sleek, polished appearance, and are most frequently found on formal-wear. The next style, the flap pocket, is slightly less formal, though it is perfectly acceptable in all the circumstances where a gentleman is likely to be found in a men's suit. Flap pockets are made identically to jetted pockets, but include a flap sewn into the top of the pocket, which covers the pocket's opening. These are the most common pockets on men's suit jackets, and in the very best, are fabricated so that the wearer may tuck the flaps inside, mimicking the jetted pocket. There are also diagonally-cut flap pockets known as hacking pockets, though they are somewhat less common; the hacking pocket is derived from English riding gear, and is most prominent on bespoke suits from English tailors, particularly those traditionally associated with riding clothes. The least formal are patch pockets, which are exactly what the name implies: pockets created by applying a patch to the outside of the jacket. Patch pockets are the most casual option; they are frequently found on summer suits that would otherwise appear overly formal, as well as on sports jackets.
On the subject of pockets and things the conscientious wearer avoids, there are a few guidelines for utilizing the pockets on suit jackets. While the outside pockets on most jackets are functional, placing large bulky items – including the hands – in these pockets will distort the silhouette of the jacket. Keys and other sharp objects should be kept away from the jacket pockets, as they can damage the lining, leaving holes into which small objects are invariably drawn. Many jackets come with the pockets sewn shut, and while it is generally better to open them, those who have difficulty remembering what to avoid may find it beneficial to leave them unopened.
 The side pockets are not the only pockets on the jacket, however. Some men's suit jackets, particularly bespoke and finer made-to-measure offerings, include a small ticket pocket above one of the side pockets, generally on the same side as the wearer's dominant hand. This pocket is rarely used in modern times, and serves more as an indication of the suit's quality. Moving up the jacket is the breast pocket, which is always open, and into which only one item is ever placed: the handkerchief or pocket square. The reason for this is twofold: First, like the side pockets, any items placed in the breast pocket create lumpy projections which distort the sleek appearance of the suit, and second, the breast pocket and the inside left pocket share the same space in the jacket's lining, meaning that objects in the breast pocket tend to force items in the inside pocket into the wearer's ribs, which is quite uncomfortable.
 Inside pockets vary greatly, with some jackets having only one, usually on the left, though it is more common to have pockets on both sides. These pockets are generally large enough to carry a checkbook-sized wallet or card case, as well as a pen and perhaps tickets or other similar papers, though one should be careful, as bulky items, even in the inside pockets, can distort the jacket's appearance. On bespoke suits, the options for pockets are only limited by the wearer's imagination, as a good tailor can create specialty pockets sized to hold a variety of useful items. In today's world of technology, such pockets provide the perfect place to store items like cell phones and iPods.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introduction to understanding Seasons and shirts

Despite its natural features are the key factors in determining what color of dress shirt  that a man should be, are not the only things you should pay attention.
A well-dressed gentleman also pays attention to the seasons, paying attention to the effects of the colors around on set, he has established. The two-piece dark suit and dark shirt custom you decide to use can look beautiful for you, but in a summer wedding, it is not just hot under the collar, but it came out like a sore thumb.
Check out the seasons and shades of color that call.

Rose shirta man dresses for springSpring is the season of rebirth, this is where the roses, lavenders, and lighter shades of blue met a man. Whites are also an excellent choice, and depending on the time of day may be a good time to wear shirts of man-made fibers, as things heat up, want to start using natural fibers.
Generally lighter fabrics are dusted from their winter sleep, and a man to speak of himself for checks and stripes in colors that complement the light and not very strong.

Summer colors for a manSummer is a season where the bright and bold colors dominate the scene, and for good reason. The heat not only reveals practice, but his choice of the fiber of the fabric will make the difference between allowing the skin to breathe or stuffy nose like a sauna.
100% cotton, linen and silk are popular choices because of their qualities fabrics wick. Golden striped shirts, red checks, and of course a variety of materials and designs must honor blue dressed man's closet.

Black Chevrons
Autumn colors of menearth tones and heavier fabrics begin to appear. Clothing tends to have a dark side to the cold weather arrives, and now with the colder weather is a good time to start using mixtures. Their heat retention qualities are good on a cold night you get caught without shelter.
Fancy stripes and checks with more color than white are great choices, and in pastel shades of blue chambray or canvas are great selections.

A man and winter colorsDark colors and heavy fabrics such as flannels, twills and oxfords are emerging. You can brighten up your wardrobe a bit with a pink shirt dress or corn, or display a burgundy check that has been in your closet for a few months.
Remember that winter is the season where you want to get your money from fabrics designed to keep you warm, and there's nothing like the feeling of a dress of heavy flannel shirt fabrics , because it avoids the cold north winds. Forest green and brown tones are stable during this season, but tend to be perceived as more casual.

Stations and Shirts - ConclusionIt is important to remember that confidence in your appearance is vital for its beautiful appearance. When people look at a little more than usual, you need to have confidence in your keychain to know it's because you look good (instead of looking so bad!).
Our advice is to have the courage to know, and this knowledge to choose colors that complement your needs as an individual.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Suits and Suitcoats for Men

A traditional, solid-colored bespoke suit  with matching trousers and coat can take on different looks for different occasions with a little care and creativity.
Have a hot date coming up? Change up your look by wearing your suit without a tie, or with a festively colored dress shirt. Or, try pairing your coat with slacks in a complementary color.
Keep in mind, wearing pieces of your suit unevenly (coat without the slacks, or vice versa) can cause the color to appear more worn in the piece that you wear more often. This is caused by a greater exposure to the sun, as well as the need to dry-clean one piece more than the other.
light and dark suit coats
Sportcoats for Men
If you have a sports jacket, the possibilities open even wider.
A sports jacket has the ability to make a casual look sleek and pulled together, while transforming into a more formal outfit by adding a cheap suits for men tie, slacks, and pocket square. Throw on a sports coat over a polo and chinos, and you’re now dressed casual enough to run errands around town, or stop by your favorite restaurant for dinner.
Be careful not to choose a pant too close in color to that of your sports coat. If the colors are too similar, you may end up looking like you accidentally chose the wrong pants for your coat.
Because sports coats do not have to match a pair of trousers, they are available in a multitude of fabrics, including: staid navy wool, camel hair, madras, corduroy, and plaid.
a man's navy blazer
The finishing buttons also range in varieties from plastic, brass, nickel, or low-key horn. Because sports coats are typically worn without a tie, interesting fabrics, buttons, and patch pockets help to add interest and style.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Daily Wear: The Doctor’s Dress Shirt

It’s unusual for a man’s shirt to be a primary concern in his ensemble; avoiding egregious color or pattern clashes is sufficient for most needs. A doctor, however, is primarily an expanse of white cloth — a blank canvas. The shirt and tie stand out as the color and pattern that define your fashion when you wear a lab coat, so choosing them becomes a significant decision. Where most men invest in bespoke suits and other custom tailoring, your wardrobe budget will want to focus on quality suits and ties. The fit of your shirt will largely be hidden by the coat (although a shirt that is too loose will “balloon” around the trouser waist), but its pattern, buttons, and collar are clearly visible — those are the places to focus your efforts.
There are several different styles of men’s dress shirt collars to choose from, and you will want whatever frames your face best. Very generally speaking, narrow-faced men will want a wider collar spread, while thicker-faced doctors do best with a steeply-pointed collar. Button-down collars, while slightly less formal in the business world, are still perfectly appropriate and may be the most practical option for a hospital, since they are less likely to be flipped up or set askew by movement or the use of a stethoscope.
Very bright or bold-patterned shirts can seem informal, and clash with the plain white of a hospital coat, so your best fabric choices are usually textured solids: plain colors in a patterned weave.

A subtle texture makes this more than just another blue dress shirt.
Modest patterns like pinstripes are acceptable, but try to avoid bold windowpanes or checks — these will make you look like a computer programmer stuffed into a doctor’s coat, rather than the medical expert you want your patients to see. Anything with a white base is worth avoiding, since it matches your coat too closely. An often-neglected detail, the front of your shirt should be of good quality; mother-of-pearl buttons will be thinner and more appealing than plastic, while on the left side of the shirt you should look for a French placket, which simply means that the panel where the buttonholes are is formed by creasing the shirt over rather than sewing a new strip of cloth down the front.
It should go without saying, but between the long hours and high stress, doctors benefit even more from undershirts than most men. Don’t skimp here — buy absorbent, high-quality V-neck undershirts. They will surely be put to the test, so avoid “value packs” of shrink-wrapped undershirts made from synthetic blends.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Basics of Style for the Disabled

Comfortable Fit
Every injury or physical condition is different, and there is no one trick of tailoring that can make a universally comfortable and convenient garment. However, there will be specific alterations that benefit each individual — different alterations for different men, but all possible in the hands of a skilled tailor. While custom-made or “bespoke” clothing is more expensive than off-the-rack or made-to-measure, it offers the opportunity to talk one on one with an expert who can suit pockets, sleeves, fasteners, and other internal details to individual need.
At the very least, tailored alterations should be able to make an off-the-rack suit fit better, altering the shape of the garment where the wearer’s body needs it. A fit that is comfortable at all points and drapes neatly over your frame should be the primary goal of all clothing-seeking men, and even more so for the gentleman with a handicap.
Style Suited to Personal Needs
Beyond offering convenient dressing and comfortable wear, quality men’s clothing should have the relationship the wearer desires with his body. Some men prefer to conceal or de-emphasize physical conditions that affect the shape of their bodies, while others choose to dress in a simpler and more revealing manner — neither approach is wrong, and the choice is always the gentleman’s.
Clothing should be selected to achieve the desired result, whatever it may be — ignoring a disability entirely and simply draping off-the-rack clothing over it is unlikely to be flattering, while adjusting it allows a personal statement to be made about the wearer’s relationship with his physical condition.
Distinctive Personal Style
Just as the man of unusual height or weight seeks to be remembered for more than the shape of his body, a handicapped man wants to be remembered as an individual, not as a visual impression. A strong personal style gives the viewer something to focus on other than the shape of the man’s body, and allows the man to define himself on his own terms. Distinctive clothing will help set a handicapped man apart as someone who wants to be set apart and remembered, not as someone who can’t help drawing attention.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Make A Fine Feeling With Others With Suit

In the Modern era, People looking good it doesn't matter and it is not enough worth to impress other people. Nearly this is the truth, if we do not have the rosy cheeks or the beautiful face or the full lips that every opposition (female) admires, women may still around you when you know how to dress nicely. As lots of us dress for comfort, there are also persons who make sure that the dress they are trying on suits his body rightly and reflect his complete qualities at the same time, satisfying themselves with the comfort the dress offer. On the other hand, this endeavor does not want to be expensive. It only desires to be well designed and matched. One of the mysterious pieces that can cover way to amaze people is the men's suits.

There are certain clothes fundamentals that help you create a good feeling among others & one of them are the men's suits. A suit generates a bold and classy feeling when you are trying one. This may be for the cause that trying men's suits has been a big business identity which makes a individual look highly regarded and very knowledgeable. On the other hand, this variety of typecast is not as burly as decades ago because men's suits these days have noticeable its worth in almost each occasion.

When trying to amaze others by trying men's suits, you do not require doing the whole job as the suits itself makes a fine thought. On the other hand, make sure that the suit that you are trying fits your structure well. Fit does not stand for that it has to fit tightly into your body but rather, it should be well fit sufficient to exhibit the structure of your body but free enough to give you the comfort.

A few men select or stick to the predictable colors of dark hues while others choose more bold and bright colors for a recent present look. No matter what color you are trying, the only point is to amaze others is to make sure that the color of your suit balanced the all together and matches the event you will be presence.

Decide on to discover the shirts that match your suit fine. Whereas white can be your finest choice, it will also be good quality to try to test with other colors. A few people think that when trying suit, it should not go lacking of the ties, but as style improves, the rule becomes less needed and has been rather a decision to the wearer.

When trying men's suits, fix on how you want others to see you. Do you want to be stylish and yet up to date or trouble-free but modish? This will show you on how to make a fine feeling with others. The finest rule however is to discover the men's suits that matches not only the formation of your body but your personality as well.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Closing Thoughts

Menswear is not about following rules or trends. It revolves around a shared understanding of the more and less formal options for men, and variation within those broad guidelines. With the help of a skilled tailor, creating a wardrobe that stands apart is neither an expensive nor a time-consuming process — individual pieces will be higher-priced than their off-the-shelf counterparts, and the initial fitting will be much more intense than a visit to the changing rooms, but the result will be a few pieces of perfectly-suited bespoke suit that can be mixed and matched to create outfits for every occasion.
Each combination will say something that was thought out carefully ahead of time, and people will remember how clearly your clothing spoke to them long after they forget that awful opening joke your dad told you to memorize for introductions and speeches.