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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Solid Dark Blue Custom Suit for Men

As a office worker,this type suit is indispensable and everyone knows that.However if you want to look different and superior than others in this type suit,then custom made for it can do fulfill your desire.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Mini Checked Shirt

Black Mini Checked Shirt
$ USD 69.00
Fabric: 100%cotton
Occasion: business and leisure
Black mini checked dress shirt, fashionable design.It embodies a look of frean and energetic and is very impressive pattern.Besides,as a custom shirt ,you can add your signature on the cuff if you like.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Solid Light Pink Shirt

pink shirt
$ USD 69.00
Fabric: 100%cotton
Occasion: business and leisure
solid light pink shirt.This classic style of dress shirt,essential for every man.for it is a custom shirt which absolutely can make you confident and show strength.Pink color can match most of the suits

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What The Suit Should Be Styled With

REVIEW: many men in suits often ignore many of the details, such as the mix of colors, tie the match and selection, etc., then the men's suit also pay attention to the details of what it is

In aspect of suit, many men suits in favor formal solemn feeling with them is very confused, like grid still launch this dark blue striped suit for men is a formal comparison of Commerce, in the end should be how to match similar suit?
In fact, the men in the men's suits with shirt and tie with no defined. You are free to mix only the overall feeling of integration of decency. However, do not know what is the fusion decent men, the following analysis can help you learn how to wear with.
suit for men

Suits for men

<Which should be ready to tie and shirt>
Men must have 2 color shirt white and light blue, I believe it will have. In preparation for this tie then prepare a dark blue tie these two colors for men during the day to wear a dark red or burgundy tie, black tie silk tie and a solid color with pattern should also be noted in detail, at a dinner party or wedding instead of the RJF use.

More Information:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free shirt


If you are about to place an order with MatthewAPerry (click on the logo) be sure to recommend the company to your friends.  For each friend that makes a purchase, you will get one shirt (you can choose the shirt styles available on the website) free.
The more you recommend,the more rewards you will get.  And the shirt is sent together with your friend's order.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

White Striped&Black Tailored Suit

Black Tailored Suit
$ USD 299.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: business and leisure
White striped black suit,this type of suit is always very pupular.Rigorous line plus perfect cutting shows a emphasized sense of gentlemen in men`s suit.As a custom is true unique for you 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Classic Navy Dinner Suit

 Navy Dinner Suit

Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: wedding
Classic Dinner Dress Suit.This 2 button navy wool custom suit featured by its masterful tailoring and design It is different from the double breasted suit, single-breasted navy tailored suits are classic and essential to men's wardrobe

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Classic Black Three Piece Suit

Classic Black Three Piece Suit
$ USD 359.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: wedding and party
Classic three pieces suit,gorgeous style and perfect for weddding as well as social party.Vested suit no doubt is a elegant apparel and make you chic adn stand out under any occasions.Beside,as a custom suit,it is ture unique for you. 

Black Three Piece Suit

Black Three Piece Suit
Black Three Piece Suit
Black Three Piece Suit

Monday, March 18, 2013

Change your style with fashion suits

When it comes to tailored suits, usually you do not like to adhere to one particular style but rather like to Change your style with fashion suits. Suits are more liked for men and women of today’s world. When you choose a fashion suit, you must believe certain things in order to make the suit perfect for you. Few tips for choosing a fashion suit are as follows:

When you choose a suit, imagine the cloth of the suit. Choose the suit cloth based on climatic form of the place where you live, and your budget. Cotton suits are finest because they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen suits are fitting for humid and hot summer days. Woolen suits are suitable for breezy climates. Choose the suit cloth which suits your body all through the year based on where you live.

Give consequence to the color of the suit while choosing a suit. Decide the suit color based on your skin color, hair color and eye color. Suits of certain material look best in specific colors. For example, white, black, grey and navy colors are top in cotton suits. Brown, white and cream colors look grand in linen suits.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tradition Plaid Day coat with Custom Vest & Shirt

 This is a beautiful combination, a colored coat with plaid Tradition throughout. It comes with a coordinating tan vest, and a white shirt with stripes. You could pair this with tan or navy jods and be prepared to hit the show ring in style. Each piece is in great situation! Measurements.

High worth, and in great shape, this suit is a great buy! It has all the extras you are expecting from custom, including real pockets, hook & eye closure, suede patches and a signature lining. Shown here with a tradition royal blue vest & shirt that is obtainable on the accessories page.

man coat

man coat

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Man Suit’s Collar and Lapel

  • Suit collars lengthen to the front part of the torso area is probably called as lapels. Lapels and collars are usually tailored mens suits for change suit style. The collar snugs firmly around your neck without buckle. One half inch of the clothing shirt should be noticeable under the suit collar.

  • Average lapel width must be 3 to 4 inches. Most prominently, it should be in proportion to the overall size of the Men’s suit as well as the distance between the chest to the shoulder.

  • Lapels should fall flat on your torso. They should not buckle or cluster up. In general, lapels must have the end tilt about halfway among the suit’s top casing and collar.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EnterThe Blue Suit


The modern urban hippie tend to spend a lot of energy and money in what is called fashion. But when it comes to display properly attended a wedding, a funeral or a night at the theater, you're at a loss. Enter the blue suit. Every man needs at least one.

If you have a single, simple, beautiful marina, deep, all-season jersey combed wool is the way to go. The liner should be single-breasted with a notch lapel and two buttons and pants must be the single front (no pleats), sleeveless.

The adjustment is to adapt. Off the rack should fit well and comfortable in the shoulders and chest. After that, it is a smart suit for the shoot and really take ownership.

Wear it with a handkerchief, French cuff shirt with cufflinks or tie smokin big. "Remember to leave the bottom button undone.

Once you have your basic blue color in your wardrobe, then you can consider variables such as film versions sharp lapels, three buttons, stripes cross pants PIN or chalk and pleated and / or wrists.

If you wear a custom suits every day or once a year, this wardrobe essential for men is one of the most important assets and versatile in its arsenal.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Identify The Good And Bad Of The Shirt

In the version of the type of tailored shirt, fit is the most important. Wearing the appropriate version of the type will make people look very spirit. Version of form-fitting, must be decent, upright. Best to select the version developed for Chinese adult men shape shaped so that it emphasized the waist, emphasizing the curve.

tailored shirt

The sophisticated technology of course, is the basis of the achievement of a good shirt. For exquisite craftsmanship, emphasize details. Such as dress shirts needle tracks to be fine, needle distance of more than 3 cm and 22-pin is the most high-end, which is the process of European high-end shirt one of the signs. , High-end shirt usually with detachable collar bar (also called the collar stays), both long-term to ensure a collar-shaped, and convenient washing and maintenance, which is a high-end shirt logo. For the the buttonhole thread of processing, but also spent a lot of time to deal with. This is the pursuit of the perfect sophisticated technology. Sewing lines to be neat, solid, flat service; elastic fit upper and lower thread take, break ups and downs of the needle should be back at the needle; collar flat clothing, collar surface elastic fit, not anti-Alice, not bubble sleeves, sleeve head suture site pocket fully clothed piece uniform, smooth, no skew. Fabric stitching pattern patterns must naturally docking, almost can not see the stitching traces, otherwise it will look unnatural.

tailored shirt

While consumers see less than "lining", but in fact, "lining directly determine the most important shirt collar and sleeves, (cuff buttons hard part - sleeve head.) Quality dress shirt is therefore directly determines the quality of shirt. "Lining" as the bones of the shirt, from the shape of the shirt foil and landscaping shirts either prevent deformation, but also can simplify the sewing process. "Lining" bonding within the two layers of fabric, so can not see from the outside "liner". Shirts hanging side the placket also used "lining. Good "lining wear-resistant, not easily deformed, even after repeated washing, it will not fold deformation. Interlining from Germany KUFNER (horse). Collar surface and cuff, placket places no blistering, no deformation.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Italian dinner suit

An Italian dinner suit , handmade or otherwise, is a cautious effort. Even in some cases where a computer teams up with a tailor to make a suit, there is that added flair that only comes from information gained during decades of tradition. Mainly of the Italian men's tailoring house are family run, and that occasionally makes a lot of variation. Each Italian suit creator has its own secrets to quality which it guards enviously, much like an Italian nonna with her cherished recipes.

All tailored suit manufacturers, irrespective of the part of the earth they are from, need to esteem quality. But for an Italian suit creator, this sartorial respect borders on veneration. An Italian tailor seek to hide all the wearer's flaw, and to make him look thin, stylish, big, even if god did not precisely make him that way. The armholes are advanced, the shape is sleeker, and the garment warily proportioned to progress the wearer's appearance. Starting from the placement of the waist to the width of the lapel and the cut of the choker, every facet of the suit is tailored to cajole and hide at the same time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Top 10 Men’s Style Websites – 2013

1. Dappered

Equal parts fashion blog and Consumer Reports-style info site, Dappered has both style articles and the inside scoop on major clothiers’ latest sales. They highlight good deals whenever they crop up on the net, and fill the time in between with useful Top 10 lists, product reviews, and more. If there’s a piece of clothing you were thinking of buying, it’s probably worth hanging around Dappered for a while and seeing if it’ll crop up for sale anywhere good.

Dappered’s community and the consistency with which Joe (the site’s irrepressible editor) stays on top of the latest information put them in our top slot. Their e-mail list is worth adding to your inbox — it’s very content-driven and not at all spammy, and it’s a good way to make sure you don’t miss an update about that piece of clothing that you’ve been wanting to buy but couldn’t find a good deal on.

What made Dappered #1?  The community and forum, the way the men on that website look out for each other  and bring in sales and other bits of info to the attention of all to benefit from.


2. Gentleman’s Gazette

Another with almost daily  updates, Gentleman’s Gazette focuses on high-end menswear and all the other pleasures of a gentleman’s life. They’re very strong on fashion history and the evolution of men’s styles, with an amazing collection of photographs and vintage images to back their articles up. The Editor-in-Chief, Sven Raphael Schneider, brings an incredible depth of knowledge to the table. It’d be hard to find a more thoroughly-researched men’s style blog out there.


3. Kinowear

Run by Kino Image Consulting Company owner Jay Song, Kinowear updates sparingly but when they do it’s solid. Many of the posts are guest posts from manufacturers in the featured industry — a discussion on casual suits by a suit maker, a look at polo shirts from a casual menswear company, and so on.

I really like the simplicity and clarity of the message – a great menswear blog that deserves more attention.


4. Put This On

A wild mix of everything style-related, with an update schedule that’ll make your pulse quicken. There’s something new just about every day, sometimes multiple posts a day. A lot of them spotlight currently-available deals on good menswear, including regular “eBay roundups” pointing readers toward good online auctions. The Put This On video series is what really puts them in the top 4 – these are high-quality, instructive videos that cover a lot of information in short, accessible video clips.


5. The Style Blogger

Shop, style guide, and look-book all rolled into one started by Dan Trepanier. There’s a ton of content here, including articles and original photos, but also giveaways, contests, links to sales, and more. It’s one of the most professional style sites out there — and yes, one of the more commercial ones too, but in an entirely good way. You want these guys to be selling you clothes. They’re good at it, and they’re good at clothes.

I came very close to ranking TSB#2 – but they lost some points due to my conservative personal tastes.  Dan and his team are a bit fashion forward and push some styles I would never wear.  However – I’m 36, married with kids, and living in rural WI.   If you’re in a large city such as New York, Chicago, LA, etc – this is a website you must check out!


6. Effortless Gent

A blog aimed specifically at men who want to improve their appearance and attire. The author, Barron Cuadro, has a wardrobe improvement e-book out, and is also one of the co-owners of the Fifth & Brannan menswear store in San Francisco. There’s a lot of focus on action steps here — simple stuff you can do to improve your style right away. Real Men Real Style has an interview with Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent here.


7. Men’s Flair

Self-described as an “online magazine” rather than a humble blog, Men’s Flair is pretty fancy stuff. The writers look closely at modern tailoring and design, with plenty of original photographs from stores and studios. A lot of the source material comes from London, but they draw on several contributors from around the world. The variety of perspectives and the frequency with which they all update makes this a powerful resource.


8. A Suitable Wardrobe

One of the greats. Will Boehlke’s A Suitable Wardrobe updates almost every day, usually with a solid chunk of text and at least one accompanying photograph (specific to the post, not from stock art). The focus is on classic menswear, leaning heavily toward the dressier side of things (suits and ties, etc.), but topics can vary widely day-to-day. There’s also now an A Suitable Wardrobe online store featuring some of the products Will has talked about on his blog, and many more besides.


9. Permanent Style

Blogger Simon Crompton gets his information on tailored menswear in the simplest way possible: he goes and talks to tailors about it. There’s quite a bit of reading involved too, of course, but the result is a blog that’s very deeply informed on the intricacies of fabric, stitching, construction, and all the other minutiae of tailoring. It’s also one of the better blogs out there for updates — there’s a new post nearly every day, and they’re quite detailed, with many paragraphs of writing and multiple original photographs.


10. (TIE) Image Granted

The blog and website of my friend Grant Harris, Image Granted takes a practical look at things like dress codes, event attire, and the latest looks from contemporary designers. Updates regularly with decent-sized entries and great images.  I love following Grant on Twitter as his “Grantisms” – short witty sayings – are easily re-tweetable and fun.  In the Washington DC area, he is available to speak or meet with in person.  Just reach out to him!

10. (TIE) George Hahn

Modern men’s fashion and lifestyle, ranging across topics from bespoke suits to cruiser bikes to how we use the internet. Smart, savvy writing with a lot of weight to it — you get a good read out of each post. He’s also one of the best bloggers out there for including audio and video as well as text and images, making this one of the strongest multimedia fashion and menswear resources out there.


10. (TIE) An Affordable Wardrobe

A vital resource for the man on the budget — filled with tips and tricks on getting the top-tier menswear look without paying top-tier prices. Lots on thrifting, DIY-repairs and alterations, and more. It’s always nice to see a style blog that doesn’t assume you can buy new suits as often as you need to. They’re definitely aiming for the everyday Joe audience, and they’re providing lots of useful advice for it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Kind Of Occasion Wear What Suits

tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

Make Use of the flexibility to Get the Points in Key Occasions
Lots of men pay attention when wearing a suit,such as perfect match, not to make elegant drop points, today let us to chat with a suit chromatography, take a look at what kind of occasion wear what suits.

● dark lines authoritative and solemn
Dark colors tailored suit most professional magnanimity and sense of authority, for large enterprises, the company culture and dress requirements. Formal meeting for the first time to meet with key customers, dark blue, dark gray, khaki, black, always unconventional colors such as burgundy, yellow, and green. Dark blue, gray suit will create for you a dry refining the image; deep dark gray with gray also seems to carry more weight than a light gray suit.

● tan color amiable
Gives people the warm intimacy of the brown color, it is suitable for the important but not a solemn occasion, or the need to ease the atmosphere, such as staff , semi-formal group breakfast will be reported as a regular customer pick-up, to appease employees, lawyers and clients The first time we met.

● tint recreational sports
The pale bespoke suit the image of "excellent bad" Features wearing to pay special attention to the material, cut, fit, quality and match to create the image of the "excellent". The general situation of the white suit is not suitable for work wear, but it is suitable for the performing arts industry, creative industries, and general dinner

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeans:A Necessity For Men

For most men, the most beloved men pants than jeans. This is probably connected with the man's "lazy" somewhat related, imagine if the trousers dirty little wrinkle that does not fit a little bit, not became migrant Look; jeans if dirty and wrinkled, crotch also straight out, dear , which in the past two years can be an absolute superstar Look! Man, there is no reason not to love jeans? Moreover, its compatibility is so good, that is, use it with a suit and Chinese-style jacket, accidentally became mixed wear wind leading wave
Foundation with:
Sports shoes - adidas, NIKE, NEW, BAL-ANCE brand-name sports shoes originally developed for sports such as basketball. Today it is an integral part of the jeans and clothing. However, jeans and sports shoes and T-shirts with the most "insignificant", only selected ordinary jeans on a detail or models can be extraordinary.
High shoes - and a few years ago, young people wearing high shoes more and more HOWK INS and other name brand shoes especially welcome. Addition to wear with high shoes, elastic high shoes and so many styles. Initially for the job or hiking with the production of high shoes are not suitable for all jeans, what kind of high shoes and what style of jeans a good fit, still have to personally put a try!
T-shirts - blue jeans with a white T-shirt can be described as the most "orthodox" with wins in the young and energetic. Famous T-shirt, perhaps the most attention Hanes products. Pick a size smaller Hanes T-shirt, doused with boiling water, to make it more narrow until the wear on the body a little too tight. Coupled with straight-type jeans, very chic.
Suit jacket - suit jacket and wearing a plaid dress shirt, and then tied the tie, with straight jeans for the best. Suit jacket, shirt and tie and be careful. Optional three button suit jacket style, to appear casual. Coat not wear a shirt and accompanied by a T-shirt.
Denim shirt, denim shirt - white jeans with a white T-shirt, the wear natural color, is a decent match. Blue jeans, of course, can do with a blue denim shirt, just denim trousers to match, you should pay attention to the color of underwear up and down, that should choose the shirt and trousers of the same degree of fading.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Introduction Of Briefcase

The briefcase is a simple small box. According to legend, the earliest use for lawyers to present its case file containing used, so there is the meaning of the "briefing" (presentation). If the prototype back in history, purses found in 18th century Britain, when people in order to ensure the smoothness of the paper, made of iron plates sandwiched page, but the weight is too inconvenient to carry, saddle craftsmen whim, whichever saddle leather alternatives (which is the leather hardcover origin). By the 19th century, this leather briefcases have evolved from the widely popular, hand-drawing is issued Scroll of 1860 depicts Lincoln constitutional history, men in the hands of the bag, as much as crocodile leather frog mouth package folder from the bag and the tin book style, and now modern lady bags, no way inferior.
In 1920, with the French fashion industry as well as the development of the leather industry in Italy, contemporary briefcase came into being, its design is very functional, is divided into three layers, layer used to place the file paper layer used to place replacement shirt, and finally a layer of a food, is actually a narrow version of the suitcase, so occasionally the briefcase can see some people still plugged into a baguette. During World War II, the briefcase of German officers is is their clothing Tinggua. The same period, the European campus, students, school bags portable briefcase style, used to hold textbooks. In the 1950s, the post-war economic recovery, the men went out to feed their families, a lot of clerical work briefcase basic formation of a scale of manpower, glancing your hand carry the briefcase, you know you is to take office .

Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Sure You Select A Proper Business Suit

From time to time in order to attend a business and I do not know what to wear business attire often for work during the day can not be perfect conversion troubles into the evening on a romantic date, and often very tedious because of the black and white tailored suit. We present you five different color suit with a black and white monotonous say Bye Bye
1, black suit
Once black suit is not suitable for the business office wearing a black suit, and now has become the golden rule of business attire. Choice of black clothes, you must remember that the suit tailoring decent Slim.
2, gray suit
Gray you suit dress in the most conservative and prudent tone, firm, elegant gray representatives. Whether you go for your job interview, or a formal business meeting, the gray suits are your best match.
Gray suit with white, light blue, light pink shirt with each other. It is a wild color also comparing to take advantage of the color.
3, dark blue suit
Dark blue suit is always safe, classic choice. You can participate in a formal business meeting wearing a dark blue suit, can also go to a romantic date night.
Dark blue clothes with any color shirt and tie, but the excellent shirt recommend, If you want to look elegant, a neat white shirt with a dark tie will make you grace.
4 striped suits
Striped suits exudes self-confidence and self-. Striped suits and dark shirts with even a little adventure, models bold like figure wearing a striped shirt and tie.
Need to bear in mind is that if you want one with stripes with the best based on the same color, but also pay attention in the choice of stripes, for example, the large proportion of stripes suit, shirt and tie on the need to select a small stripe pattern.
5 khaki suit
The tone of your business dress may mainly dark colors, but spring is dressed to give you a more dazzling moments.
Buy a khaki custom suit, you can go to the office with a pure blue or pure white shirt and dark color tie, and then put aside tie became an elegant appointments mounted