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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Politicians‘ Casual Wearing

bespoke suit,tailored suit

bespoke suit,tailored suit

German Fashion Institute of Gerd Miller - Trentham Hopkins said, "If you want to become an important figure of the times, you must first learn how to build their own image". On formal occasions, politicians often wearing orthodox behavior pay attention, you might get carried away in leisure time. The protagonist of the movie "Bruno" Bruno had proposed to let the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, wearing a tight-fitting jeans, so that French President Nicolas Sarkozy foot platform shoes. This is obviously only appears in the movie, because every move of the politicians can not escape to open the eyes of the media attention to them, not sparing even the leisure vacation last summer, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried a beige bespoke suit, but the result which lost Brown's style was considered a failed attempt. In the contrary, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, but because of his flannel trousers and casual jackets political plus, because this dress is very traditional British gentleman style. Summer, let's look at the dress of the world leaders.
Costume designer Lin • Paul said that politicians want casual dress, winning the trick is: look very professional. "This is the political figures in the security line, because important figure who took off his jacket, they change their public image, it makes the public feel strange, this is Brown need to adhere to the original style."
British Conservative Party leader David Cameron to transform the role of good work with private space. Last year, he was wearing chinos, with a pastoral shirt, natural and comfortable feeling. Turning to the French President, we Chinese people there are dissatisfied, but wearing it to evaluate him, or learn from. "The dress makes a man, dress a president can accomplish
"Sarkozy convinced that remark, and his efforts to make the image look young, maybe this he married a young model Lady relevant, but the image did not deliberately feeling - dressed in jeans, khaki shirt plus aviator sunglasses, he looks spirits, fashion charming this dress does not apply to the veteran's steady and reliable image of politicians, but and Sarkozy hard-edged personality is a good match.
The designer Roberto Giraud Bailey suggested that leaders can wear holiday open collar short-sleeved T-shirt, pinstriped or soft collar short-sleeved shirt, because this dress circumvent the feel of a dress. Choose round neck shirt collar is the best, the tone selected light green and light beige best shoes and belts should choose brown or blue. Vacation time put down a serious black discarded ignore.
For pants, casual summer shorts favored by the people, on the waterfront, the average person, and ultimately, colorful beach pants, tailored suit or polo shirt. But politicians, slightly white navy style casual trousers, plain not fancy T-shirts are still the best choice, he let the VIP who seem not afford the grade.

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