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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Choose a Suit

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The man suit is usually for businessmen, politicians and other elite men to participate in the preferred dress for formal occasions. The reason lies in the suit that best embodies Men "tasteful, cultured gentleman, with a sense of authority, etc.. Of course, not a suit to set off the charm of the wearer, the men should be carefully selected to fit the suit.

1. material selection
the use of materials is necessary to identify the fabric texture to prevent profiteers fake, shoddy. Under normal circumstances, the woolen fabric for the suit first choice Specifically, pure wool, pure cashmere fabrics, as well as the high proportion of sew hairy wool-polyester spun fabric, can be used as a suit fabric. Airtight, heat, all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics shine try not to produce a suit. Second, pay attention to the materials used for lining and pockets interlining, to see whether the density is too sloppy to avoid surface with times lining impact wearing.

2 .choice of color
In general, the tall, should choose dark, it can avoid the visual feeling bloated; build more dwarf, it is best to choose light-colored fabric, so giving a stretching feeling. Young people not to wear a flower-shaped fuzzy gray color of the fabric, so as not to look old. The elderly should not choose bright flower-shaped crisp fabrics, in order to avoid losing a steady, deep image.
3.choice of style
Currently, the difference suit specific styles, the two most common methods:
 Method One: divided by the number of pieces of the suit, the suit is a one-piece suit of. The suit worn by business men in formal business dealings must suit suit, to participate in high-level business activities, especially wearing a three-piece suit suit better. One-piece suit, and that a matching suit jacket and pants, only applies to informal occasions.
Method: according to the number of buttons of the suit jacket to divide suit jacket single-breasted and double-breasted of the other traditional single-breasted jackets and double-breasted jackets over fashion.
Single-breasted suit jacket, the most common one button, two buttons, three buttons three. A buttons, three buttons, two single-breasted custom suit jacket to wear more fashionable, and two single-breasted blazer buttons the more formal some.
Double-breasted jackets, two buttons, four buttons, six buttons and three of the most common. The two styles of two, four button double-breasted jackets are popular styles, four button double-breasted suit jacket has a traditional style.

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