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Monday, December 17, 2012

7 Notes of Selecting A Right Shirt for Christmas


If you are preparing for the Christmas Party preparations for the new dress shirt, then congratulations, you have come to the right place. However, First of all, make sure you know your own body and size. Now let's take a look to buy the shirt in the end to pay attention to what
1. Edition type: a man thing, of course, do not do impulse buying slaves, first consider clearly what style of shirt you need in the end: in a different version of the type, we divided into Slim models, general models and loose money. In general, the fit models tight most prominent stature, loose style, three of the most generous. In varying degrees, the three types of type version modified your body, so the time of purchase, please choose carefully according to your body type, oh.

2.Pattern: many market choice of shirt, stripes, solid color printing ... if you really get confused, unsure of their own choice, then try the most popular pattern. Before you a one comparison and try on different colors, it is better to first look carefully around the choice of friends, so you can avoid the embarrassing sophisticated you and others. If everyone else is wearing a white, light blue or black shirt, then you should avoid wearing too bright colors.

3.Material: material, in addition to the most common cotton and nylon, you might consider some of wrinkle texture. However, it said "will not wrinkle" does not mean that it never a trace of the crease, it just means that you can be in a long time to maintain the image of a Fresh.

4.Neckline: The neckline of the most popular and most widely known regarded as the V-shaped collar, a simple straight pointed collar can make you look great!

5.The collar button-collar: Unlike other collar dress shirt, the collar with buttons often casual shirt with a soft material, they are not so well-ironed, but it looks more casual.

6 cufflinks: cufflinks here said the sleeve wrist buttons, they are usually twenty-three. If the quantity is more, these buttons to adjust the shirt version of the type. Some French cufflinks or double row cufflinks. Note the different wrist buckle, these small details make a shirt considerably.

7 shirt pocket: Finally, check the location of the shirt pocket. If you want to buy some of the more formal shirt, then you do not consider the shirt with two breast pockets that look more casual and street. Will give you a chest pocket, best chest pocket shirt rigorous and formal image, and more suitable for the workplace wearing. Of course, Christmas is coming, you can be free to create a distinctive Annual Meeting Look!

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