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Friday, December 28, 2012

Uncompromising Attention to Custom Suits

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Elegant Freedom
Savile Row in London for the Royal earliest custom uniforms, riding clothes, after the evolution of a custom suit. So someone joked: "those British tailor who used to be a military uniform, a suit made ​​out of only the most significant fit to stand at attention." However, in the early 20th century, tailor Frederick Scott Stewart suit from uniformed and court attire freed, Frederick's designed to attract the Duke of Windsor. Until 1919, the entire fashion industry set off a storm of this style suit formal occasions. Frederick apprentice Pierre (Per Anderson), Anderson and Sidney Horatio Sheppard (Sidney Horatio Sheppard), to continue to develop this style, and since then, Anderson & Sheppard (Anderson & Shepherd) famous for its comfortable shoulder drape sleeve hole elegant suit.
"The clothes are fitting chest line and shoulder cut, allowing the wearer freedom of movement." Dancer Astaire classic fitting step than he had been at Anderson & Sheppard (Anderson & Sheppard) dressing room workers carpet rolled up, and then try to dance on the hardwood floors. If he jumps into the sky when a suit collar still around his neck, on the clothes have been entirely appropriate. While others cut features were like respected conductor Eugene Goossens and Leopold Stokowski this symphony. Anderson and Sheppard (Anderson & Sheppard) tailored suit sleeve hole location high and small, the wearer lift arm, the rotator cuff neither run up, it will not ran backward, thanks to pure hand-sewn cotton shoulder pads. "We do not use the sponge shoulder pads." He is currently manager John Hitchcock said proudly.

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