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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Length of Pant is Learned

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Do you have a lot of pants.Suit pants, Jeans and casual style, waist, low waist or wide pipe, straight and narrow tubes, each cut is different, not the same as the effect of wear long pants also different length. Pants length in the end how to measure, and sometimes must be based on your type of pants you with the shoes
To decide the shoes, and sometimes smack too much, a little more is too long. To modify long pants, preferably wearing the right shoes, so as to know the best pants long Where children
Straight trousers
Straight trousers are not suitable for the accumulation of too much fabric on the shoes, the perfect length is 1 inch above the soles to look simple and neat. Some people may feel short trousers will be exposed in walk socks, put on his shoes so you can modify trousers length and weigh on foot, but they should not be too long.
Reflexed trousers trousers
The pleated trousers best suited with reflexed trousers, so as to balance the waistband on the raised lines. Reflexed trousers best is 1.5 inches wide, the length from 1 inch above the sole, in order to give proper space trousers, socks, trousers will not accumulate too much fabric looks cumbersome walking not exposed.
Nine points trousers
Since the nine points of pants type, then exposed ankle one inch is the most appropriate length, and usually before recommending such a narrow tube trousers wear. Nine points trousers is a very personal style, there is no problem to choose a style fold trousers, the reflexed too much, and have actually become pant unsightly.
With casual shoes, half an inch from the soles, if you would like to highlight the sense of leisure, longer is also no problem; replaced short time, please leave the original side of the pants, you do not lose the rough flavor. Many people like trousers rolled up in the summer, to buy more than 3 cm in length, may wish to elect style jeans shrink when washed.

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