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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Origin of Cufflinks

man suit,dress shirt

It is said that cufflinks originated in ancient Greece in 14-17 century, which is the period of  Gothic Renaissance to Baroque, widely popular in Europe, special for the men who Emphasis on the taste,perhaps in addition to rings, cufflink is the smallest decorative accessory. The selection of  its material is usually precious metal, and some also with diamond, gem, from birth onwards was put in the aura of aristocracy, cufflinks has thus become the measure of a man taste.
Cufflinks need to roll up the sleeves and the collar of the dress shirt or man suit then clamped, this time sleeve becomes a flat need more relaxed sleeves when getting cufflinks, mostly in business occasions with a suit, which belongs to one of the accessories business attire.
man suit,dress shirt
Cufflinks, though small, but the style is ever-changing, in addition to the traditional round and square, water droplets, thread, Chinese knots and other shapes, patterns totem, flag, tai chi, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, zodiac, constellations and other various style, elegant, playful
1 according to the color of the shirt and dress with cufflinks;
2 Pick and belt buckle, tie clips, cufflinks same color;
3 selected according to attend a banquet style cufflinks.
man suit,dress shirt
The first thing you should know is when you should use the cufflinks, or how to collocate the cufflinks with the French double fold shirt . Strictly speaking, with men suits, should the French double fold shirt and use cufflinks. This particular about the chosen article introduces suit worn in many domestic omissions. Why should dress suit with cufflinks ? I believe that the shirt cuffs should be slightly exposed suit cuffs "this wearing rule most suits the wearer at least know, but why there is such a rule exists? Back from history, in fact, this is not a suit wearing a rule, but the shirt itself wearing rules.

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