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Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Enhance Your Stripe Suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

custom suits,bespoke suit

Both mature man, or casual men like to suit fashion sense. Because a suitable bespoke suit is the most refraction of a man's charm. How to buy a suit, how to choose the suit is also a science.
Reserved style striped suits and no lack of meticulous at, it is undoubtedly the most classic, most show business glamorous dress. Traditional stripes suits + shirt + tie with the basis, we introduce you to some of the to increase wearing vigor or say "fun", make your business striped suit vitality upgrade.
Three new traditional style
Here, we adopt the stripes suits + striped shirt + striped tie traditional mix of methods. Shirt and tie, a careful selection for you to do, in order to achieve the most perfect mix.
Dark blue suit Parure cutting Slim, elegant and generous large closure collar, is a major highlight of the design. We use the dark green and Rose  of popular season interwoven striped tie, narrow stripes on the tie well echo the stripes on a dark blue suit.
Suit, shirt stripes relativities, select the the tie stripe width. In general, the shirt select more inclined to simple and elegant color pinstripe shirt with a suit and tie, so very easy to
Similarly pinstripe suit shirt and tie combination, but we used a black tie with a suit cultivation of the crop, and make you look more stylish and skillful.
The the shirt collar angle to 180 ° boxer known as Windsor collar shirt. This shirt is named after the Duke of Windsor and is one of the typical style of dress shirts. Match this shirt, our advice is to choose the different color of the collar and shirt collar style of Harmonia, it can brighten your dark business triangle, as you increase the vitality of traditional business attire.
Vibrant button-down collar (Bottom Down Collar)
Bottom Down , we often say that button-down collared shirt. This shirt originated in the early, such as polo, tennis this noble sport, time fixed tie in order to exercise, they put a collar with buttons hold, while stabilizing necktie. This shirt itself can be for your business attire bring trace motility taste to it also to create an essential element of American leisure custom suit style.

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