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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Knight-Style Suit

 tailored suit,custom suits

Knight-style, is the most popular style of tailored suit. Cutting is mainly simple,but the overall shape looks more lenient. Take H-Huntsman store built in1840s as an example . Huntsman is selling the most expensive store in Savile Street and has won the Queen's certificates of appointment, has its own unique suit fabric, three times a year for American and French Tour. 
tailored suit,custom suits

The price of full-custom two sets of up to 3000 pounds.
British knight suit features a stiff angle:
① shoulder: natural shoulder cut shoulder length line. Shoulder width wide, so the overall look is more upright.
② collar: high collar mouth.
③ chest: lean and clean, but stiff. Thin is the suit the Bust wearer Bust to close, clean drape stiff stiff interlining sewn inside the jacket chest.
④ waist: high waist.
⑤ Hem: Hem Laid-open and long. Rode sake, custom suits the slits open higher.
⑥single buckle, generally pocket Length little longer, the whole line is relatively straight and angle, not the typical style of Savile row then rounded.

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