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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Roman Style Suit From Italy

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the Romanesque tough is mainly reflected in the very thick shoulder pads and strong chest lining. Romanesque style man suit is a typical Italian style, also called "Italy's European suits. Because it is invented by the Roman master tailors, and named after the popular European continent. Suit the body does not have any wrinkles, are simple and clean lines, and fully fit this cropped style as "handsome", so there are masters. This style special personal wear is extremely comfortable. Federico Fellini (Fellini) 1960's classic film "La Dolce Vita" (La Dolce vita) characters wear this style suits. Clothing brand, a typical representative of that Italian Brioni bespoke suit, Pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan) is wearing a suit of this label.
man suit,bespoke suit

Characteristics of Romanesque suit:
① shoulder: flat shoulder stiffness. So even oblique people wear very thick shoulder pads, like the flat shoulder. Looks Founder, slightly convex fonts, but not projecting the shoulders of the body's natural shoulder line.
② collar: high collar mouth, not too long lapels.
③ chest: stiff, almost over-clean. And very thin.
④ waist: Although acicular waist, but the location of the buttons a higher, and from top to bottom lines are relatively thin, so the waist is not too obvious.
⑤ Hem: close, there are outside the sheets hem. The usually personal hem will point to the ground, the Romanesque cutting are very close, so the curve of the waist-to-hip appeared.
man suit,bespoke suit


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