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Monday, December 3, 2012

What Are The Classifications of Pants

pants,bespoke suit

Trousers is a "mammoth major categories, relying on its particular style, low-key as long as hundreds of years entrenched in the status of the men's mainstream apparel. You might  have not noticed, trousers, not just us with a common set of capable wear pants, it is actually colorful, can wear bespoke suit with 100 different variations. It can be seen from trousers huge classification. Trousers by Purpose, we can at least classify the pants into formal pants, casual pants and dress pants.
pants,bespoke suit
Formal pants: Speaking of the most common trousers, in fact, that is our common workplace trousers, but also everyday wear rate of the highest trousers. Because of work or business occasions, so they are designed generally law-abiding, slightly conservative trousers Edition type. The colors are mostly solid color dark fabrics or a pinstripe decorated with some polyester yarn.
pants,bespoke suit
Rules, the benefits of the rules. Trousers, there is one characteristic that is modified leg type. Dress the natural refreshing trousers drape well cover up the live X-type legs or O-type legs, which is why companies are encouraged to require employees to work uniformed. Generally dress trousers winter wool fabrics, summer will bring cool feeling, adding a small amount of wool silk. And dress trousers production of sophisticated colors are mostly dark, mostly plain, can be a dark pinstripe fine grid lines, but generally does not appear large plaid. Dress trousers edging or French double stitching seam side.

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