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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Naples Suits From Italy

men suits, Napoli suit
Naples men suits traced in the south of Naples in Italy is known as Naples. English is called Naples Naples, Italian called Napoli, so there will be two names. In fact, Napoli suit is a better version of English suit (the drape) .However,more people believe that the improved version is more exciting than the original. Two famous brands of Naples suits : one is rubinacci, the other is kiton. The Kiton's Naples suits are estimated the most expensive Naples suits.
men suits, Napoli suit

① shoulder: The biggest feature of this style is the "Napoli" shoulder, but only by hand can do, the machine can not do it, nobody can imitate Naples tailor exquisite craft. The sleeve head shoulder pieces seams, leaving a large opening, hand-sewn cable sleeves like hanging on their shoulders, line function is to allow a person wearing action to facilitate unrestricted. More exaggerated in a casual jacket, this coat sleeves, wavy playing fine pleated sleeves at the shoulder, someone with the waterfall to describe the appearance of such sleeves. More rounded, more relaxed, more comfortable sleeves, looks very beautiful. The shoulder width close to the human body naturally drooping.
men suits, Napoli suit
② collar: high collar mouth. High to shoulder sleeve head as high as. Lapel slightly upturned, wide
③ Chest: extreme drape, soft chest.
④ waist pads (the drape): British waistline from natural waist pull down to about 1.3 cm, Neapolitan style slightly raise up a little bit more personal. That Italian men than the British men prefer wearing close-fitting suit.
⑤ Hem: close to the body, but the opening is larger than the British shoulder pads.

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