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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your First Set of Custom Suit

A decent man suit is indeed essential for every man. In the past five years, I bought more 12sets of customs suits. Friends often chatted about the topic of suit, after a long time, It might be better to  explain the questions with text and graphics, now write out the experience and share with everyone.
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To simplify the question, it is assumed that you have a limited budget, and intended only to customize a suit,which to bear most of the social functions with you for travel to participate in company meetings, interviews, weddings, etc.The main following process are work,fabric, style.And most of the the experience is from the tailors.
The first set of tailored suit
Really suits custom must be a fully customized "version", avoid sets of code in order to have more choice; The custom suits are usually fully canvassed or half canvassed.To improve the overall life of the suit,we suggest the fused suit should not be used.In the aspect of the suit details (such as: buttonholes, lapel) must be hand-sewn, to ensure the natural stretch in any case.The styles of suit is plenty which you are able to choose one particularly unique to you.
The fabric selection
Before the customization of suits, men need to understand some knowledge of the type of fabric, accessories and fabrics to make custom suits to fit their own real life and improve the use of the suit.Using advanced fabrics such as flannel, tweed to customize the suit is a good option, both functional and classic. Suit with the need to consider the coordination of suits, ties, shirts not only can express men`s elegance, but also to enhance the taste.
Future of men's fashion
The fashion trend for mane in the future pointed out the direction for man on how to choose the suit. A single breasted and two-button custom suit is probably the mainstream .the increasingly popular trend of advanced fabrics such as flannel and tweed suit with attention will increase ,and the dress will be more emphasized.

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