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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Legend of Bespoke Craft Beyond the Fashion

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There is a men's custom suits that always beyond the so-called fashion ,against the increasingly fast and cheap trend.In the course of centuries, as the evolution of species, change is minimal, the scale always control the appropriate scale.It is definitely not like those that rely on racial vitality stop childbearing lowly life, its genetic perfection is enough to resist all the harsh external environment, the noble descent survive in this world. It is a high-level customized craft:Bespoke

In English ,bespoke and made to measure are synonyms.However,bespoke is more superior ,and it has a high standard which not just primary tailors can reach.There was a famous American tailor vividly explained the bespoke that The human body has many points to separate body, each point requires a separate measurement of the size,which alone produced a piece of cloth..Take examples of body and shoulder.just like with a cloth wrapped in a ball, you need to cut out different pieces of cloth, then seamlessly stitched together,put together at the harmony docile, no phrenic astringent."This sounds like the kind of art, with a two-dimensional plane of the fabric, to sculpture out, such as the the body generally perfect three-dimensional shape, it is in imitation of the hands of the Creator. Men industrial production, and how to adapt to all different males from the body? Men can appreciate this kind of technology is also very rare..

British industrial revolution, there were bits of Edward III into curtain diners Beau Brummell, a search of all the men's history books and literature will not get around this famous figure. He win that era really rely on clothing, which became popular star of European society. Champagne Shoe hired a bunch of senior tailor made clothing with the finest fabrics, but just let them make their expertise, even for the same pair of gloves, a tailor responsible for the thumb, and is responsible for the remaining four fingers is two different people.

His dress harsh effect perfect show people, Paris whom envy. The his name Beau Brummell gift they Bai Bali, meaning "beautiful Brummell. Of course, he is certainly not Louis 14 general tweaking like rubbing correction posterity reviews called for "the creation of a standard of taste, proudly demonstrated homemade, naturalistic and minimalist appearance." Perhaps we bespoke men's style has been modified, but Brummell was lead out of the "self-made, naturalistic, and minimalist appearance" is still the aesthetic taste that continues today.

However, through bespoke means to pursue the perfect dress, and what it means for a man in the end? French poet Baudelaire think of the story is too BeauBrummell Xuanhu is romanticized and exaggerated, but he still rose to the height of the "modern heroes, political, spiritual, social revolution". To fully explain relatively trouble, using vernacular terms, wearing a fine man, Although unusual, but not exaggerated clothing, expression of rebellion rigid social environment. Of course, the vast majority of rock, punk and youth culture movement baptism after Western modern terms, "rebel" is really use little heavy, but the birth of the era of the corresponding bespoke heroes, and indeed most appropriateness enough. It represents the progressive forces of society and thinking.

However, in today's context, it is still not receded unique social value, without a shirt wearing a cheap suit youth in the farmer's market, the office completely lost his self white-collar, and the appearance shocked pompous actors, rock stars, between bully catch the trend, not only does hold the the innovation power conferred by the distinctive appearance, and also hold a "self-made, naturalistic, and simple" responsible social image.

Pop culture promoting diverse personal values contributed, but also squandering For beautiful eyes. bespoke unique value with a rare sense of stability, as well as so many years, it has been free to develop slowly outside in the popular, but in the last 20 years, suddenly absorbed in pop culture. The first British veteran Holy Land Savile Row bespoke change the occupancy of the younger generation of tailors such as Richard James, and Alexander McQueen division Savile Row designer popularity into more new young customers.

Richard James Gallagher brothers of Oasis band, Gresham Blake ushered in the legendary Jimmy Page and Nick Cave, McQueen has shouting "bespoke quality made men's ready to wear" such ambitious slogan, virtually are given the meaning of the bespoke "cool", rather than just one only for a handful of people enjoy traditional crafts.

As a result, more and more men's designer began again return to the bespoke tradition: Tom Ford in his film "A Single Man" lens with a magnificent display bespoke beauty, Thom Browne before really started to do fancy dress The proportion of innovative bespoke suit in the New York studio, adhere to jointly develop and own Italian tailor. Tom Ford himself on his current bespoke route explanation. He believes that the current era is the focus on the "individual" is something more important than the "fashion".

Of course ,the lot of bespoke famous and not designers like Tom Ford, so adept at marketing tool. They are not in the habit of selling "point of view" in the clothing, and begun a campaign accordingly. They still like a hundred years ago, the ancestors and abide by the duty of the process. In fact, the small group of children who chase stars hardly affordable bespoke costly. Therefore, bespoke lifestyle, still can not be young or working-class recruit, is downright preserved in the elite group.
bespoke suit, equivalent to the haute couture of the women's sector, protected British Federation of Savile Row Bespoke bespoke term representing men's highest level of technology able to use only certified institutions. Although they did not like the French do so well in the worldwide limited the use of the word includes haute couture, champagne, cognac, but at least its formulation under the standard. So, bespoke menswear, always present in the top of the pyramid, "species" of greatest menswear industry, as well as the first people to speak, political, spiritual, and social dimensions of meaning will forever not decline.

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