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Monday, December 10, 2012

White Tie Dress Shirts

dress shirt ,shirt

dress shirt ,shirt

Color: white, the only color of the dress shirt.
Collar: Formal tuxedo only can match wing collar shirt, wing collar shirt has strict style restrictions.
Chest: plus a affixed canvas to cover the hard-liners to modify , which is tuxedo shirt of another name, "the origin of the" hard chest shirt; the standard hard chest shirt bosom paste cover, by the collar, and Kraft cuffs "marcella" called tactile fabrics made; However, it also has an old, rare but also more formal version - whole body using the same white plain weave fabric, Eabri the wing collar dress shirt is using this standard.

Clinch: dress shirt should be a detachable clinch rather than ordinary shirt button that comes because of the noble characteristics of occasions, such buttons are generally made ​​of pearls, agate and other materials. The clinch with cufflinks supporting better.

Cufflink : There is no doubt that fold sleeve shirt to reflect the characteristics of one of the highest official level, but perhaps you do not know it is single-fold sleeve with two-fold sleeve; white tie shirt the inherent standard is single stack sleeve the Kraft cuffs.

Other details: the back, there will be a classic dress shirt collar strappy used to the fixed the cravat rear and without back style vest above. If tailored white tie shirt, stickers to cover the length of their chest should just terminate at the top of the waistband in order to do sit down, stand up substantial activity stickers to cover the hard-liner will not run around, does not the wearer to cause discomfort. In addition, the height of the shirt collar is also a focus, dress in order to prop now Men noble, elegant image, will be significantly higher than the height of the wing collar ordinary shirt collar, the standard is: when you put on the shirt and dress shirt collar dress collar should be higher than at least three-quarters of an inch, which is more than 2 cm


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