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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips for Lanky Men In Dress shirts

In the classification for body shape ,lanky boys belong to the special type.When you grow into tall and thin,there is a trouble of dressing.As a result ,we give lanky men some basic tips for wearing a shirt.
First of all,we talk about dealing with the thin,The basic method is to make us look more fat.So what are the methods.Flowered dress shirts,plaid shirts and light-color shirts make you look fat in vision.To keep yourself from being taller in vision.,it would be better not wear a pinstripe shirts.
dress shirt

We want to prevent thinner. Dark fabric is easy to make us look thin, such as a black shirt, dark blue shirt, these colors contraction effect, therefore, should not be worn tall and thin. In addition, the soft material shirt is easy to close, thus, also cause poor ribs exposed to others Oh, and do not like silk, silk-like fabric, choose cotton or cotton fabrics can.
dress shirt
Finally, I want to give you talk about, can not wear too fat, fertilizer too far, naturally, does not look good. Our mall to buy a shirt number type generally are between 39-44 (Neck), when your neck is very thin, not 39CM or fit your collar, the height is too high, suitable not you height, at this time, you want to comprehensive collar clothes long to take an appropriate number type
When a man's shirt collar larger than the neck a lot of the time (if we can put two fingers), this wear is difficult to read. If this happens, I suggest you to custom-made shirt, rather than the will to deal with, and now given a shirt online is also very convenient

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