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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Care for Your suit

man suit

One of the worsest thing can we do is after wearing it, you take it to a dry cleaner .There is nothing worse that is gonna beat up your suit and worn out faster and take it frequently to a dry cleaner I heard a lot guys wear once,and after you wear that one time , you take it to the dry cleaner,it is similar to have a new pair of jeans.after you get this jeans cleaned for a couple of times ,they are gonna start to fade a little bit.which is the same thing applying with the wool suits.Another thing is that people like to have man suit cleaned once a year and most twice a year if you do get a raincoat ,something like that.You can just take it to the cleaner and have it pressed only, then you do not need to add hash chemicals.
man suit
So pressing is an ideal thing for a raincoat suit If it is smoky,you can let the air out and take it outside on a cool day without too much direct sunlight.which can keep away from the hash chemicals and dry cleaning.The other way a lot of guys do is to put on a hanger which can make your custom suit look cool after a while,However what we prefer is a solid and widespread hanger, if you have a seasonal suit and you want to keep it.we prefer not using a plastic hanger which is not good for air circulation.

man suit

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