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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Details of Shirt

dress shirt,tailored shiirt

Pocket: generally good shirts are without pockets, which will always be a true reflection of this sentence. The triangular pocket and hexagonal pockets generally are more with dress shirts, the fillet pocket is usually seen on casual shirts. Another pocket can also be made to open the line, also divided into double open line and a single open line, this shirt is more extraordinary individuals and stylish. There are some with buttons and flap partial casual style, mostly used in the lattice and linen fabrics.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt
The placket: The most common is more suited to the tie hanging side placket, used in dress on, more classic. Dark placket more stylish fit with narrow tie.
Back: If both sides are of the two-fold, they are generally used for formal wear, seemed more formal,the middle single pleated style is much more without pleats is generally used for a mix of fashion slim models.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt
Hem: usually for the round hem peace hem. Round the hem line complies with the body shape, ordinary round hem is for dress shirts that generally plug wear pants. Hem front and rear body joints to be reinforced with a hex upholstery, are more resistant to the prison, generally is for outwear. Flat hem is suitable for older persons, more conservative style. The is flat hem side do slits, a casual style, appropriate for outwear.
dress shirt,tailored shiirt

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