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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Right Men's Suit For My Body Type

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Men's suits are a classic and timeless part of your wardrobe. They can exude confidence, style and often times your personality. However, many men fail to select the right fabric choice, style and pattern and combination when it comes to dressing. Often times you see shorter men wearing peak lapel jackets, which in turn make them look shorter. Or you see heavy set men wearing solid fabrics which in turn draw attention to their size.
Many people fail to realize how much of an illusion our clothes really are and the way we are perceived when we dress in the correct manner. Below I will outline various style guides for men to keep in mind depending on their body type and height. However, always keep in mind that it is never the clothes that wear the man, but rather the man that wears the clothes. Although, from time to time it is nice to have both compliment one another.
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As a general rule of thumb if you are short stay away from anything which has a large lapel. Large lapels include peak lapel jackets as well as shawl collar tuxedos will portray an illusion that you are significantly shorter then you are. The design of the jacket will widen your appearance rather then slim it down. Thus, in order to give off the right look I recommend anything with a slim lapel or basic notch lapel. As for the fabric, it really will not matter whether you choose a high quality wool or a basic blended fabric as they are all very well made these days. However, it is imperative that you gravitate your wardrobe towards stripes. Pinstripes in particular will do wonders for your body type. They will elongate you in areas and slim you down in other areas. They are truly a illusion of size and give off a perfect sense of elegance. As for the shirt always look for dress shirts that have a basic point down collar and try to stay away from the spread collar shirts. Remember, they will only add to your grief. As for the necktie stay with a half windsor or a basic knot. These will elongate the neck and give you a great look. You can also try skinnier ties which are in fashion now. They will surely provide a great sense of style while giving you a nice lean look.
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The other category of men which we will focus on are those who have a heavier top and bottom. For such men I recommend staying with basic colors and pinstripes. As noted above the pinstripes allow for a lean look. Additionally make sure to build your closet with basic lapel mens custom suits. Stay away from slim lapel or peak lapel as they may again will only add to your frustration. It is very important that when you wear a suit you keep in mind how you will look not only to yourself, but to other. A suit is a signal that you are serious and you want to make sure that you come off the right way.
So remember that the next time you are buying a suit keep in mind fabric, style, shirt and necktie. All these will give you the right look to help you in choosing the right wardrobe for your self.

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