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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Choose a Proper Suit

Check Your wardrobe
Before you buy, it is necessary to understand the number of styles and colors of the men suits you have and look through the the magazine introduced clothing for their favorite styles, then you decide to buy a similar new clothes or a new style to increase which can avoid regret.
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Take the occasions into consideration
To dress for the formal occasions , it is recommended to choose a dark suit to increase the mix of the usual work wear, and may wish to select a seasonal special style or new.
Choose the style according to the body shape
The suit should fit is, should not be too close, should not be excessive. If slender figure, considering the current popular narrow waist straight cut or fit a single row of three debit-style; men with rugged body, it is recommended to select a single row or split ends style of body modification.
man suit,men suits
Try can not be ignored
Because everyone's body is different, and personally try the selection of the the suit most accurate way. Try to pay attention to the sleeve length, shoulder width, armhole, length and fasten it the waist whether the fit, etc., pay attention to the suit shoulder line should be consistent with its own shoulder-shaped. In general, the suit length is just cover the bottom of the hip, the suit sleeve length is more than 1/2 inch of the top of the shirt cuff, suit and fasten each shirt should be able to accommodate the width of a fist. Try to put your hands held high, slightly swinging action, in order to determine the wear after a freedom of movement. At the same time to pay attention to the details of the lining, thread, buttons, pockets, these details can best embody the quality of the clothes.
man suit,men suits
Select the appropriate fabric
The wool suit is most commonly used  If you are a frequent business traveler, you may consider, crease resistant how lightweight wool treated.
Choose an appropriate color
If men purchased the first piece of "suit", a single dark man suit is the more practical choice. Generally, blue, gray and black plain suit, giving a more formal, calm feeling; some and stripes design in the serious with these changes.

man suit,men suits

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