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Friday, November 2, 2012

Bold Colors And Accessories Turns Trendy

Facing European bond crisis and the prospect old uncertainty ,the traditionally men`s clothing market encounters the weakest link.In order to get out from the mist and facing the new challenges,Florence menswear show, Pittti Uomo,makes an attempt to break the haze of colors and printing.The innovative accessories displayed in the exhibition also get the favor of lots of men of all ages.
When more single colors and printings appear in the male market,the positioning of main customers make a subtle change.Mature colors involve with garish lattice,More bright color is used by men who show plenty interest in beauty.Custom suit for young man turn to be a main push.A younger state of mind as well as the fashionable colors demonstrate a kind of resistance attitude towards the uncertain economics.
This show is inspired by some simple profiles from 1950s.Ties,Scarfs and jackets are the main theme of this show.The use of light pink color and big lattice depends on the legs` frame.New frame launched and shorter length indicates that the design turns to be the way more younger which seems a main trend of the show.More bold colors such as coral,ice blue dark green and sky blue are used by Italian manufactures,those exciting colors let persons have more exceptional expression.Enthusiastic Printings and Hawaiian shirts from western coast of America is becoming a popular element which reproduces the holiday beach image of 1960s.Fresh colors,irregular cuts and double breasted styles the exhibitors try to demonstrate create a colorful season
In the aspect of fabrics,The linen comes back and becomes a flagship.In comparison with ramie cotton,cashmere and blended fabrics of 1980s become trendy and create a series of bright fabrics which are more suitable for spring wear and modern designs..Tailored suit,jackets and beach pants become the hottest sellers.Accessories are mainly for the functions of improving the styles,Equally high in saturated color hat and retro bags become the main push, the footwear side is divided into sports and retro two categories.

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