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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Classifications of Shirts

dress shirt,tailored shirt

Shirt simply can be divided into: dress shirt, casual shirt, home shirt, holiday shirt. Dress shirts are for formal suit and dress suit ,a casual shirt is with a suit for informal occasions, wearing the home shirt for informal suit which can be with such as sweaters and casual pants, a holiday shirt is dedicated to The tourist resort.

Suits and shirts originated in Europe.Shirts with buttons are inspired by interspersed cuff links of the french shirt. The basic style of dress shirts is based on a French shirt, with beautiful French fold sleeve. May be taken only with a dress or dress different, collar, and his breast at different from the traditional French style. Fit next to the skin, mainly natural texture of fabrics such as cotton, silk, pay attention to the cut collar and cuffs interlining to keep crisp effect, and dress and suit the function, stressed the modified body lines. For dress shirts generally using only white, everyday dress shirt white or light-colored majority. Please the netizens Note: the American shirt by American civilians popular culture, relaxed style, do not pay attention to the cut, often using the button to fix the collar, neither beautiful nor pay attention to style more suitable home shirt. Real upper classes would not the American shirt for formal wear.
dress shirt,tailored shirt
Casual shirts with a suit jacket fabric use is not aligned our style in the tradition based on the same or a slight design changes, the color patterns on extremely free. Casual shirts are worn with a suit, wear a tie to see their own preferences and match results completely decided. In addition, as a special rule, slightly shiny dark casual shirt fabric receive the love of the performing arts workers, often actors, designers match the suit, used for formal occasions dress. This dark shirt tailored, both to keep the gentleman with a suit, and seemed relaxed handsome, gradually become the sophisticated young upstart evening plainclothes way.
The home shirt suggests that it is home and take a walk wearing loose American majority style, color, stripes, checks can be widely adopted. Although emphasis on comfortable cotton hemp wool fabric texture mainly due to its domestic use is not finicky senior texture or special effects. Generally match sweater and casual pants. College dress code is extremely relaxed atmosphere, home shirt is the clothing of the day-to-day activities of many college students and professors, with a flannel suit or other non-dress suit fabric, the suit is called "suit jacket.
dress shirt,tailored shirt
Holiday tailored shirt fabrics mostly thin the cotton or silk texture, style is not bound, cut is more free collar and cuffs do not use interlining. By the culture of the colonial period wave and tropical vacation, holiday shirts generally collocates holiday suit and trousers with the same texture, as well as knitted garments.

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