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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Machine-Washable Clothes

Due to the economic recession and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection,this quick and fashionable wearing model that you wear it toady and throw it away has gradually become a history.Trend man suit brand put forward new requirements that not only should the clothing styles look graceful,but also the material should be environmentally friendly.
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Now,the new machine-washable evening dress comes into being.Marks&Spencer launches the first evening jacket priced 169 euros,which can be directly thrown into the washing machine. Japanese clothing designer Tada Xi Shoji also said this fashion season he used a memorable function taffeta as a fabric,this taffeta can play a very good anti-wrinkle effect,after wrinkle just rinse with hot water to quickly cover its original shape.The reason I use this fabric, not only because it can be thrown into the washing machine, but also convenient for people to stuff the clothes in the suitcase out at any time and can be directly put on, do not concern about the wrinkle ." Tada Xi Shoji said.

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Clothing deformation during machine wash in a worrying question.The female clothing designer, Anal Lerario,pointed out this machine washable evening dress is very efficient and practical and also can save the cost of laundry.The biggest limitation is the deformation during machine wash which presents a challenge for designers,

Machine wash apparently is more environmental than dry cleaning.David Heath Turner operates a company called Green Apple laundry,it both provides dry cleaning and machine wash.Heath Turner said that 85 percent of dry cleaners use petrochemical products, compared with this, the washing machine is a more environmentally friendly choice.
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When this machine washable trend spread to the men's  field, all the brand of this innovation are holding a cautious attitude. Paul Zegna, Zegna, chairman, said: "People are still in the trial stage, let them now put evening dress or suit into the washing machine is still very difficult, especially when they don`t clearly understand what is the fabric of the clothes,it is difficult to restore the shape after machine wash.

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