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Friday, November 9, 2012

Business Cocktail

Asked more than once about the cocktail party dress:"How should i wear?"Every time i would asked what kind of role you want to be.The role you want to be and the only role you can be limit the level.If you are just nobody and attend the cocktail party with a custom suit.There will be a lot of people think you as a waiter,As i have reminded my girlfriend not to we the wedding with a red cheongsam.Because the brightest right of the day is not belong to you,it is an educated issue that decent dress is a basic in principle.

custom suits
You don`t need to wear too formal in business reception.Much grand will cause a opposite effect and make you seem shallow-insight.My suggestions for the ladies is multi-purpose luxuriant and high quality accessories, and clothing as long as half a formal feeling business.And the so-called 100%safe little black man suit is particular for female white collars who don't want to spend times on the make-up to attend a business reception.You can collocate a little black dress with your most sophisticated textured suit ,and also cuffs rolled up like a treat shirt
In addition to black color,navy blue suit is also a good choice,matching with a flannel gray trouser below is the most neoclassical classic appearance,and it is available in most countries.If you want to shape a mature and credible image,this is definitely a good choice.If you think this recipe is aging and over-flannel, then changed to khaki trousers, but only suitable for daytime.
custom suits

Shoes, of course, is the formal black leather shoes.If you have a high rank in company ,you can wear a patent one of this selection.It is the rule that every gentleman and lady should wearing a clean and new shoes.As a matter of fact,the difficulty at cocktail party is the talking topic.Though it is a business reception,you perhaps do not want to talk about business stuff,sometimes,topics about city,food,travel something like that is also a good choice.

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