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Friday, November 16, 2012

Charming Tuxedos and Its Origination

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Tuxedos originated in Britain.At the beginning of 18 century,the British cavalry rolled up the front hem back and expose the lining of the man suit due to the inconvenience when sees very nice as unexpected.As a consequence, many other branches of the military begun to follow this style.In the middle of 18century,politicians and civilians wore short cut front cut as a fashion.Then the tuxedo came into being,and soon spread throughout the UK.In the late of 18century,the tuxedo had totally been popular in the most of the countries of Europe and the US.

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With the passage of the time,the tuxedo developed into two styles.One is British style which is mainly about high lapel and a symmetrical triangle.It generally wears with white short pants.If wear a tight pant ,you should match it with a black leather boots.The other one is french style. The main characteristics of the french style is long front pendulum which will look handsome matching with black velvet shorts.Then tuxedos gradually became a symbol of elegance.
Especially in the middle of 19century ,a tuxedo was no longer the originally breasted style,but a fashionable single breasted one.At that time,in many ceremony and grand occasions can see the figure of a tuxedo and became the darling of many European men,especially black tuxedos
Fashion is in continuous development,the tuxedo seems about to exit the popular stag.However,standard tuxedos gave people a chance.The tuxedo then no longer monotonous as before.For example,the doors of education officials wear dark blue tuxedo with velvet collar.Hotel staff dressed in prime black tuxedo with black bowtie.The rich and their servants wear the appropriate side of the gold and sliver tuxedo.
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Nowadays,people still can see those who wear tailored suits both in ceremony and conference on TV.At the concert ,we always can see the conductor wearing tuxedos.Though the tuxedo today changes,the collar,the cuff barely change.The tuxedo is still a solemn apparel ,and that is the charm of the tuxedo.

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