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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Match The Color With Your Suit

Today's topic is matching the colors with the men suits you choose to wear.So you select a gray suit.
You love it and had it tailored ,and it fits you perfect .You feel like a million dollars boss.What color do you add in with the suit.what is gonna match is a big question for man.So,first thing you want to know is that what is the suit`s color ,is it yellow ,gray or dark ?Black is very simple you can pretty much wear anything with any thing black,and gray is almost like the new black,a dark chocolate gray You can match with a lot of different colors in styles with it as well.If you are gonna choose all of the suits.I will definitely choose more earth tone colors,those yellow orange and gold overall look.
It is a great option to pull those colors in with a totally different style of is more creative and in front of the pocket right through it rather than traditional style.
Bringing out a little bit of blue that is the color you like ,or you can go simple with some solid neutral ties,great look as well.So just remember that if you wear a old tones ,you should try to stick with those old tones,If you wear more cool colors in blue category,those blues purples even pinks that would be something you want to wear with the gray ,or black rather than all type custom suits.

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