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Monday, November 26, 2012

Maintenance for Suits


First, basic maintenance
In any case when you do not wear a man suit ,you must hanger the suits and take the stuff out from the pockets.Withdraw the belt because our clothes is easy to deform for these weights.perhaps you may note the suits you bought of which the pockets are stitched which is in order to keep the shape of the suit, many models to maintain a suit jacket, not to mention you so lazy on the mobile phone in the pocket, wallet these heavy objects, so you can extend your life span of each set of suit, in the long run save a clothing fee.
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Second, make the tie restore
The casual handling of the situation of the tie is no less than a suit, a good tie will retain telescopic multi sewing elastic, if your long-term  prevent tie restored, even the best tailoring tie will comes to an end soon.
man suit,men suits
Third, the shirt must be ironed
No ironing dress shirt is the lack of the spirit , people think you are a lazy one.Not paid attention to the clothes make people come up with that you do not attach importance to the mentality that the face of the work. I am afraid that just as you treat yourself the image of the same casual, after all, our people's likes and dislikes, influenced by wearing packaging 

man suit,men suits

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